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[Originally] by Curtis W. Sabrosky

Chloropids are small flies, usually 1.5-5 mm in length, rarely longer, sometimes black, sometimes yellow or reddish, with or without red or black stripes. They are often called grass flies, although this common name is inappropriate for many species such as the eye or sore gnats of the New World (Hippelates, Liohippelates). Characteristically, chloropids have a large triangular plate on the frons, with the base at the vertex and extending anteroventrally toward the antennal bases. This frontal triangle is commonly bare and polished, although dull and mi¬crotomentose (pollinose) in some genera. Chloropids commonly have a distinct flexure in the long penultimate section of vein CuA, which occurs opposite or before the middle of cell bm + dm.

The known food habits of the larvae are varied, including saprophages (in the frass following damage by other insects, or in birds' nests, decaying leaf sheaths, or decaying veg¬etable matter in the soil), phytophages (such as the frit fly, the wheat stem maggots, and the gout fly of barley), gall formers, egg predators (in egg masses of spiders, mantids, grasshop¬pers, and some Lepidoptera), predators on root aphids (species of Thaumatomyia, including an important predator on the sugarbeet root aphid), and a few parasites. Little is known of the bi¬ology of Chloropidae in the Australasian/Oceanian Regions, but occurring in Australia is the unique Batrachomyia, whose larvae live beneath the skin of frogs and feed on blood.

Many of the species from this region were described in a series of papers by J.R. Malloch, culminating in a revision of the Australian species; however, the family is still rich in undescribed species. The Indo-Australian species were first monographed by Becker (1911), but this paper is now out of date, although still useful for its descriptions and for some generic keys. Andersson's (1977) review of the Old World genera of Chloropidae is important, but un¬fortunately did not cover many of the peculiar Australian genera.

Refs.: Bezzi (1928, Fijian spp.), Malloch (1930p, Samoan spp.; 1932l, 1933b, Marquesan spp.; 1938-1941, Australian spp.), Sabrosky (1955, partial key Batrachomyia), Spencer (1977b, NZ spp.; 1986a, rev. Australian Chloropinae), Hardy & Delfinado (1980, Hawaiian spp.), Ismay (1984, key Dicraeus; 1986, key Psilacrum).


