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81. Family BRAULIDAE

by Brian R. Pitkin

The family Braulidae, comprising 2 genera, Braula and Megabraula, contains 8 species (see Papp 1984f, Huttinger 1980, Grimaldi & Underwood 1986). Adults of all species are small, acarine-like insects found in the hives of bees (Apis spp.), often attached to the adult bees; larvae live in the brood combs and feed on pollen.

Only 1 species, the bee louse, Braula coeca, is recorded from the Australasian/Oceanian Regions. It is widely distributed (see Smith & Caron 1985), apparently having been introduced to many parts of the world, including Tasmania (Colless & McAlpine 1970).
Refs.: Skaife (1921, biol.), Phillips (1925, biol., morphol.), Hassanein & Abd El-Salam (1963a,b, biol., morphol.), Örösi Pal (1966a,b, world list, biol., morphol.).

Genus BRAULA Nitzsch

BRAULA Nitzsch, 1818: 314. Type species: Braula coeca Nitzsch, 1818, mon.
ENTOMIBIA Costa, 1846: 301. Type species: Entomibia apum Costa, 1846 [= Braula coeca Nitzsch, 1818], mon.
MELITTOMYIA Bigot, 1885l: 227, 235 (unnec. n. n. for Braula).
coeca Nitzsch, 1818: 315. Not given [?Germany]; Australia (Tas) [introduced]; S. Afr., USA, widesp. W Palearctic Reg.

caeca, error for coeca.