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[Originally] by Raymond J. Gagné.

The Cecidomyiidae, with over 6,200 currently recognized valid species in the world, is represented in the Australasian/Oceanian Regions by 355 described species. Of that number, 72 species cannot be assigned to genus and are listed here as generically unplaced species. Probably only a fraction of the 355 species are correctly assigned to genus. In this catalog, most species have been retained in their original generic or subgeneric combinations (with subgenera raised to generic rank) if nothing in their original description precludes their presence in those genera. Few species listed here under Porricondyla, for example, may remain in that genus when the species are revised, but all species described in Cecidomyia (or its junior synonym Diplosis) are placed elsewhere now that Cecidomyia is restricted to a Holarctic group of species that feed on Pinaceae (Gagné, 1978). Over half of the cecidomyiids in this catalog (104) were described by Skuse (1888a, 1890c) and another 24 by Marshall (1896a). The majority were caught in flight and described from single specimens. Most of the Skuse types are in the Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO, Canberra (Colless, pers. comm.), but Marshall's types are lost (Miller, 1950).

Cecidomyiidae are most often divided into 3 subfamilies, Lestremiinae, Porricondylinae, and Cecidomyiinae. The first 2 are relatively species-poor, each with ca. 10% of the total known species. Their mycophagous larvae live in decaying organic matter. The genera are relatively old and widespread and the species are relatively easy to separate. Fossils of these subfamilies are known from Lebanese and Canadian Cretaceous amber. The Lestremiinae of these regions include several species that may be immigrants. Known Porricondylinae from the regions include the paedogenetic Heteropezini and the elegantly marked species of Chastomera. Asynapta spp., as well as Camptomyia Kieffer spp. (the latter not yet reported from these regions), are the sole porricondylines known to feed in association with living plant tissue, although they may be actually feeding only on necrotic tissue.

Cecidomyiinae, the largest subfamily, shares a derived leg character with the Porricondylinae. The 1st tarsal segment of each leg is much shorter than the 2nd and the connection between the two is easily broken. This may be an adaptation for roosting on spider webs. Skuse (1888a) discovered several of his species on spider webs, a habit first noted by Winnertz (1853) and remarked upon many times since. Many Porricondylinae and many of the nonphytophagous Cecidomyiinae roost on spider webs. Plant-feeding gall midges have apparently lost this habit and are not found on spider webs, presumably because of their ephemeral adult lives.

Cecidomyiinae comprise all the phytophagous forms of the family, many that are primitively mycophagous, and those that are predaceous. This subfamily is made up of 2 supertribes, Lasiopteridi and Cecidomyiidi. The Asphondyliini, until recently considered a supertribe, is treated here as a tribe of Cecidomyiidi to reflect its close relationship to the plant-feeding members of the supertribe Cecidomyiidi (Gagné, 1986b).

Among primitive, mycophagous members of the Lasiopteridi of these regions are 2 tribes, Brachineurini and Ledomyiini. The Lasiopterini of these regions include only Lasioptera spp. Most of these live in woody stem galls. The remainder of the supertribe are provisionally placed in the tribe Oligotrophini. These include various gallmakers and some that are phytophagous but do not make galls. Dasineura is a very large, cosmopolitan genus that includes 4 plant pests introduced into these regions. Rhopalomyia is represented by 2 introduced species: R. chrysanthemi, a pest of chrysanthemums, and R. californica, purposely introduced into Australia to control alien Baccharis (Asteraceae).

The Cecidomyiidi is tentatively arranged here in 2 tribes. The species of Asphondyliini are plant feeders, the genera found essentially worldwide; Asphondylia is richest in number of species. The Cecidomyiini is very diverse and includes predators of aphids, coccoids, and other arthropods (e.g., Aphidoletes, Arthrocnodax, Coccodiplosis, Coccomyza, Diadiplosis, Dicrodiplosis, possibly Heterocontarinia, Kalodiplosis, Lestodiplosis, and Trisopsis). Relatively few phytophagous species of Cecidomyiini are known from these regions (e.g., Contarinia, Proterodiplosis, Stephodiplosis, and Zeuxidiplosis), but these should eventually make up the preponderance of species. Zeuxidiplosis includes 1 known species, introduced into New Zealand and Australia for the control of a Hypericum. The plant-feeding forms of this supertribe are fairly host specific except for some that attack buds and do not cause galls. An example of a generalist is Contarinia maculipennis, introduced accidentally into Hawaii and found there in the buds of a large number of plants in several families (Hardy 1960).
Refs.: Barnes (1946-1956, gall midges of econ. import.), Möhn (1955, key Palearctic larvae), Mamaev & Krivosheina (1965, key Palearctic larvae), Panelius (1965, rev. Palearctic Porricondylinae), Wyatt (1967, rev. paedogenetic gen.), Harris (1968, rev. coccoid predators), Mamaev (1968, biol.), Nijveldt (1969, gall midges of econ. import.), Yukawa (1971, rev. Japanese spp.), Gagné (1981, key Nearctic gen.); Gagné & Jaschhof (2014, world catalog).


Genus TRICHOTOCA Jaschhof

TRICHOTOCA Jadschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2008: 54. Type species: Trichotoca edentula Jaschhof, 2008, orig. des.
edentula Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2008: 56. Australia (Tas).
fraterna Jaschhof, 2000: 643 (Catotricha). Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW, Vic).


Genus ANARETE Haliday

ANARETE Haliday, 1833: 156. Type species: Anarete candidata Haliday, 1833, mon.
johnsoni Felt, 1908: 310 (Microcerata). USA; Hawaiian Is [possible immigrant]; Japan, Europe, N. Am.
pallida Edwards, 1928c: 39. Samoa.

Genus ANARETELLA Enderlein

ANARETELLA Enderlein, 1911c: 193 (Lestremia subg.). Type species: Lestremia defecta Winnertz, 1870, orig. des.
nitida Edwards, 1928c: 39 (Lestremia). Samoa.