ECTROPA Schiner, 1868: 242. Type species: Ectropa viduata Schiner, 1868, orig. des. [Preocc. Wallengren, 1863.]
APOTROPINA Hendel, 1907a: 98 (n. n. for Ectropa).
LASIOPLEURA Becker, 1910a: 130. Type species: Oscinis longepilosa Strobl, 1893, mon.
PARAHIPPELATES Becker, 1911: 109. Type species: Oscinis pulchrifrons de Meijere, 1906, orig. des.
EMMALOCHAETA Becker, 1916b: 444. Type species: Emmalochaeta gigantea Becker, 1916, orig. des.
EPHYDROSCINIS Malloch, 1924f: 331. Type species: Ephydroscinis australis Malloch, 1924, orig. des.
TERRAEREGINIA Malloch, 1928d: 301, 303 (Parahippelates subg.). Type species: Parahippelates dasypleura Malloch, 1928, mon.
HOPKINSELLA Malloch, 1930p: 244. Type species: Hopkinsella purpurascens Malloch, 1930, orig. des.
NEOBORBORUS Rayment, 1931: 189. Type species: Neoborborus speculabundus Rayment, 1931, mon.
LIOMOCHAETA Duda, 1934: 42. Type species: Oscinis dimorpha Osten Sacken, 1882, orig. des.
OSCINELLOIDES Malloch, 1940f: 267. Type species: Oscinella bispinosa Becker, 1911, orig. des.
PROTOHIPPELATES Andersson, 1977: 50. Type species: Parahippelates brunnipennis de Meijere, 1913, orig. des.
TERRAEREGINA, error for Terraereginia.
aequalis Becker, 1911: 111 (Parahippelates). PNG (PNG); Australia (ACT, NSW), PNG (Bismarck Arch), Solomon Is.
    variabilis Curran, 1936: 50 (Parahippelates). Solomon Is.
albiseta Malloch, 1924f: 330 (Parahippelates). Australia (Qld).
anomala Malloch, 1925f: 96 (Parahippelates). Australia (NSW); Australia (SA).
australis Malloch, 1924f: 331 (Ephydroscinis). Australia (NSW).
bispinosa Becker, 1911: 152 (Oscinella). PNG (PNG); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
brunneicosta Malloch, 1923c: 620 (Parahippelates). Australia (NT).
brunnipennis de Meijere, 1913b: 383 (Parahippelates). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
    brunneipennis, error for brunnipennis.
cinerea de Meijere, 1906a: 191 (Oscinis). PNG (PNG).
conopsea Duda, 1934: 45 (Parahippelates). Australia (Qld).
costomaculata Malloch, 1924f: 329 (Parahippelates). Australia (NSW).
dasypleura Malloch, 1928d: 303 (Parahippelates). Australia (Qld).
duplicata Malloch, 1923c: 621 (Parahippelates). Australia (NT).
exquisita Malloch, 1940f: 270 (Lasiopleura). Australia (WA).
fuscipleuris Becker, 1911: 112 (Parahippelates). PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
gigantea Becker, 1916b: 445 (Emmalochaeta). Indonesia (Maluku).
griseovitta Malloch, 1936a: 25 (Lasiopleura). Australia (Qld).
lineata Becker, 1916b: 445 (Emmalochaeta). "Neu-Guinea."
lutea de Meijere, 1906a: 192 (Oscinis). PNG (PNG).
meijerei Sabrosky, 1952: 215 (Lasiopleura; n. n. for ornatifrons de Meijere). Indonesia (Java); Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara, Sumatra).
    ornatifrons de Meijere, 1908a: 174 (Oscinis). Indonesia (Java). [Preocc. Loew, 1858.]
nigripila Duda, 1934: 48 (Parahippelates). Australia (NT).
nudiseta Becker, 1911: 113 (Parahippelates). Australia (NSW).
ornatipennis Malloch, 1923c: 620 (Parahippelates). Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
pallipes Malloch, 1940f: 273 (Lasiopleura parva var.). Australia (NSW).
parva Malloch, 1928d: 302 (Parahippelates). Australia (NSW).
proxima Rayment, 1959: 332 (Ephydroscinis). Australia (Vic).
pruinosa Thomson, 1869: 606 (Oscinis). Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
    seticauda Malloch, 1928d: 302 (Parahippelates). Australia (NSW).
pulchrifrons de Meijere, 1906a: 190 (Oscinis). PNG (PNG); Solomon Is.
purpurascens Malloch, 1930p: 244 (Hopkinsella). Western Samoa.
quadriseta Harrison, 1959: 343 (Lasiopleura). NZ (NZ).
raymenti Curran, 1930: 1 (Ephydroscinis). Australia (Vic).
    speculabundus Rayment, 1931: 191 (Neoborborus). Australia (Vic).
rufescens Duda, 1934: 49 (Parahippelates). Australia (NT).
shewelliana Spencer, 1977b: 437 (Lasiopleura). NZ (NZ).
sulae Spencer, 1977b: 439 (Lasiopleura). NZ (NZ).
taylori Malloch, 1940f: 273 (Lasiopleura). Australia (NSW).
tonnoiri Sabrosky, 1955: 188 (Lasiopleura). NZ (NZ).
viduata Schiner, 1868: 243 (Ectropa). Australia (NSW).
    fuscipes Malloch, 1924f: 330 (Parahippelates). Australia (NSW).
virilis Bohart & Gressitt, 1951: 101 (Lasiopleura). Guam.
wisei Harrison, 1959: 341 (Lasiopleura). NZ (NZ).


ANATRICHUS Loew, 1860a: 97. Type species: Anatrichus erinaceus Loew, 1860, mon.
ECHINIA Paramonov, 1961b: 97. Type species: Echinia bisegmenta Paramonov, orig. des.
pygmaeus Lamb, 1918: 348 (erinaceus Loew var.). Sri Lanka; Australia (NT); widesp. Oriental Reg.
    bisegmenta Paramonov, 1961b: 98 (Echinia). Australia (NT).
    erinaceus, authors, not Loew, 1860, misid.

