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[Originally] by Adrian C. Pont

The Anthomyiidae, like the Fanniidae, are best represented in the Holarctic Region. The family contains some 1,100 species, with very few occurring in the Australasian/Oceanian Regions. It is unlikely that many additional endemic species will be found.

Adult anthomyiids are generally retiring in habit, preferring wooded or moist habitats, but a few are synanthropic. Larval habitats are largely unknown but seem to be diverse: some species are well-known agricultural pests (Delia platura), while others are scavengers in decaying organic matter (Anthomyia, Fucellia) or are phytophagous (Botanophila).
Refs.: Hennig (1965-1976, classif.), Snyder (1965, Fucellia spp.), Colless (1982, rev. Australian spp.).

Genus ANTHOMYIA Meigen

ANTHOMYIA Meigen, 1803: 281. Type species: Musca pluvialis Linnaeus, 1758, des. Latreille, 1810: 444.
CRASPEDOCHOETA Macquart, 1851: 241(268). Type species: Anthomyia punctipennis Wiedemann, 1830, orig. des.
ANTHOMYA, error for Anthomyia.
CRASPEDOCHAETA, error for Craspedochoeta.
fumipennis Stein, 1919b: 210. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
medialis Colless, 1982: 87. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW), New Caledonia (New Caledonia)..
pluvialis Linnaeus, 1758: 597 (Musca). "Europa"; Australia (NSW) [accidental introduction]; Nearctic, Palearctic Regs.
punctipennis Wiedemann, 1830a: 435. Uruguay; widesp. Australia (excl. NT), Lord Howe I, NZ (NZ); S. Afr., Neotrop. Reg.
     deceptiva Malloch, 1921c: 428 (Hylemyia). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Fitch, 1856.]
silvestris Colless, 1982: 86. Australia (Qld); ?Indonesia.
vicarians Schiner, 1868: 298 Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, SA), Bonin Is, Hawaiian Is, Kiribati (Gilbert Is), Micronesia.
     illocata, authors, not Walker, 1856, misid.


BOTANOPHILA Lioy, 1864a: 990. Type species: Anthomyia varicolor Meigen, 1826, mon.
PEGOHYLEMYIA Schnabl, 1911: 75 (Hylemyia subg.). Type species: Musca cinerea Fallén, 1824 [preocc., = Egeria silvatica Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830], des. Huckett, 1965: 852.
jacobaeae Hardy, 1872: 254 (Anthomyia). Britain; S Australia [introduced; not established], NZ (NZ) [introduced].
seneciella Meade, 1892a: cxvi [1892b: cxvi] (Phorbia). England; S Australia [introduced; not established], NZ (NZ) [introduced]; Nearctic [introduced], Palearctic Regs.

Genus DELIA Robineau-Desvoidy

DELIA Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830: 571. Type species: Delia floricola Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830, des. Coquillett, 1910: 531.
echinata Séguy, 1923: 360 (Chortophila). France; Hawaiian Is [immigrant; ?established]; Canary Is, Madeira, Holarctic Reg.
platura Meigen, 1826: 171 (Anthomyia). Germany; widesp. Australia (excl. NT), Hawaiian Is, NZ (NZ); cosmopol.
     cana Macquart, 1835: 340 (Anthomyia). France.
     fusciceps Zetterstedt, 1845: 1552. Denmark.
     rubrifrons Macquart, 1851: 240(267) (Anthomyia). Australia (WA).
     cilicrura Rondani, 1866a: 164 (Chorthophila). Italy.
     platygaster Thomson, 1869: 556 (Anthomyia). Australia (NSW).
     rava Hutton, 1901: 74 (Homalomyia). NZ (NZ).
     novaezealandiae Hutton, 1901: 76 (Phorbia). NZ (NZ).
     brassicae, authors, not Wiedemann, 1817, misid.
urbana Malloch, 1924c: 139 (Hylemyia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, SA), Lord Howe I, Norfolk I.

Genus FUCELLIA Robineau-Desvoidy

FUCELLIA Robineau-Desvoidy, 1842: 269. Type species: Fucellia arenaria Robineau-Desvoidy, 1842 [= Scatophaga maritima Haliday, 1838], mon.
apicalis Kertész, 1908a: 71. China; Bonin Is; E Palearctic Reg.
boninensis Snyder, 1965: 204. Bonin Is; Hawaiian Is.
tergina Zetterstedt, 1845: 1690 (Anthomyza). Sweden; Australia (NSW, WA), Easter I; Afrotrop. (Gough I, Tristan da Cunha), Nearctic, Neotrop., Palearctic, Subantarctic Regs.
     maritima, authors, not Haliday, 1838, misid.

Genus PAREGLE Schnabl

PAREGLE Schnabl, 1911: 71 (Hylemyia subg.). Type species: Musca radicum Linnaeus, 1758 [misid., = Musca audaculus Harris, 1780], des. Huckett, 1924: 4, 39.
audacula Harris, 1780: 121, pl. 35, fig. 41 (Musca). England; Australia (Tas, Vic); Nearctic, Palearctic Regs.
     radicum, authors, not Linnaeus, 1758, misid.

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