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[Originally] by Greg Daniels

Within the regions covered here, Apioceridae are only known with certainty from the Australian mainland. One species is recorded, possibly erroneously, from Tasmania. Yeates & Iriwn (1996) recently transferred Neorhaphiomydas to the Mydidae, leaving only Apiocera in the Apioceridae.

Apiocerids are restricted to areas of sandy soil. The larvae of Apiocera maritima are found in sand near the high water mark of coastal beaches. Adults of many species are strong hoverers and can usually be located by the loud hum emitted while hovering over bare areas of ground.

Refs.: English (1947, immat. Apiocera maritima), Paramonov (1953g, key), Yeates & Irwin (1996, revised classification).

Genus APIOCERA Westwood

APIOCERA Westwood, 1835e: 448. Type species: Apiocera fuscicollis Westwood, 1835 [= Laphria brevicornis Wiedemann, 1830], des. Coquillett, 1910: 508.
TAPINOCERA Macquart, 1838b: 78 [1839b: 194]. Type species: Laphria brevicornis Wiedemann, 1830, mon.
POMACERA Macquart, 1847a: 47 [1847b: 63]. Type species: Pomacera bigotii Macquart, 1847, mon.
acutipalpis Paramonov, 1953g: 506. Not given [Australia].
afacialis Paramonov, 1953g: 485. Australia (NT).
albanyana Paramonov, 1953g: 511. Australia (WA).
aliena Paramonov, 1953g: 508. Australia (NSW).
angusta Paramonov, 1953g: 501. Australia (NT).
antennata Paramonov, 1953g: 519. Australia (SA).
asilica Westwood, 1835e: 449. "Nov Hollandi "; Australia (NSW, Qld, SA, Vic, WA).
asiloides Paramonov, 1953g: 512. Australia (WA).
australis Paramonov, 1953g: 474. Australia (SA); Australia (Vic, WA).
basivillosa Paramonov, 1953g: 518. Australia (SA).
bigotii Macquart, 1847a: 49 [1847b: 65] (Pomacera). Australia (?Tas).
     bigoti, error for bigotii.
brevicornis Wiedemann, 1830a: 646 (Laphria). "Neuholland"; Australia (NSW, Qld).
     fuscicollis Westwood, 1835e: 449. "Nov Hollandi ?"
campbelli Paramonov, 1953g: 488. Australia (NT).
cerata Paramonov, 1961e: 109. Australia (WA).
collessi Yeates in Yeates & Oberprieler, 2013: 204. Australia (Vic); Australia (SA).
Paramonov, 1953g: 524. Australia (Qld).
constrasta Paramonov, 1953g: 499. Australia (SA).
deforma Norris, 1936: 54. Australia (WA).
deserticola Paramonov, 1953g: 486. Australia (WA); Australia (SA).
elegans Paramonov, 1953g: 481. Australia (WA).
englishae Paramonov, 1953g: 511. Australia (WA).
excepta Paramonov, 1953g: 468. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
evansi Yeates in Yeates & Oberprieler, 2013: 203. Australia (WA).
Paramonov, 1953g: 525. Australia (WA).
ferruginea Paramonov, 1953g: 502. Australia (SA).
flabellata Paramonov, 1953g: 534. Australia (WA).
fullerae Paramonov, 1953g: 495. Australia (WA).
goerlingi Paramonov, 1953g: 481. Australia (WA).
hardyi Paramonov, 1953g: 493. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld).
   ssp. angustifrons Paramonov, 1953g: 493. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
   ssp. hardyi s. str. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld).
helenae Paramonov, 1953g: 483. Australia (WA).
immedia Hardy, 1940b: 488. Australia (NSW).
imminuta Hardy, 1940b: 489. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
latifrons Paramonov, 1953g: 498. Australia (SA); Australia (NSW).
latipennis Paramonov, 1953g: 486. Australia (WA).
longicauda Paramonov, 1961e: 107. Australia (WA); Australia (SA).
longitudinalis Paramonov, 1953g: 510. Australia (WA).
lugubris Paramonov, 1953g: 497. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
mackerrasi Paramonov, 1953g: 473. Australia (Qld).
macrocerata Yeates in Yeates & Oberprieler, 2013: 199. Australia (NT).
maritima Hardy, 1933b: 416. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
maxima Paramonov, 1953g: 480. Australia (Vic); Australia (SA, WA).
microeremia Yeates in Yeates & Oberprieler, 2013: 207. Australia (Vic).; Australia (SA, WA).
minor Norris, 1936: 61. Australia (WA).
moderata Paramonov, 1953g: 507. Australia (WA).
moerens Westwood, 1841: 56. "Nova Hollandia"; Australia (Qld).
     maerens Sherborn, 1928: 4124 (unjust. emend. of moerens).
mullewa Yeates in Yeates & Oberprieler, 2013: 206. Australia (WA).
newmani Norris, 1936: 62. Australia (WA).
nicholsoni Paramonov, 1953g: 494. Australia (NSW).
norrisi Hardy, 1940b: 490. Australia (Qld); Australia (WA).
norrisiana Paramonov, 1953g: 490. Australia (WA).
oblonga Paramonov, 1953g: 489. Australia (WA).
omniflava Paramonov, 1953g: 484. Australia (WA).
ordana Paramonov, 1953g: 535. Australia (WA).
orientalis Paramonov, 1953g: 521. Not given [Australia (?NSW)]; Australia (NSW).
ornata Paramonov, 1953g: 520. Not given [E Australia].
pallida Norris, 1936: 59. Australia (WA).
pica Norris, 1936: 56. Australia (WA).
picoides Paramonov, 1953g: 509. Australia (SA).
pilosoris Paramonov, 1953g: 526. Australia (WA).
pulcherrima Paramonov, 1961e: 108. Australia (WA).
pulchra Paramonov, 1953g: 482. Australia (WA).
reginae Paramonov, 1953g: 509. Australia (Qld).
rieki Yeates in Yeates & Oberprieler, 2013: 204. Australia (WA).
Paramonov, 1953g: 520. Australia (NT).
similis Paramonov, 1953g: 505. Australia (ACT); Australia (Qld).
striativentris Paramonov, 1953g: 496. Australia (NSW).
swani Paramonov, 1953g: 517. Australia (WA).
tonnoiri Norris, 1936: 57. Australia (WA).
tropica Paramonov, 1953g: 500. Australia (NT).
unicolor Paramonov, 1953g: 502. Australia (Vic).
vespera Paramonov, 1953g: 476. Australia (WA).
victoriae Paramonov, 1953g: 507. Australia (Vic).
vulpes Hermann, 1909: 108. Australia (Qld).

Last revised 16 April 2016