Genus APALLATES Sabrosky

APALLATES Sabrosky, 1980: 417. Type species: Oscinis dissidens Tucker, 1908, orig. des.
hermsi Sabrosky, 1941a: 27 (Hippelates). USA; Hawaiian Is [immigrant]; N Mexico.


APHANOTRIGONUM Duda, 1932: 35. Type species: Chlorops trilineata Meigen, 1830, orig. des.
huttoni Malloch, 1931i: 411 (Oscinosoma). NZ (NZ).


APROMETOPIS Becker, 1910: 438. Type species: Aprometopis flavofacies Becker, 1910, orig. des.
australis Ismay, 1993: 324. Australia (Qld).

Genus ARCUATOR Sabrosky

ARCUATOR Sabrosky, 1985: 341. Type species: Hippelates stigmaticus Lamb, 1912, orig. des.
filia Becker, 1911: 154 (Oscinella). PNG (PNG).
semimaculatus Becker, 1911: 164 (Oscinella). PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Maluku); Taiwan, widesp. Oriental Reg.
    maculatus Becker, 1911: 155 (Oscinella). PNG (PNG), error [= Taiwan].


BATRACHOMYIA Krefft, 1864: 100. Type species: Batrachomyia nigritarsis Skuse, 1889, des. Malloch, 1931c: 74.
BATRACHOMYIA Skuse, 1889d: 174. Type species: Batrachomyia nigritarsis Skuse, 1889, des. Malloch, 1931c: 74. [Preocc. Krefft, 1864.]
atricornis Malloch, 1925h: 336. Australia (NSW).
dubia Malloch, 1940f: 265. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
flavicornis Malloch, 1925h: 336. Australia (NSW).
krausi Evenhuis, 2007: 54. PNG (PNG).
major Malloch, 1927h: 440. Australia (Tas).
mertensi Lindner, 1958b: 193. Australia (Qld).
nigritarsis Skuse, 1889d: 175. Australia (NSW).
occidentalis Sabrosky, 1955: 190. Australia (WA).
quadrilineata Skuse, 1889d: 176. Australia (NSW).
strigipes Malloch, 1927h: 441. Australia (Tas).
varipes Malloch, 1940f: 264. Australia (Vic).
vicaria Walker, 1849: 1120 (Chlorops). "New Holland."


BENJAMINELLA Malloch, 1925h: 336. Type species: Benjaminella albifacies Malloch, 1925, orig. des.
albifacies Malloch, 1925h: 337. Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas).

Genus CADREMA Walker

CADREMA Walker, 1859c: 117. Type species: Cadrema lonchopteroides Walker, 1859, mon.
PROHIPPELATES Malloch, 1913c: 260. Type species: Hippelates pallidus Loew, 1866, orig. des.
HIPPELATES, authors, not Loew, 1863, misid.
abbreviata Malloch, 1927h: 440 (Hippelates). Australia (Tas).
albitarsis Kertész, 1899b: 192 (Oscinis). PNG (PNG).
atricornis Malloch, 1927h: 438 (Hippelates). Australia (Qld).
atriseta Malloch, 1924g: 355 (Gaurax). Australia (NSW).
atriventris Malloch, 1940f: 278. Australia (WA).
bancrofti Malloch, 1925f: 97 (Hippelates). Australia (Qld).
capitata Becker, 1911: 105 (Hippelates). PNG (PNG).
fasciventris Malloch, 1940f: 278. Australia (NSW).
fergusoni Malloch, 1927h: 438 (Hippelates). Australia (NSW).
latigena Bezzi, 1928: 148. Fiji.
lineata Becker, 1911: 105 (Hippelates). PNG (PNG); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
major Becker, 1911: 106 (Hippelates). PNG (PNG).
matema Curran, 1936: 49 (Hippelates). Solomon Is.
mixta Becker, 1911: 107 (Hippelates). PNG (PNG).
modesta Becker, 1911: 107 (Hippelates). PNG (PNG).
nigricornis Thomson, 1869: 607 (Hippelates). "Insulae Rossi" [= Cocos (Keeling) Is]; widesp. Pacific to French Polynesia (Marquesas), Hawaiian Is, Pitcairn Is; Indonesia (Java, Nusa Tenggara), Taiwan.
nigridorsata Malloch, 1927h: 439 (Hippelates). Australia (Tas).
nigripleuralis Kanmiya, 1989: 167. Bonin Is.
pallida Loew, 1866a: 184 [1872b: 58] (Hippelates). Cuba; Australia (Qld), widesp. Pacific; nearly pantrop.
    var. bilineata de Meijere, 1904b: 113 (Hippelates; as sp.). Indonesia (Java); widesp. Pacific to French Polynesia (Marquesas), Pitcairn Is.
samoaensis Malloch, 1930p: 246 (Cadrema). Western Samoa; French Polynesia (Marquesas, Society Is).
    bicornis Malloch, 1933b: 28 (Cadrema). French Polynesia (Marquesas).
subsultans Bezzi, 1928: 149. Fiji.
tenuifacies Curran, 1936: 48 (Hippelates). Solomon Is.
unimaculata Malloch, 1927h: 439 (Hippelates). Australia (Tas).