Genus LESTREMIA Macquart

LESTREMIA Macquart, 1826a: 173. Type species: Lestremia cinerea Macquart, 1826, mon.
cinerea Macquart, 1826a: 173. France; Hawaiian Is [immigrant], NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; Israel, Japan, Europe, N. Am.
clivicola Hardy, 1960: 249. Hawaiian Is.
leucophaea Meigen, 1818: 288 (Sciara). Not given [Germany]; ?Australia, Hawaiian Is [immigrant], NZ [immigrant]; Japan, Europe, N. Am.
novaezealandiae Marshall, 1896a: 247. NZ (NZ).
     remota Hutton, 1902b: 192 (Trichosia). NZ (NZ).
Hardy, 1960: 252. Hawaiian Is.

sydneyensis Skuse, 1890c: 389. Australia (NSW).


Genus PEROMYIA Kieffer

PEROMYIA Kieffer, 1894: clxxv. Type species: Peromyia leveillei Kieffer, 1894, mon.
aeratipennis Skuse, 1888a: 135 (Campylomyza). Australia (NSW) [immigrant]; NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; widespr. Pal. Reg. .
     muscorum Kieffer, 1895: 62. France.
bashfordi Jaschhof, 2010: 45. Australia (Tas).
carinata Jaschhof, 2001: 982. Japan; NZ (NZ).
cinalata Jaschhof, 2010: 50. Australia (Tas).
clandestina Jaschhof, 2004: 90. NZ (NZ).
culta Jaschhof, 2004: 100. NZ (NZ).
debilis Jaschhof, 2010: 48. Australia (Tas).
derupta Jaschhof, 2004: 96. NZ (NZ).
despecta Jaschhof, 2010: 46. Australia (Tas).
didhami Jaschhof, 2004: 108. NZ (NZ).
dissona Jaschhof, 2004: 116. NZ (NZ).
doci Jaschhof, 2004: 83. NZ (NZ).
grovei Jaschhof, 2010: 39. Australia (Tas).
impexa Skuse, 1888a: 139 (Campylomyza). Australia (NSW) [immigrant]; NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; widespr. Pal. Reg.
     pellax Skuse, 1888a: 140 (Campylomyza). Australia (NSW) [immigrant].
     subtilis Skuse, 1888a: 137 (Campylomyza). Australia (NSW) [immigrant].
     palustris Kieffer, 1895: 62. France.
Jaschhof, 2010: 42. Australia (Tas).
insueta Jaschhof, 2004: 106. NZ (NZ).
intecta Jaschhof, 2004: 113. NZ (NZ).
intonsa Jaschhof, 2004: 91. NZ (NZ).
katieae Jaschhof, 2004: 98. NZ (NZ).
latebrosa Jaschhof, 2004: 103. NZ (NZ).
memoranda Jaschhof, 2004: 102. NZ (NZ).
mountalbertiensis Jaschhof, 2004: 84. NZ (NZ).
multifurcata Jaschhof, 2004: 119. NZ (NZ).
nitoda Jaschhof, 2010: 40. Australia (Tas).
novaezealandiae Jaschhof, 2004: 86. NZ (NZ).
obunca Jaschhof, 2004: 115. NZ (NZ).
perardua Jaschhof, 2004: 89. NZ (NZ).
pertrita Jaschhof, 2004: 93. NZ (NZ).
plena Jaschhof, 2004: 97. NZ (NZ).
praeclara Jaschhof, 2004: 118. NZ (NZ).
rara Jaschhof, 2004: 100. NZ (NZ).
rotoitiensis Jaschhof, 2004: 104. NZ (NZ).
sera Jaschhof, 2004: 85. NZ (NZ).
serrata Jaschhof, 2004: 81. NZ (NZ).
setosa Jaschhof, 2004: 95. NZ (NZ).
sinuosa Jaschhof, 2004: 81. NZ (NZ).
spinigera Jaschhof, 2004: 79. NZ (NZ).
squamigera Jaschhof, 2004: 112. NZ (NZ).
Jaschhof, 2010: 51. Australia (Tas).
tecta Jaschhof, 2004: 110. NZ (NZ).
tumida Jaschhof, 2004: 94. NZ (NZ).
warraensis Jaschhof, 2010: 43. Australia (Tas).



CAMPYLOMYZA Meigen, 1818: 101. Type species: Campylomyza flavipes Meigen, 1818, des. Westwood, 1840: 126.
amplipennis Skuse, 1888a: 142. Australia (NSW). Nomen dubium.
crocea Skuse, 1888a: 136. Australia (NSW). Nomen dubium.
hirta Marshall, 1896a: 244. NZ (NZ).
lincolniensis Marshall, 1896a: 243. NZ (NZ).
magna Marshall, 1896a: 245. NZ (NZ).
minuta Marshall, 1896a: 243. NZ (NZ).
nitida Marshall, 1896a: 244. NZ (NZ).
ordinaria Marshall, 1896a: 247. NZ (NZ).
perpallida Skuse, 1888a: 134. Australia (NSW). Nomen dubium.
persimilis Skuse, 1888a: 136. Australia (NSW). Nomen dubium.
robusta Marshall, 1896a: 246. NZ (NZ).
squamata Marshall, 1896a: 245. NZ (NZ).
tenuis Marshall, 1896a: 242. NZ (NZ).
sidneyensis Schiner, 1868: 9. Australia (NSW). Nomen dubium.
     sydneyensis, error for sidneyensis.
vicina Skuse, 1888a: 138. Australia (NSW). Nomen dubium.

Genus WARRAMYIA Jaschhof

WARRAMYIA Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2010: 196. Type species: Warramyia weldensis Jaschhof, 2010, orig. des.
weldensis Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2010: 197. Australia (Tas).


Genus APRIONUS Kieffer

APRIONA Kieffer, 1894: clxxvi. Type species: Apriona spinigera Kieffer, 1894, des. Kieffer, 1895: 95. [Preocc. Chevrolat, 1852.]
APRIONUS Kieffer, 1894: 205 (n.n. for Apriona Kieffer, 1894).
bullerensis Jaschhof, 2004: 434. NZ (NZ).
mycophiloides Jaschhof, 2004: 436. NZ (NZ).
remotus Jaschhof, 2004: 437. NZ (NZ).


HINTELMANNOMYIA Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2010: 209. Type species: Hintelmannomyia aestimata Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2010, orig. des.
aestimata Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2010: 210. Australia (Tas).

