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[The series, edited by P. Wytsman, was published in separate fascicules, each fascicule separately authored and representing a family or family-group of insects. Some of the fascicules were split into parts (i.e., 217a,b, 218a,b,c, etc.). The series ceased publication with fascicule 217a in 1970. See Alexander (1927h,i), Edwards (1932d), Hendel (1908c, 1909b, 1910c, 1914e), Johannsen (1909), Kieffer (1906, 1913f), Melander (1928), Pierre (1926), Séguy (1937), Theobald (1905d).]

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[This work was first published anonymously. A reissue in 1764, with "qui se trouvent aux environs de Paris" removed from the title, an otherwise identical copy of the original publication, has Geoffroy's name on the title page. The work was suppressed for nomenclatural purposes by I.C.Z.N. (1954a: 209). See also I.C.Z.N. (1957: 83).]

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[Author's initial given as "H." (Hermann) for this paper instead of the usual "E." (Ermanno).]

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[Author's surname also spelled "Gistel."]

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[For dating see Hopkinson (1907: 1036).]

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[Part 13a of this series appeared in two lieferungen. The first part (p. 1-48) appeared in 1933. Goetghebuer authored section A on adults (p. 1-94). Lenz authored section B, entitled "Die Metamorphose der Heleidae" (p. 95-133).]

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[Part 13c of this series appeared in 8 lieferungen from 1937-1962. Goetghebuer authored section A on the adults (p. 1-138). Lenz authored section B, entitled "Die Metamorphose der Tendipedinae" (p. 139-260).]

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[See annotation under Goetghebuer, 1937.]

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[Part 13g was published in 5 lieferungen from 1940-1950. Part B on the immatures by Lenz was never published.]

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[See annotation under Goetghebuer, 1943.]

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[See annotation under Goetghebuer, 1937.]

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[The 2 volumes on insects (marked "First" and "Second") are by E. Griffith & E. Pidgeon, and comprise Volumes 14 and 15 of the whole work. These volumes, published in 1832, contain new genera and species by G.R. Gray. Though Musgrave (1932: 130) believes Griffith and Pidgeon should be included as authors of these new taxa, a statement on p. 780 of this work says that Gray is the author of the new taxa. For dating, see Evenhuis (1997).]

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[Authorship for this article is commonly given to Grimshaw alone; however, the title page gives Speiser as the coauthor. Aside from new species in Speiser's article on Pupipara (see Speiser, 1902c), Grimshaw is the sole author of the new species proposed in this article.]

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[The inside front cover of the issue containing this article states that it was printed in December 1994. It was mailed from publisher on 20 January 1995.]

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