Genus CALAMONCOSIS Enderlein

CALAMONCOSIS Enderlein, 1911a: 235. Type species: Lipara rufitarsis Loew, 1858 [misid., = Lipara minima Strobl, 1893], orig. des.
occulta Becker, 1911: 115 (Scoliophthalmus). PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Java).

Genus CAVICEPS Malloch

CAVICEPS Malloch, 1924g: 355. Type species: Caviceps flavipes Malloch, 1924, orig. des.
flavipes Malloch, 1924g: 356. Australia (NSW).
punctipennis Duda, 1934: 56 (Aprometopis). Australia (NT).


CONIOSCINELLA Duda, 1929c: 166, 169 (Oscinella subg.). Type species: Oscinella soluta Becker, 1912, des. Sabrosky, 1941b: 751.
apiomorphae Spencer, 1978: 7. Australia (NSW); Australia (WA).
apterina Spencer, 1977b: 448. NZ (Chatham Is).
araeceri Spencer, 1978: 9. Australia (NSW).
badia Hutton, 1901: 92 (Oscinis). NZ (NZ).
beckeri Malloch, 1940f: 285. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Tas).
chathamensis Spencer, 1977b: 450. NZ (Chatham Is).
emmesia Malloch, 1940f: 285. Australia (NSW).
eucalypti Spencer, 1978: 11. Australia (NSW).
flaviseta Malloch, 1940f: 286. Australia (NSW).
formosa Becker, 1911: 154 (Oscinella). Taiwan; Hawaiian Is; Oriental Reg.
fulvithorax Spencer, 1977b: 450. NZ (NZ).
fuscofrontata Malloch, 1940f: 283. Australia (NSW); Australia (SA).
grandis Spencer, 1977b: 451. NZ (NZ).
grisella Malloch, 1940f: 286 (beckeri var.). Australia (NSW).
griseopleura Malloch, 1940f: 282. Australia (ACT).
longipennis Becker, 1912: 253 (Siphonella). PNG (PNG).
mackerrasi Malloch, 1940f: 284. Australia (NSW).
nigrifrons Becker, 1911: 151 (Oscinella). PNG (PNG).
ochracea Becker, 1912: 252 (Siphonella). PNG (PNG).
pallidiseta Malloch, 1940f: 283. Australia (Tas).
perdita Malloch, 1940f: 286. Australia (SA); Australia (ACT, NSW).
poecilogaster Becker, 1911: 161 (Oscinella). Taiwan; Fiji; Philippines.
punctulata Becker, 1911: 158 (Oscinella). Australia (NSW).
speighti Malloch, 1931i: 413 (Oscinosoma). NZ (NZ).
spenceri Nartchuk, 1993: 186. NZ (NZ).
taeniata Becker, 1911: 155 (Oscinella). PNG (PNG).
vandiemeni Malloch, 1940f: 285. Australia (Tas).
xyloryctae Spencer, 1978: 12. Australia (NSW).