Genus MONARDIA Kieffer

MONARDIA Kieffer, 1895f: 111. Type species: Monardia stirpium Kieffer, 1895, mon.
recondita Hardy, 1960: 254. Hawaiian Is.
dividua Jaschhof, 2004: 424. NZ (NZ).
fumea Jaschhof, 2004: 426. NZ (NZ).
furcillata Jaschhof, 2004: 427. NZ (NZ).
modica Jaschhof, 2004: 428. NZ (NZ).


MYCOPHILA Felt, 1911: 33. Type species: Mycophila fungicola Felt, 1911, orig. des.
barnesi Edwards, 1938: 254. England; Australia (NSW) [possible immigrant]; USA.
fungicola Felt, 1911: 33. USA; Hawaiian Is [possible immigrant].

Genus POLYARDIS Pritchard

POLYARDIS Pritchard, 1947: 47. Type speciesa: Camplyomyza carpini Felt, 1907 [= Neurolyga silvalis Rondani, 1840], orig. des.
illustris Jaschhof, 2004: 431. NZ (NZ).
triangula Jaschhof, 2004: 432. NZ (NZ).


PSEUDOMONARDIA Jaschhof , 2003: 115. Type species: Pseudomonardia hutchesoni Jaschhof, 2003, orig. des.
australis Jaschhof, 2003: 121. NZ (NZ).
communis Jaschhof, 2003: 125. NZ (NZ).
dawnae Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2010: 208. Australia (Tas).
dorani Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2010: 203. Australia (Tas).
elongata Jaschhof, 2003: 129. NZ (NZ).
glacialis Jaschhof, 2003: 130. NZ (NZ).
hutchesoni Jaschhof, 2003: 116. NZ (NZ).
invisitata Jaschhof, 2003: 119. NZ (NZ).
neurolygoides Jaschhof, 2003: 118. NZ (NZ).
niklasi Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2010: 205. Australia (Tas).
pallida Jaschhof, 2003: 124. NZ (NZ).
parva Jaschhof, 2003: 128. NZ (NZ).
parvolobata Jaschhof, 2003: 122. NZ (NZ).
tobiasi Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2010: 207. Australia (Tas).
vicina Jaschhof, 2003: 123. NZ (NZ).


PTERIDOMYIA Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2003: 111. Type species: Cordylomyia gressitti Yukawa, 1964, orig. des.
bilobata Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2003: 114. NZ (NZ).
grandiuscula Skuse, 1890c: 388 (Campylomyza). Australia (NSW).
gressitti Yukawa, 1964: 300 (Cordylomyia). NZ (Campbell I).
tasmanica Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2010: 200. Australia (Tas).


Genus AMEDIELLA Jaschhof

AMEDIELLA Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2003: 106. Type species: Amediella involuta Jaqschhof, 2003, orig. des.
involuta Jaschhof in Jaschhof & Jaschhof, 2003: 106. NZ (NZ).

Unplaced genus of Lestremiinae

Genus IPOMYIA Colless

IPOMYIA Colless, 1965b: 145. Type species: Ipomyia bornemisszai Colless, 1965, mon.
bornemisszai Colless, 1965b: 145. Australia (WA).



GYMNOPTEROMYIA Mamaev in Maemaev & Krivosheina, 1965: 266. Type species Gymnopteromyia carpatica Mamaev, 1965, orig. des.
novaezealandiae Jaschhof, 2016: 216. NZ (NZ).
tasmanica Jaschhof, 2016: 217. Australia (Tas).

Genus HAPLUSIA Karsch

HAPLUSIA Karsch, 1877: 15 [1878: 15]. Type species: Haplusia plumipes Karsch, 1877, orig. des.
CHASTOMERA Skuse, 1888a: 112 (Cecidomyia subg.). Type species: Cecidomyia bella Skuse, 1888, mon.
bella Skuse, 1888a: 112 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).



JOHNSONOMYIA Felt, 1908: 417. Type species: Johnsonomyia rubra Felt, 1908, orig. des.
Undet. sp.—Jaschhof (2016: 226)




ASYNAPTA Loew, 1850a: 21 (Cecidomyia subg.). Type species: Cecidomyia longicollis Loew, 1850, des. Karsch, 1877: 14 [1878: 14].
flammula Skuse, 1888a: 124 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).


Genus HETEROPEZA Winnertz

HETEROPEZA Winnertz, 1846: 13. Type species: Heteropeza pygmaea Winnertz, 1846, mon.
OLIGARCES Meinert, 1865: 237. Type species: Oligarces paradoxus Meinert, 1865 [= Heteropeza pygmaea Winnertz, 1846], mon.
pygmaea Winnertz, 1846: 14. Not given [Germany]; Australia (Qld) [possible immigrant]; Israel, USA, Europe.
transmarina Schiner, 1868: 5 (Heteropeza). Australia (NSW).
ulmi Felt--not Australasian/Oceanian.

Genus MIASTOR Meinert

MIASTOR Meinert, 1864: 42. Type species: Miastor metroloas Meinert, 1864, mon.
agricolae Marshall, 1896a: 232. NZ (NZ).
difficilis Marshall, 1896a: 233. NZ (NZ).
mastersi Skuse, 1888a: 59. Australia (NSW).
procax Skuse, 1888a: 58. Australia (NSW).


Genus COLPODIA Winnertz

COLPODIA Winnertz, 1853: 293 (Cecidomyia subg.). Type species: Cecidomyia angustipennis Winnertz, 1853, mon.
indubitata Skuse, 1888a: 114 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).


PORRICONDYLA Rondani, 1840b: 13 (Cecidomyia subg.). Type species: Cecidomyia albitarsis Meigen, 1830 [misid., = Cecidomyia nigripennis Meigen, 1830], mon.
EPIDOSIS Loew, 1850a: 21,38 (Cecidomyia subg.). Type species: Cecidomyia fragilis Loew, 1850, des. Brunetti, 1920: 17.
PHAENEPIDOSIS Kieffer, 1913f: 273. Type species: Epidosis abbreviata Kieffer, 1913, orig. des.
agricolae Marshall, 1896a: 240 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ).
aurea Marshall, 1896a: 241 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ).
auriculata Barnes, 1928: 107 (Phaenepidosis). Samoa.
conferta Skuse, 1888a: 118 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
distenta Skuse, 1888a: 115 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
exigua Skuse, 1888a: 122 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
skusei Kieffer, 1913f: 273 (n.n. for gracilis Skuse). Australia (NSW).
     gracilis Skuse, 1888a: 117 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Winnertz, 1853.]
     exilis Gagné, 1989: 156 (n. n. for gracilis Skuse). Australia (NSW). [synonymy by R.J. Gagné, 1992, in litt.]
gibberosa Skuse, 1888a: 123 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
grandipennis Skuse, 1890c: 384 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
macella Skuse, 1888a: 121 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
magna Marshall, 1896a: 239 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ).
magnifica Skuse, 1888a: 116 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
opipara Skuse, 1888a: 118 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
ordinaria Marshall, 1896a: 241 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ).
pallidina Gagné, 1989: 156 (n. n. for pallida Skuse). Australia (NSW).
     pallida Skuse, 1888a: 120 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Meigen, 1830.]
perexilis Skuse, 1888a: 119 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).

