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Neal L. Evenhuis

The family Chamaemyiidae comprises approximately 200 species in over 15 genera worldwide, although they are found primarily in the Nearctic (ca. 40 spp.) and Palearctic (127 spp.) regions. They are represented in the regions covered here by 45 species in 8 genera. Although previously there were 2 subfamilies, Chamaemyiinae and Cremifanniinae, the latter (not found in the Australasian/Oceanian Regions) has been raised to familial status and placed in another superfamily (Griffiths 1972). The genus Gayomyia, previously placed in this family provisionally, is treated here under Eurychoromyiidae.

Little is known of immature stages of Australasian/Oceanian species. Hardy & Delfinado (1980) recorded Leucopis ocellaris from Dysmicoccus neobrevipes Beardsley and Nipaecoccus vastator (Maskell) in the Hawaiian Islands. They are recorded as predators of aphids and coccids in other regions and are thought to be potentially useful as biological agents of these pests. Colless & McAlpine (1970) also recorded them as predators of psyllids.
Refs.: Malloch (1930o, key, Australian spp.), Brown & Clark (1956, biol.), McAlpine (1960, key, world gen.; 1987, rev. Nearctic spp.), Sluss & Foote (1973, biol.), Cogan (1977, cat. Oriental spp.), Tanasijtshuk et al. (1976, immat. biol.), Hamid (1983, ecol.), Tanasijtshuk (1984, cat. Palearctic spp.), Barber (1985, biol., immat. stages), Ferrar (1987, immat., biol.), Greathead (1995, Hawaiian spp.), Tanasijtshuk (1996, Australian spp.).



ACROMETOPIA Schiner, 1862b: 434. Type species: Oxyrhina wahlbergi Zetterstedt, 1846, des. Coquillett, 1910: 503.
ACROMETOPIDA Enderlein, 1929: 57. Type species: Acrometopida reicherti Enderlein, 1929, orig. des.
reicherti Enderlein, 1929: 58 (Acrometopida). Sri Lanka; Australia (NSW, Qld), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG); Japan, Malaysia (Sabah), USSR.
     annulitibia Smith, 1966c: 460. PNG (Bismarck Arch).

Genus ANOCHTHIPHILA Tanasijtshuk

ANOCHTHIPHILA Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 8. Type species: Anochthiphila paramonovi Tanasijtshuk, 1996, orig. des.
nigra Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 12. Australia (NSW); widesp. Australia; Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara).
norrisi Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 11. Australia (NT).
paramonovi Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 9. Australia (NSW); Australia (NT, SA, WA).

Genus LEUCOCHTHIPHILA Tanasijtshuk

LEUCOCHTHIPHILA Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 14. Type species: Leucochthiphila photophila Tanasijtshuk, 1996, orig. des.
photophila Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 16. Australia (ACT); Australia (WA).



CHAMAEMYIA Meigen, 1803: 278. Type species: Chamaemya elegans Panzer, 1809, des. I.C.Z.N., 1968: 16.
OCHTIPHILA Fallén, 1823f: 9. Type species: Ochtiphila aridella Fallén, 1823, des. Westwood, 1840: 151.
OCHTHEPHILA, OCHTHIPHILA, errors for Ochtiphila.
Unidentified sp.--Australia (Colless & McAlpine, 1970: 724).

Genus NOTOCHTHIPHILA Tanasijtshuk

NOTOCHTHIPHILA Tanasijtsuk, 1996: 16. Type species: Pseudoleucopis fasciventris Malloch, 1925, orig. des.
collessi Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 20. Australia (ACT).
fasciventris Malloch, 1925h: 335 (Pseudoleucopis). Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA).
     ssp. fasciventris s. str. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic).
     ssp. pallida Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 24. Australia (WA).
firmoseta Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 25. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT).
longiseta Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 19. Australia (Vic).
miniseta Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 31. Australia (NSW).
nigra Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 31. Australia (NT); Australia (SA).
obscura Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 28. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
ornata Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 30. Australia (Vic); Australia (ACT).
palophalla Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 27. Australia (ACT).
rieki Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 17. Australia (NSW).
triseta Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 25. Australia (NSW).
uniseta Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 18. Australia (WA).



CHAETOLEUCOPIS Malloch, 1932h: 216. Type species: Chaetoleucopis dactylopivora Malloch, 1932, orig. des.
dactylopivora Malloch, 1932h: 216. Australia (NSW).
liepae Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 53 (as "liepai"). Australia (SA).


PSEUDOLEUCOPIS Malloch, 1925f: 93. Type species: Pseudoleucopis magnicornis Malloch, 1925, orig. des.
aborigena Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 38. Australia (SA).
benefica Malloch, 1930o: 490. Australia (ACT); Australia (Tas, Vic), NZ (NZ) [introduced; ?established]; N. Am. [introduced; ?established].
collessi Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 45. Australia (WA); Australia (ACT, NSW, NT, SA).
commoni Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 43. Australia (Vic).
comperei Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 40. "Lin Lin ?austr."
flavitarsis Malloch, 1925f: 93. Australia (NSW).
franki Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 42. Australia (WA).
latigena Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 37. Australia (NSW).
lucipeta Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 37. Australia (WA); Australia (ACT).
magnicornis Malloch, 1925f: 93. Australia (NSW).
nigra Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 50. Australia (Vic).
nigromontana Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 35. Australia (ACT).
signata Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 44. Australia (NSW).
trichaeta Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 48. Australia (ACT).
vittata Tanasijtshuk, 1996: 39. Australia (WA); Australia (ACT, NT).


Genus LEUCOPIS Meigen

LEUCOPIS Meigen, 1830: 113. Type species: Anthomyza griseola Fallén, 1823, des. Blanchard, 1840: 627 (as "grisecla").

Subgenus LEUCOPIS Meigen

LEUCOPIS Meigen, 1830: 113 (as gen.). Type species: Anthomyza griseola Fallén, 1823, des. Blanchard, 1840: 627 (as "grisecla").
albipuncta Zetterstedt, 1855: 4810. Sweden; Hawaiian Is [immigrant]; Nearctic, Palearctic Regs.
argentata Heeger, 1848: 998. Austria; Australia (NSW); Holarctic.
formosana Hennig, 1938: 209. Taiwan; widesp. Australia; Afro-Oriental distribution.
     nigricornis, authors, not Egger, 1862, misid.
ocellaris Malloch, 1940e: 272. Canada; Hawaiian Is [immigrant]; USA.

Subgenus NEOLEUCOPIS Malloch

NEOLEUCOPIS Malloch, 1921a: 357. Type species: Leucopis pinicola Malloch, 1921, orig. des.
nigraluna McAlpine, 1971: 1857. India; Hawaiian Is [introduced]; Pakistan.
obscura Haliday, 1833: 150, 173. Ireland; Hawaiian Is [introduced], NZ (NZ) [introduced; ?established]; W Palearctic Reg.
tapiae Blanchard, 1964: 137. Argentina; Australia (ACT), Hawaiian Islands, NZ (NZ) [all introduced]; Argentina, Canada, USA [all introduced], Palaearctic Reg.

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