Genus DELTASTOMA Malloch

DELTASTOMA Malloch, 1924g: 359. Type species: Deltastoma unipunctata Malloch, 1924, orig. des.
atricorne Malloch, 1931c: 66. Australia (NSW).
unipunctatum Malloch, 1924g: 359. Australia (NSW).
    unipuncta, error for unipunctatum.


DICRAEUS Loew, 1873a: 51. Type species: Dicraeus obscurus Loew, 1873 [= Oscinis raptus Haliday, 1838], mon.
antennatus Ismay, 1984: 8. PNG (PNG).
gressitti Ismay, 1984: 6. PNG (PNG).
hirsutus Ismay, 1984: 14. PNG (PNG).
kundiawae Ismay, 1984: 12. PNG (PNG).
longisurstylus Ismay, 1984: 11. PNG (PNG).
novaehiberniae Ismay, 1984: 9. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
niger Ismay, 1984: 15. PNG (PNG).
oboensis Ismay, 1984: 13. PNG (PNG).
tibialis Macquart, 1835: 602 (Oscinis). France; NZ (NZ) [immigrant]; Holarctic Reg.

Genus GAMPSOCERA Schiner

GAMPSOCERA Schiner, 1862b: 431. Type species: Chlorops numerata Heeger, 1858, mon.
decussata Bezzi, 1928: 146. Fiji.
     var. lissoxantha Bezzi, 1928: 147. Fiji.
hardyi Kanmiya, 1989: 149. Hawaiian Is.
nigricolor Becker, 1916b: 444. "Neu-Guinea."