Genus YUKAWAEPIDOSIS Fedotova & Sidorenko

YUKAWAEPIDOSIS Fedotova & Sidorenko, 2007: 265. Type species: Holoneura aliculatus Yukawa, 1964, orig. des.
aliculatus Yukawa, 1964: 302 (Holoneurus).. NZ (Campbell I).

Unplaced species of Porricondylinae

parietina Skuse, 1888a: 125 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
prisca Skuse, 1888a: 125 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).



BRACHINEURA Rondani, 1840b: 16. Type species: Brachineura fuscogrisea Rondani, 1840, mon.
BRACHYNEURA Agassiz, 1846a: 5 (unjust. emend. of Brachineura).
BRACHYNEVRA Agassiz, 1846b: 57 (unjust. emend. of Brachineura).
SPANIOCERA Winnertz, 1853: 190. Type species: Spaniocera squamigera Winnertz, 1853, mon.
australis Skuse, 1890c: 385 (Spaniocera). Australia (NSW).
eupatorii Felt, 1908: 317. USA; ?Hawaiian Is [possible immigrant].



ACTILASIOPTERA Gagné in Gagné & Law, 1997: 23. Nomen nudum; genus-group name proposed after 1930 without designation of a type species..
ACTILASIOPTERA Gagné, 1999: 697. Type species: Actilasioptera tumidifolium Gagné in Gagné & Law, 1997, orig. des.
coronata Gagné in Gagné & Law, 1997: 32. Australia (Qld).
pustulata Gagné in Gagné & Law, 1997: 32. Australia (Qld).
subfolium Gagné in Gagné & Law, 1997: 28. Australia (Qld).
tuberculata Gagné in Gagné & Law, 1997: 33. Australia (Qld).
tumidifolium Gagné in Gagné & Law, 1997: 25. Australia (Qld).

Genus DACTYLASIOPTERA Kolesik & Veenstra

DACTYLOASIOPTERA Kolesik & Veenstra, 2008: 220. Type species: Dactylasioptera adentata Kolesik & Veenstra, 2008, orig. des.
adentata Kolesik & Veenstra, 2008: 221. Australia (SA).
dentata Kolesik & Veenstra, 2008: 222. Australia (SA).


LASIOPTERA Meigen, 1818: 88. Type species: Lasioptera picta Meigen, 1818 [= Tipula rubi Schrank, 1803], des. Karsch, 1877: 14 [1878: 14]. [Validated by I.C.Z.N., 1970: 95.]
DIOMYZA Meigen, 1818: 88. Type species: Lasioptera picta Meigen, 1818 [= Tipula rubi Schrank, 1803], des. Coquillett, 1910: 533.
aurata Skuse, 1888a: 129. Australia (NSW).
corusca Skuse, 1888a: 131. Australia (NSW).
helvipes Skuse, 1888a: 132. Australia (NSW).
mastersi Skuse, 1888a: 127. Australia (NSW).
miscella Skuse, 1888a: 131. Australia (NSW).
nodosae Skuse, 1888a: 130. Australia (NSW).
uncinata Gagné in Gagné, Balciunas & Burrows, 1997: 330. Australia (Qld).
Skuse, 1888a: 128. Australia (NSW).
virgata Skuse, 1890c: 386. Australia (NSW).
wildi Skuse, 1890c: 387. Australia (NSW).


Genus LEDOMYIA Kieffer

LEPIDOMYIA Kieffer, 1894d: 201. Type species: Lepidomyia lugens Kieffer, 1894, mon. [Preocc. Loew, 1864.]
LEDOMYIA Kieffer, 1895g: cccxx (n. n. for Lepidomyia).
PHAENOLAUTHIA Kieffer, 1912b: 2. Type species: Ledomyia obscuripennis Kieffer, 1904, orig. des.
Unidentified sp.--Hawaiian Is (Hardy, 1960: 277).


Genus CYSTIPHORA Kieffer

CYSTIPHORA Kieffer, 1892: 212. Type species: Cecidomyia hieracii Löw, 1874 [= Cecidomyia sanguinea Bremi, 1847], des. Rübsaamen, 1910: 337.
LAUBERTIA Rübsaamen, 1914: 94. Type species: Laubertia schmidti Rübsaamen, 1914, mon.
schmidti Rübsaamen, 1914: 94 (Laubertia). Poland; Australia (NSW, Vic) [introduced]; W N. Am. [introduced].

