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By Akira Nagatomi & Neal L. Evenhuis

The family Canthyloscelididae contains 2 genera: Hyperoscelis Hardy & Nagatomi (2 spp.; Palearctic) and Canthyloscelis. The latter genus includes 2 subgenera; Araucoscelis Edwards (2 spp.; Chile, Argentina) and Canthyloscelis s. str. (5 spp.; New Zealand).

For possible phylogenetic relationships of Scatopsidae, Synneuridae, and Canthyloscelididae, see Hutson (1977).

Tollett (1959) and Hutson (1977) revised the Synneuridae [including Exiliscelis (1 sp.; North America) and Synneuron Lundström (2 Palearctic, 1 Nearctic spp.)] and the Canthyloscelididae.

The larvae of Hyperoscelis, a close relative of Canthyloscelis, are found in decaying wood of elm, spruce, and other trees (Mamaev & Krivosheina 1969).


CANTHYLOSCELIS Edwards, 1922a: 267. Type species: Canthyloscelis antennata Edwards, 1922, orig. des.
antennata Edwards, 1922a: 268. NZ (NZ).
balaena Hutson, 1977: 88. NZ (NZ).
brevicornis Nagatomi, 1983: 166. NZ (NZ).
claripennis Edwards, 1922a: 268. NZ (NZ).
nigricoxa Edwards, 1922a: 269. NZ (NZ).

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