Genus GAURAX Loew

GAURAX Loew, 1863a: 35 [1864c: 137]. Type species: Gaurax festivus Loew, 1863, mon.
BOTANOBIA Lioy, 1864a: 1125. Type species: Oscinis dubia Macquart, 1835, mon.
LIOSCINELLA, authors, not Duda, 1929, misid.
OSCINISOMA, authors, not Lioy, 1864, misid.
OSCINOSOMA, error for Oscinisoma.
agilis Malloch, 1930p: 247 (Oscinosoma). Western Samoa.
albiceps Malloch, 1941: 46 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
albifacies Malloch, 1941: 47 (Lioscinella). Australia (ACT).
albohirtus Malloch, 1941: 61 (Botanobia). Australia (NSW).
apicipunctatus Malloch, 1927h: 444. Australia (NSW).
argenticeps Malloch, 1941: 56 (Lioscinella). Australia (Vic).
argyropus Kertész, 1899b: 191 (Oscinis). PNG (PNG).
australiensis Spencer, 1978: 4 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
biannulatus Malloch, 1941: 48 (Lioscinella; n. n. for nigroannulata Malloch). Australia (Tas).
    nigroannulata Malloch, 1931c: 61 (Oscinosoma). Australia (Tas). [Preocc. Malloch, 1925.]
bicoloripes Malloch, 1933b: 30 (Oscinosoma). French Polynesia (Marquesas); Hawaiian Is, Pitcairn Is.
bivittiger Malloch, 1941: 55 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
breviseta Becker, 1911: 122. PNG (PNG).
brunneoapicatus Malloch, 1941: 59 (Botanobia). Australia (NSW).
bryani Malloch, 1930p: 248 (Oscinosoma). Western Samoa.
cairnsi Malloch, 1941: 49 (Lioscinella). Australia (Qld).
clubionae Hickman, 1971: 21. Australia (Tas).
communis Malloch, 1941: 62 (Botanobia). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
confluens Malloch, 1941: 63 (Botanobia). Australia (NSW).
crassus Malloch, 1941: 49 (Lioscinella). Australia (SA).
cymbachae Hickman, 1971: 25. Australia (Tas).
delenae Hickman, 1971: 12. Australia (Tas).
dilatus Malloch, 1925h: 339 (Botanobia). Australia (NSW).
discolor Malloch, 1941: 52 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
extremitatus Malloch, 1941: 55 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
flavoapicalis Malloch, 1931i: 411 (Oscinosoma). NZ (NZ); Australia (ACT, NSW).
    diversipes Malloch, 1931i: 414 (Oscinosoma). NZ (NZ).
    nigropolita Malloch, 1941: 47 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
    flavoapicata, error for flavoapicalis.
flavocapitatus Malloch, 1941: 55 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
flavohumeralis Malloch, 1941: 60 (Botanobia). Australia (ACT).
flavolateralis Malloch, 1941: 53 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
froggatti Malloch, 1941: 60 (Botanobia). Australia (NSW).
fulviceps de Meijere, 1913b: 383 (Oscinella). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fulvifrons Becker, 1916b: 446. "Neu-Guinea."
fusiformis Becker, 1911: 122. PNG (PNG).
hirtipes Malloch, 1941: 63 (Botanobia). Australia (ACT); Australia (Tas).
impurus Becker, 1911: 150 (Oscinella). Australia (NSW).
infectus Becker, 1916b: 443 (Oscinella). "Neu-Guinea."
infuscatus Becker, 1916b: 445. "Neu-Guinea."
ixeutici Hickman, 1971: 17. Australia (Tas).
lacteipes Becker, 1911: 151 (Oscinella). PNG (PNG).
latitarsis Malloch, 1941: 58 (Botanobia). Australia (ACT).
luteicornis Malloch, 1931c: 64 (Oscinosoma). Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW).
luteohirtus Malloch, 1931c: 65 (Oscinosoma). Australia (Tas).
mesopleuralis Becker, 1911: 150 (Oscinella). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW), NZ (NZ).
minutulus Malloch, 1941: 54 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
neozealandicus Malloch, 1931i: 414 (Oscinosoma). NZ (NZ).
nigrimanus Malloch, 1941: 59 (Botanobia). Australia (NSW).
nigroannulatus Malloch, 1925h: 338 (Botanobia). Australia (NSW).
nigrohirtus Malloch, 1931c: 65 (Oscinosoma). Australia (Tas); Australia (ACT, NSW, Qld, Vic).
nigroviolaceus Malloch, 1931c: 63 (Oscinosoma). Australia (NSW).
obscuripilus Duda, 1934: 52. Australia (NT).
opaculus Becker, 1911: 121. PNG (PNG).
pallidipleura Malloch, 1941: 52 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
papuanus Kertész, 1899b: 192 (Oscinis). PNG (PNG).
    pepuanus, error for papuanus.
perreirai Kanmiya, 1993: 563. Hawaiian Is.
platycephalus Bezzi, 1928: 143. Fiji.
    var. stigmatellus Bezzi, 1928: 145. Fiji.
pleuromaculatus Duda, 1934: 54. Australia (NT).
predatoris Malloch, 1941: 50 (Lioscinella). Australia (Tas).
pubicollis Becker, 1911: 121. PNG (PNG); Fiji.
quadristriatus Becker, 1911: 154 (Oscinella). Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas).
robustus Malloch, 1941: 60 (Botanobia). Australia (ACT).
sabroskyi Cogan & Smith, 1982: 43 (Lioscinella). Australia (ACT).
semiater Malloch, 1941: 54 (Lioscinella). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
similis Becker, 1911: 153 (Oscinella). Australia (NSW).
     var. apictus Malloch, 1931c: 66 (Oscinosoma). Australia (NSW).
     var. fuscibasis Malloch, 1931c: 66 (Oscinosoma). Australia (NSW).
     var. femoralis Malloch, 1941: 46 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
simulatus Malloch, 1941: 49 (Lioscinella). Australia (ACT).
solidus Becker, 1910c: 437 (Oscinella). "Victoria" Cameroun, error [= Australia (Vic)]; Australia (ACT, NSW), NZ (NZ).
    excepta Malloch, 1941: 50 (Lioscinella). Australia (ACT).
solomensis Curran, 1936: 48 (Oscinella). Solomon Is.
sternopleuralis Malloch, 1941: 53 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
subopacifrons Malloch, 1941: 56 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
subpilosus Becker, 1911: 150 (Oscinella). Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic), Fiji.
suturalis Malloch, 1941: 51 (Lioscinella). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
tasmaniensis Malloch, 1931c: 62 (Oscinosoma). Australia (Tas); Australia (ACT).
tibiellus Becker, 1911: 155 (Oscinella). Australia (NSW).
tincticornis Malloch, 1941: 62 (Botanobia). Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW, Qld).
tinctipes Malloch, 1931c: 63 (Oscinosoma). Australia (Tas).
tonnoiri Malloch, 1931c: 62 (Oscinosoma). Australia (Tas); Australia (ACT, NSW).
triangulatus Becker, 1911: 123. PNG (PNG).
uahukae Malloch, 1932n: 217 (Oscinosoma). French Polynesia (Marquesas).
unifrons Malloch, 1941: 47 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
varidorsatus Malloch, 1941: 51 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
waterhousii Malloch, 1941: 48 (Lioscinella). Australia (NSW).
wirthi Sabrosky, 1996: 221. Pitcairn Is.