Genus DASINEURA Rondani

DASINEURA Rondani, 1840b: 12, 17. Type species: Tipula sisymbrii Schrank, 1803, subs. des. I.C.Z.N., 1998: 246.
DASYNEURA Oken, 1844: 450 (unjust. emend. of Dasineura).
DASYNEVRA Agassiz, 1846b: 117 (unjust. emend. of Dasineura).
acaciaelongifoliae Kolesik in Kolesik, Adair & Eick, 2005: 469. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, Vic).
alopecuri Reuter, 1895: 1 (Oligotrophus). Finland; NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; Canada [immigrant], Europe.
banksiae Kolesik in Kolesik et al., 2007: 41. Australia (WA).
callitridis Kolesik, 2000:252. Australia (SA).
dielsi Rübsaamen, 1916: 478. Australia (Vic); Australia (WA).
fistulosa Kolesik in Kolesik, Adair & Eick, 2005: 468. Australia (Vic).
furcata Kolesik in Kolesik, Adair & Eick, 2005: 471. Australia (Vic).
gannoni Kolseik in Kolesik & Barker, 2013: 214. Australia (NSW).
glauca Kolesik in Kolesik, Adair & Eick, 2005: 468. Australia (SA); Australia (NSW).
glomerata Kolesik in Kolesik, Adair & Eick, 2005: 466. Australia (Vic).
hebefolia Lamb, 1951: 210. NZ (NZ).
hybanthi Kolesik & Skuhrava, 1997: 240. Australia (SA).
mali Kieffer, 1904a: 345 (Perrisia). France; NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; Europe, N. Am. [immigrant].
mangiferae Felt, 1927: 1. India; Hawaiian Is [immigrant].
olfieldii Kolesik in Kolesik, Adair & Eick, 2005: 472. Australia (WA).
oshanesii Kolesik in Kolesik, Adair & Eick, 2005: 464. Australia (Qld).
pilifera Kolesik in Kolesik, Adair & Eick, 2005: 462. Australia (Vic); Australia (ACT).
pyri Bouché, 1847: 144 (Cecidomyia). Not given [Poland]; NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; Europe, N. Am. [immigrant].
rubiformis Kolesik in Kolesik, Adair & Eick, 2005: 460. Australia (WA).
strobila Dorchin in Dorchin & Adair, 2011: 66. Australia (Vic).
sulcata Kolesik in Kolesik, Adair & Eick, 2005: 465. Australia (NSW).
tomentosa Dorchin in Dorchin & Adair, 2011: 68. Australia (Vic).
wahlenbergiae Kolesik, 1998: 147. Australia (SA).

Genus DRYOMYIA Kieffer

DRYOMYIA Kieffer, 1898b: 17. Type species: Cecidomyia circinans Giraud 1861, des. Sharp, 1901: 296.
shawiae Anderson, 1935b: 422. NZ (NZ).

Genus MAYETIOLA Kieffer

MAYETIA Kieffer, 1896a: 5. Type species: Cecidomyia destructor Say, 1817, orig. des. [Preocc. Mulsant & Rey, 1875.]
MAYETIOLA Kieffer, 1896b: 89 (n. n. for Mayetia).
POOMYIA Rübsaamen, 1910: 337. Type species: Cecidomyia destructor Say, 1817, orig. des.
destructor Say, 1817: 45 (Cecidomyia). USA; NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; Middle East, N. Africa. [Previous Australian records are erroroneous.]

Genus OLIGOTROPHUS Latreille

OLIGOTROPHUS Latreille, 1805: 288. Type species: Tipula juniperinus Linnaeus, 1758, mon.
coprosmae Barnes & Lamb, 1954: 815. NZ (NZ).

Genus RHOPALOMYIA Rübsaamen

RHOPALOMYIA Rübsaamen, 1892: 370. Type species: Oligotrophus tanaceticola Karsch, 1879, des. Kieffer, 1896c: 89.
DIARTHRONOMYIA Felt, 1908: 339. Type species: Diarthronomyia artemisiae Felt, 1908 [= Rhopalomyia pomum Gagné, 1975], orig. des.
californica Felt, 1908: 364. USA; Australia [introduced].
chrysanthemi Ahlberg, 1939: 276. Not given [Europe]; Hawaiian Is [immigrant], NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; E Asia, N. Am. [immigrant].
     hypogaea, Felt, 1916, not Loew, 1885, misid.
goodeniae Kolesik, 1996: 155. Australia (SA).
lawrencei Kolesik, 1998: 140. Australia (SA).
psychotriae Kolesik in Kolesik & Butterill, 2013: [5]. PNG (PNG).


TRIGONOMYIA Kolesik, 1996: 62. Type species: Trigonomyia ananas Kolesik, 1996, orig. des.
ananas Kolesik, 1996: 62. Australia (SA).
cristata Kolesik, 1996: 66. Australia (SA).
tulipa Kolesik, 1996: 66. Australia (SA).

Unplaced species of Oligotrophini

acaciaelongifoliae Skuse, 1890c: 374 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas).
frauenfeldi Schiner, 1868: 7 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
gibbula Skuse, 1888a: 67 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).

Unplaced genus of Lasiopteridi


NORMANBYOMYIA Kolesik in Kolesik. Geyer & Morawetz, 2006: 40. Type species: Normanbyomyia fructivora Kolesik, 2006, orig. des.
fructivora Kolesik in Kolesik, Geyer & Morawetz, 2006: 42. Australia (Qld).

Unplaced species of Lasiopteridi

baccata Skuse, 1888a: 65 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
kaalae Hardy, 1960: 276 (Mayetiola). Hawaiian Is.
nobilis Skuse, 1888a: 66 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
regilla Skuse, 1888a: 64 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
vitulans Skuse, 1888a: 63 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).



ALLOBREMIA Barnes, 1928: 103. Type species: Allobremia upolui Barnes, 1928, orig. des.
upolui Barnes, 1928: 104. Samoa.


APHIDOLETES Kieffer, 1904b: 384. Type species: Bremia abietis Kieffer, 1896, des. Felt, 1911: 53.
PHAENOBREMIA Kieffer, 1912b: 1. Type species: Bremia urticariae Kieffer 1895, orig. des.
aphidimyza Rondani, 1847: 443 (Cecidomya). Italy; Hawaiian Is [immigrant], NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; cosmopol.
     meridionalis Felt, 1908: 397. USA.

Genus ARTHROCNODAX Rübsaamen

ARTHROCNODAX Rübsaamen, 1895a: 189. Type species: Arthrocnodax vitis Rübsaamen, 1895, des. Coquillett, 1910: 510.
beardsleyi Hardy, 1960: 296 (Microdiplosis). Hawaiian Is.
walkeriana Felt, 1915b: 181. Sri Lanka; Hawaiian Is.

Genus COCCODIPLOSIS de Meijere

COCCODIPLOSIS de Meijere, 1917: 238. Type species: Coccodiplosis pseudococci de Meijere, 1917 [= Diadiplosis smithi Felt, 1915], mon.
ananasae Hardy, 1960: 283. Hawaiian Is.
smithi Felt, 1915b: 178 (Diadiplosis). Philippines; PNG (Bismarck Arch); Indonesia (Java).
     pseudococci de Meijere, 1917: 239. Indonesia (Java).

