Australasian/Oceanian Diptera Catalog Bibliography -- F

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[The entire work consists of 2 volumes; Fabricius, in his autobiogrphy, states that after the publication of this work he and his family went to England in the summer of 1787.]

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[The entire work consists of 4 volumes, 1792-1794.]

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[The previous 2 parts were published as follows: p. 1-12 (31 May); p. 13-24 (7 June).]

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[See annotation under FallÈn, 1823a.]

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[The foreword is dated 9 March. A separate version with different pagination, p. 1-56, and not a reprint, was also published in 1909. Based on evidence of the printer's job number in the bottom left corner of the title page of the Agriculture Report and the separate (numbers 39557 and 48531, respectively), the Agriculture Report takes precedence. Also published 1909, Dep. Agric. N.S.W. Farmer's Bull. 24, 56 p.]

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