HIPPELATES Loew, 1863a: 35, 36 [1864c: 137, 138]. Type species: Hippelates plebejus Loew, 1863, des. Coquillett, 1910: 552.
insignificans Malloch, 1931i: 406 (Cadrema). NZ (NZ).
proboscideus Williston, 1896: 418. West Indies (St. Vincent I); Hawaiian Is, Marshall Is; Neotrop. Reg.


LIOHIPPELATES Duda, 1929c: 165, 169 (Hippelates subg.). Type species: Hippelates pusio Loew, 1872, des. Sabrosky, 1941b: 755.
collusor Townsend, 1895: 619 (Oscinis). Mexico; Hawaiian Is; SW USA.
flavipes Loew, 1866a: 184 [1872b: 58] (Hippelates). Cuba; French Polynesia (Society Is), Tonga; widesp. Neotrop. Reg.

Genus LIPARA Meigen

LIPARA Meigen, 1830: 1. Type species: Lipara lucens Meigen, 1830, mon.
australis Malloch, 1940f: 279. Australia (ACT).

Genus MEIJERELLA Sabrosky

MEIJERELLA Sabrosky, 1976: 91. Type species: Oscinella cavernae de Meijere, 1913, orig. des.
flavisetosa Sabrosky, 1976: 93. Hawaiian Is [immigrant]; Bonin Is, Northern Marianas; Malaysia (Pen).
inaequalis Becker, 1911: 164 (Oscinella). Taiwan; Australia (Qld), widesp. Pacific; Oriental Reg.

Genus MERODONTA Malloch

MERODONTA Malloch, 1940f: 263. Type species: Merodonta crassifemur Malloch, 1940, orig. des.
crassifemur Malloch, 1940f: 263. Australia (Qld).


MONOCHAETOSCINELLA Duda, 1930a: 107. Type species: Oscinis anonyma Williston, 1896, des. Duda, 1931: 166.
anonyma Williston, 1896: 423 (Oscinis). St. Vincent I [West Indies]; Hawaiian Is [immigrant]; widesp. Neotrop. Reg.

Genus NOMBA Walker

NOMBA Walker, 1860a: 169. Type species: Nomba tecta Walker, 1860, mon.
EPICELYPHUS Becker, 1911: 95. Type species: Epicelyphus principalis Becker, 1911, mon.
principalis Becker, 1911: 95 (Epicelyphus). PNG (PNG).

Genus OSCINELLA Becker

OSCINELLA Becker, 1909b: 120 [1910b: 29]. Type species: Musca frit Linnaeus, 1758, des. I.C.Z.N., 1978: 203.
frit Linnaeus, 1758: 598 (Musca). Sweden; Australia (ACT, NSW); Holarctic Reg.
similifrons Becker, 1911: 152. Australia (Qld) & Taiwan.

Genus PLATYINA Malloch

PLATYINA Malloch, 1927h: 435, 436. Type species: Platyina nebulifera Malloch, 1927, orig. des.
nebulifera Malloch, 1927h: 436. Australia (Tas).

Genus PSELAPHIA Becker

PSELAPHIA Becker, 1911: 117. Type species: Pselaphia macrocera Becker, 1911, mon.
macrocera Becker, 1911: 117. PNG (Bismarck Arch).