Genus COCCOMYZA Del Guercio

COCCOMYZA Del Guercio, 1918: 264. Type species: Coccomyza brittini Del Guercio, 1918, mon.
brittini Del Guercio, 1918: 264. NZ (NZ).

Genus CONTARINIA Rondani

CONTARINIA Rondani, 1861a: 289 (Cecidomyia subg.). Type species: Tipula loti De Geer, 1776, orig. des.
STENODIPLOSIS Reuter, 1895: 9. Type species: Stenodiplosis geniculati Reuter, 1895, mon.
alloteropsidis Harris, 1979: 179. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
bothriochloae Harris, 1979: 175. Australia (Qld).
brevipalpis Harris, 1979: 179. Australia (Qld).
bursariae Kolesik, 1995b: 177. Australia (SA).
dichanthii Harris, 1979: 176. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
fimbristylidis Harris, 1979: 180. Australia (NT).
geniculati Reuter, 1895: 10. Finland; NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; Europe, N. Am. [immigrant].
     dactylidis Barnes, 1940: 114 (Stenodiplosis geniculati var.). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Loew, 1859.]
intrans Harris, 1979: 173. Australia (NT).
maculipennis Felt, 1933b: 247. Hawaiian Is.; Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, USA, Vietnam.
     lycopersici, authors, not Felt, 1911, misid.
     solani, authors, not Rübsaamen, 1891, misid.
passlowi Harris, 1979: 178. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
plumosi Harris, 1979: 172. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
pyrivora Riley, 1886: 283 (Diplosis). USA; ?Australia; Japan, Europe, N. Am. [immigrant].
quinquenotata Löw, 1888: 235. Austria; NZ (NZ) [immigant]; widespr. Europe., Canada (BC) [immigrant], USA (Washi9ngton, Oregon) [immigrant].
roperi Harris, 1979: 171. Australia (NT).
rugosa Gagné, 1986a: 127. Hawaiian Is [accidentally introduced]; N. Am.
scirpi Harris, 1979: 180. Australia (NT).
sehimae Harris, 1979: 173. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
sennicola Kolesik in Kolesik & Cunningham, 2000: 122. Australia (NSW).
sorghicola Coquillett, 1899a: 82 (Diplosis). USA; widesp. Australia, Hawaiian Is; widesp. between latitudes 40 N and S.
tritici Kirby, 1798: 232 (Tipula). England; NZ (NZ) [introduced]; Palearctic Reg.


DENTIFIBULAFelt, 1908: 385. Type species: Cecidomyia viburni Felt, 1907, orig. des.
nigroapicalis Kolesik, 2014: [2]. Australia (Qld).


DIADIPLOSIS Felt, 1911: 54. Type species: Diadiplosis cocci Felt, 1911, orig. des.
duni Harris, 1968: 460 (Nipponodiplosis). PNG (Bismarck Arch); Indonesia (Java).
koebelei Koebele, 1893: 38 (Diplosis). Australia (NSW) [original type locality], USA [neotype locality; see Gagné & Stein, 1982: 66]; Hawaiian Is, NZ (NZ); USA [introduced].
     koebelei Felt, 1932: 167 (Silvestrina). USA. [Preocc. Koebele, 1893.]


DICRODIPLOSIS Kieffer, 1895b: cxciv. Type species: Dicrodiplosis fasciata Kieffer, 1895, orig. des.
guatemalensis Felt, 1938: 43. Guatemala; Hawaiian Is [introduced; ?established].


GIARDOMYIA Felt, 1908: 405. Type species: Cecidomyia photophila Felt, 1908, orig. des.
furvescens Hardy, 1960: 287. Hawaiian Is.
pallidithorax Hardy, 1960: 288. Hawaiian Is.


HETEROCONTARINIA Hardy, 1960: 271. Type species: Heterocontarinia spinosa Hardy, 1960, orig. des.
spinosa Hardy, 1960: 271. Hawaiian Is.


KALODIPLOSIS Felt, 1915a: 229. Type species: Dichrodiplosis multifila Felt, 1908, orig. des.
VINCENTODIPLOSIS Harris, 1968: 473. Type species: Lobodiplosis coccidarum Felt, 1911, orig. des.
pseudococci Felt, 1933a: 87 (Lobodiplosis). Hawaiian Is [introduced]; Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico.


LESTODIPLOSIS Kieffer, 1894a: xxviii [1894b: 84; 1895d: xxviii] (as Leptodiplosis). Type species: Cecidomyia pictipennis Perris, 1870 [preocc., = Leptodiplosis septemguttata Kieffer, 1894], des. Kieffer, 1895a: cclxxx. Spelling of Lestodiplosis validated by I.C.Z.N., 1958: 293.
LEPTODIPLOSIS. Incorr. orig. spell. of Lestodiplosis (Kieffer, 1894a: xxviii [1895d: xxviii]).
fimicola Hardy, 1960: 291. Hawaiian Is.
obtusilobata Hardy, 1960: 292. Hawaiian Is.

Genus LIEBELIOLA Kieffer & Jörgensen

LIEBELIOLA Kieffer & Jörgensen, 1910: 428. Type species: Liebeliola prosopidis Kieffer & Jörgensen, 1910, mon.
bifurcata Barnes, 1928: 106. Samoa.

Genus MYCODIPLOSIS Rübsaamen

MYCODIPLOSIS Rübsaamen, 1895b: 186. Type species: Cecidomyia coniophaga Winnertz, 1853, orig. des.
fungicola Felt, 1911: 302 (Toxomyia). Hawaiian Is [introduced]; Brazil, Jamaica, St. Vincent.
pucciniacola Hardy, 1960: 298 (Nanodiplosis). Hawaiian Is.


PARALLELODIPLOSIS Rübsaamen, 1910: 287 (key) [1911: 120]. Type species: Diplosis galliperda Löw, 1889, orig. des.
bimaculata Hardy, 1960: 300. Hawaiian Is.
cattleyae Molliard, 1903: 165 (Cecidomyia). Brazil; Hawaiian Is [possible immigrant; ?established]; England, France, C. Am., N. Am. [all immigrants; ?established], S. Am.


PROTERODIPLOSIS Wyatt, 1963: 103. Type species: Proterodiplosis radicis Wyatt, 1963, orig. des.
radicis Wyatt, 1963: 103. NZ (NZ).


