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[Originally] by Curtis W. Sabrosky

The genus Australimyza was originally described in the Milichiidae (which then included the Carnidae). Colless & McAlpine (1970) referred it to the Carnidae, but Griffiths (1972) proposed a distinct family for it. Griffiths's family is here recognized. All the New Zealand species were found "on or near the seashore," and most were recorded from islands.
Refs.: Harrison (1959, key), Colless & McAlpine (1970, fig. of head and wing), Griffiths (1972, family diagn.), Brake & Mathis (2007, rev.).


AUSTRALIMYZA Harrison, 1953: 277. Type species: Australimyza anisotomae Harrison, 1953, orig. des.
australensis Mik, 1881: 203 (Agromyza). NZ (Auckland Is).
     anisotomae Harrison, 1953: 277. NZ (Antipodes Is); NZ (Auckland Is, Campbell I, NZ).
     australiensis, error for australensis.
glandulifera Brake & Mathis, 2007: 272. Australia (SA); Australia (NSW).
kaikoura Brake & Mathis, 2007: 264. NZ (NZ).
longiseta Harrison, 1959: 331. NZ (NZ).
macquariensis Womersley, 1937b: 78 (Procanace). Macquarie I.
mcalpinei Brake & Mathis, 2007: 270. Australia (NSW); Australia (SA, Tas, Vic, WA), Lord Howe I.
salicorniae Harrison, 1959: 335. NZ (NZ).
setigera Harrison, 1959: 331. NZ (NZ).
victoria Brake & Mathis, 2007: 272. Australia (Vic).