RESSELIELLA Seitner, 1906: 174. Type species: Resseliella piceae Seitner, 1906, orig. des.
oleisuga Targioni-Tarzetii, 1887: 428 (Diplosis). Italy; Australia [introduced]; Mediterranean.
xanthorrhoeae Kolesik, 2013: 68. Australia (SA).

Genus SKUSEMYIA Kolesik

SKUSEMYIA Kolesik, 1995: 41. Type species: Skusemyia allocasuarinae Kolesik, 1995, orig. des.
allocasuarinae Kolesik, 1995: 42. Australia (SA).


STEPHODIPLOSIS Tavares, 1908: 140. Type species: Stephodiplosis lanneae Tavares, 1908, mon.
nothofagi Barnes, 1936: 276 (Stephodiplosis). NZ (NZ).

Genus TRISOPSIS Kieffer

TRISOPSIS Kieffer, 1912c: 171. Type species: Trisopsis oleae Kieffer, 1912, orig. des.
oleae Kieffer, 1912c: 171. South Africa; ?Hawaiian Is [possible immigrant].


ZEUXIDIPLOSIS Kieffer, 1904a: 349. Type species: Thecodiplosis giardana Kieffer, 1898 [= Diplosis giardi Kieffer, 1896], orig. des.
giardi Kieffer, 1896c: 383 (Diplosis). France; Australia, Hawaiian Is [introduced], NZ (NZ) [introduced]; Canada, USA [both introduced].
     giardiana Kieffer, 1897: 20 (Diplosis; unnec. n. n. for giardi Kieffer).



ASPHONDYLIA Loew, 1850a: 20, 37 (Cecidomyia subg.). Type species: Cecidomyia sarothamni Loew, 1850, des. Karsch, 1877: 15 [1878: 15].
ASPHONDYLA, error for Asphondylia.
acaciae Kolesik in Kolesik et al., 2010: 253. Australia (Vic).
anthocercidis Kolesik, 1997: 157. Australia (WA).
bursicola Kolesik in Kolesik et al., 2010: 255. Australia (Vic).
dodonaeae Kolesik, 1995a: 171. Australia (SA).
ericiformis Kolesik, 1997: 63. Australia (SA).
Kolesik in Kolesik et al., 2010: 258. Australia (WA).
Kolesik in Kolesik et al., 2010: 259. Australia (Vic).
Edwards, 1916b: 498. Australia (NT).
inflata Kolesik, 1997: 61. Australia (SA).
loewi Skuse, 1888a: 108 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
mcneilli Kolesik & Veenstra, 2008: 218. Australia (SA).
obscura Kolesik in Kolesik, McFadden & Wasphere, 2000: 34. Australia (NSW).
occidentalis Kolesik in Kolesik et al., 2010: 259. Australia (WA).
paucidentata Kolesik in Kolesik, McFadden & Wasphere, 2000: 34. Australia (Qld).
peelei Veenstra & Kolesik, 2011: 397. Australia (Vic).
Kolesik in Kolesik et al., 2010: 260. Australia (WA).
Skuse, 1888a: 108 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
sturtiana Kolesik in Kolesik, McFadden & Wasphere, 2000: 32. Australia (Qld).
tectonicorniae Veenstra & Kolesik, 2011: 394. Australia (Vic).
tonsura Kolesik & Veenstra, 2008: 218. Australia (SA).
ulicis Traill, 1873: 172. Scotland; ?NZ (NZ); Europe.
vesicaria Kolesik & Veenstra, 2008: 214. Australia (SA).


EOCINCTICORNIA Felt, 1915c: 206. Type species: Eocincticornia australasiae Felt, 1915, orig. des.
australasiae Felt, 1915c: 207. Australia (WA).
malarskii Kolesik, 1995c: 148. Australia (SA).


KIEFFERIA Mik, 1895: 96. Type species: Asphondylia pimpinellae Löw, 1874 [= Cecidomyia pericarpiicola Bremi, 1847], mon.
coprosmae Barnes & Lamb, 1954: 814. NZ (NZ).

Genus OKRIOMYIA Kolesik

OKRIOMYIA Kolesik, 1998: 46. Type species: Okriomyia schwarzi Kolesik, 1998, orig. des.
omalanthi Skuse, 1890c: 383 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
schwarzi Kolesik, 1998: 48. Australia (SA).

Genus PROCONTARINIA Kieffer & Cecconi

PROCONTARINIA Kieffer & Cecconi, 1906:135. Type species: Procontarinia matteiana Kieffer & Cecconi, 1906, orig. des.
pustulata Kolesik in Kolesik et al., 2009: 312. Australia (Qld); PNG (PNG).
schreinieri Harris in Harris & Schreiner, 1992: 42. Guam.


PSEUDASPHONDYLIA Monzen, 1955: 41. Type species: Pseudasphondylia rokuharensis Monzen, 1955, orig. des.
rauwolfiae Coutin, 1980: 501. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).



AUSTROLEPESIA Kolesik, 1999: 32. Type species: Austrolopesia melaleucae Kolesik, 1999, orig. des.
melaleucae Kolesik, 1999: 33. Australia (SA).

Genus LOPESIA Rübsaamen

LOPESIA Rübsaamen, 1908: 29. Type species: Lopesia brasiliensis Rübsaamen, 1908, mon.
quadrata Kolesik & Peacock, 1999: 116. Australia (SA).

Genus SCHIZOMYIA Kieffer

SCHIZOMYIA Kieffer, 1889: 183. Type species: Schizomyia galiorum Kieffer, 1889, mon.
novoguineensis Kolesik in Kolesik & Butterill, 2013: [2]. PNG (PNG).

Unplaced Genera of Cecidomyiidi


CALLITRIDIPLOSIS Kolesik, 2000: 248. Type species: Callitridiplosis jana Kolesik, 2000, orig. des.
jana Kolesik , 2000: 249. Australia (SA).


EUCALYPTODIPLOSIS Kolesik in Kolesik, Taylor & Kent, 2002: 24. Type species: Eucalyptodiplosis germinis Kolesik, 2002, orig. des.
chionochloae Kolesik, 2007: 109. NZ (NZ).
germinis Kolesik in Kolesik, Taylor & Kent, 2002: 25. Australia (SA).
mcintyrei Kolesik in Kolesik, Taylor & Kent, 2002: 26. Australia (NSW).


GLADIODIPLOSIS Kolesik, 2000: 250. Type species: Cecidomyia frenelae Skuse, 1890, orig. des.
frenelae Skuse, 1890c: 377 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW); Australia (SA).


LOPHODIPLOSIS Gagné in Gagné, Balciunas & Burrows, 1997: 313. Type species: Lophodiplosis indentata Gagnee, 1997, orig. des.
bidentata Gagné in Gagné, Balciunas & Burrows, 1997: 322. Australia (Qld).
cornuta Gagné in Gagné, Balciunas & Burrows, 1997: 325. Australia (Qld).
denticulata Gagné in Gagné, Balciunas & Burrows, 1997: 321. Australia (Qld).
indentata Gagné in Gagné, Balciunas & Burrows, 1997: 317. Australia (Qld).
trifida Gagné in Gagné, Balciunas & Burrows, 1997: 327. Australia (Qld).


MESODIOPLOSIS Kolesik, 2000: 246. Type species: Mesodiplosis callitridis Kolesik, 2000, orig. des.
callitridis Kolesik, 2000: 246. Australia (SA).


OPHELMODIPLOSISKolesik, 2012: 226. Type species: Ophelmodiplosis clavata Kolesik, 2012, orig. des.
clavata Kolesik, 2012: 226. Australia (Qld).

Genus ORSEOLIA Kieffer & Massalongo

ORSEOLIA Kieffer & Massalongo in Massalongo, 1902: 56. Type species: Orseolia cynodontis Kieffer & Massalongo, 1902, mon.
oryzae Wood-Mason in Cotes, 1889: 103 (Cecidomyia). India; Indonesia (West Papua); Afrotrop. Reg., widesp. Oriental Reg.

Unplaced species of Cecidomyiidi

actiosa Skuse, 1888a: 105 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
adusta Skuse, 1888a: 82 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
albulipennis Skuse, 1890c: 378 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
araneosa Skuse, 1888a: 82 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
ardens Skuse, 1888a: 75 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
bellula Skuse, 1888a: 87 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
bombycina Skuse, 1888a: 79 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
brevipennis Skuse, 1888a: 71 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
brevitata Gagné, 161 (Cecidomyia; n.n. for abbreviata Skuse). Australia (NSW).
     abbreviata Skuse, 1888a: 75 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Waltl, 1837.]
caeca Skuse, 1888a: 76 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
     muscorum Skuse, 1890c: 377 (Cecidomyia). Nomen nudum.
certa Skuse, 1888a: 100 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
cineraria Skuse, 1888a: 106 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
condigna Skuse, 1888a: 85 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
confinis Skuse, 1888a: 70 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
conspecta Skuse, 1888a: 91 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
contigua Skuse, 1888a: 103 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
dibapha Skuse, 1888a: 98 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
difficilis Skuse, 1888a: 63 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
discedens Skuse, 1888a: 93 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
dubiella Gagné, 162 (Cecidomyia; n.n. for dubia Marshall). NZ (NZ).
     dubia Marshall, 1896a: 235 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Kieffer, 1891.]
erronea Skuse, 1888a: 94 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
eucalypti Skuse, 1890c: 381 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
faceta Skuse, 1888a: 81 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
fallax Skuse, 1888a: 85 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
flavella Kieffer, 1913f: 215 (Cecidomyia; n. n. for flava Marshall). NZ (NZ).
     flava Marshall, 1896a: 239 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Meigen, 1818.]
fragilina Gagné, 1989: 162 (Cecidomyia; n.n. for fragilis Marshall). NZ (NZ).
     fragilis Marshall, 1896a: 237 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Loew, 1850.]
frequens Skuse, 1888a: 99 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
furva Skuse, 1888a: 90 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
gilva Skuse, 1888a: 93 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
helmsi Skuse, 1890c: 379 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
hirta Marshall, 1896a: 237 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ).
humilis Skuse, 1888a: 95 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
indotata Skuse, 1888a: 107 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
leptospermi Skuse, 1888a: 68 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
lucida Skuse, 1888a: 73 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
lutulenta Skuse, 1888a: 110 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
macleayi Skuse, 1888a: 97 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
marshalli Gagné, 1989: 162 (Cecidomyia; n.n. for difficilis Marshall). NZ (NZ).
     difficilis Marshall, 1896a: 235 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Skuse, 1888.]
melana Marshall, 1896a: 235 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ).
minuscula Gagné, 1989: 162 (Cecidomyia; n.n. for minuta Marshall). NZ (NZ).
     minuta Marshall, 1896a: 236 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Winnertz, 1853.]
mollipes Skuse, 1888a: 92 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
montana Skuse, 1888a: 84 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
negotiosa Skuse, 1888a: 104 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
obsoleta Skuse, 1888a: 83 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
oreas Skuse, 1888a: 107 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
parilis Skuse, 1888a: 87 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
paula Skuse, 1888a: 74 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
percita Skuse, 1888a: 72 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
plumbea Skuse, 1888a: 69 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
probata Skuse, 1888a: 77 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
quaesita Skuse, 1888a: 90 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
rusticula Skuse, 1888a: 89 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
saxatilis Skuse, 1888a: 102 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
scelesta Skuse, 1888a: 96 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
scenica Skuse, 1888a: 72 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
scoparia Marshall, 1896a: 238 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ).
senilis Skuse, 1888a: 88 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
sulfurea Skuse, 1888a: 86 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
vegrandis Skuse, 1888a: 76 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
villosa Skuse, 1888a: 80 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
violacea Skuse, 1888a: 101 (Cecidomyia) Australia (NSW).
volitans Skuse, 1888a: 111 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
wanganuiensis Marshall, 1896a: 238 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ).

Unplaced genus of Cecidomyiinae


GONIOCLEMA Skuse, 1888a: 60 (Cecidomyia subg.). Type species: Cecidomyia pauxillula Skuse, 1888, mon.
pauxillulum Skuse, 1888a: 61 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).

Unplaced species of Cecidomyiinae

nubilipennis Skuse, 1890c: 375 (Cecidomyia). Australia (NSW).
oleariae Maskell, 1889: 257 (Cecidomyia). NZ (NZ).

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