Genus PSEUDEURINA de Meijere

PSEUDEURINA de Meijere, 1904b: 112. Type species: Pseudeurina maculata de Meijere, 1904, mon.
Undescribed spp.--Australia (Qld), PNG (PNG).


PSEUDOGAURAX Malloch, 1915b: 159. Type species: Gaurax anchora Loew, 1866, orig. des.
boninensis Kanmiya, 1989: 172. Bonin Is.
cassideus Ismay, 1991: 248. PNG (PNG).
collessi Ismay, 1987: 595. Australia (NT).
flavidorsatus Ismay, 1991: 247. Australia (Qld).
flavipes Ismay, 1987: 598. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
novaeguinea Ismay, 1987: 594. PNG (PNG).
pleuralis Ismay, 1987: 597. PNG (PNG).
rubicundus Becker, 1911: 122 (Gaurax). PNG (PNG).
solomonensis Ismay, 1987: 599. Solomon Is.
trimaculatus Ismay, 1987: 600. PNG (Bismarck Arch).


PSEUDOTRICIMBA Ismay, 1993: 322. Type species: Pseudotricimba anomala Ismay, 1993, orig. des.
anomala Ismay, 1993: 322. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld).

Genus PSILACRUM Becker

PSILACRUM Becker, 1912: 240. Type species: Aprometopis gigantea Enderlein, 1911, mon.
OSCINOIDES Malloch, 1916b: 86. Type species: Oscinoides arpidia Malloch, 1916, orig. des.
albiscutellatum Ismay, 1986: 30. PNG (PNG).
flavitibiale Ismay, 1986: 29. PNG (PNG).
glabrum Ismay, 1986: 21. PNG (PNG).
macalpinei Ismay, 1986: 26. Australia (NSW).
milichioides Ismay, 1986: 31. PNG (PNG).
missimense Ismay, 1986: 25. PNG (PNG).
nigrum Ismay, 1986: 27. Australia (NSW).
nigrocostale Ismay, 1986: 28. PNG (PNG).
nigroscutellatum Ismay, 1986: 31. PNG (PNG).
pleurale Ismay, 1986: 29. PNG (PNG).
variabile Ismay, 1986: 28. PNG (PNG).


MACROSTYLA Lioy, 1864a: 1126. Type species: Chlorops plumiger Meigen, 1830, mon. [Preocc. Winnertz, 1846.]
RHODESIELLA Adams, 1905: 197. Type species: Rhodesiella tarsalis Adams, 1905, orig. des.
MEROSCINIS de Meijere, 1908a: 172. Type species: Meroscinis scutellata de Meijere, 1908, mon.
PRIONOSCELUS Becker, 1911: 99. Type species: Prionoscelus magnus Becker, 1911, des. Sabrosky, 1941b: 762.
ASPISTYLA Duda, 1933: 224 (n. n. for Macrostyla).
MESOSCINIS, error for Meroscinis.
boharti Sabrosky, 1946: 133. Guam.
elegantula Becker, 1911: 89 (Meroscinis). Taiwan; Hawaiian Is; Oriental Reg.
    hawaiiensis Malloch, 1931d: 66 (elegantula var.). Hawaiian Is.
femoralis Becker, 1911: 100 (Prionoscelus). PNG (PNG).
finitima Becker, 1911: 92 (Meroscinis). Taiwan; PNG (PNG).
magna Becker, 1911: 99 (Prionoscelus). PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Solomon Is.
nitidifrons Becker, 1911: 93 (Meroscinis). India & Taiwan; Fiji; Oriental Reg.
orthoneura Bezzi, 1928: 142. Fiji.
punctifrons Malloch, 1940f: 265 (Macrostyla). Australia (Qld).
regina Malloch, 1940f: 267 (Macrostyla). Australia (Qld).
sauteri Duda, 1930b: 286 (Meroscinis). Taiwan; Hawaiian Is [immigrant].
scutellata de Meijere, 1908a: 172. Indonesia (Java); Hawaiian Is," Neu-Guinea"; Oriental Reg.
    tarsalis, authors, not Becker, 1911, misid.


SCOLIOPHTHALMUS Becker, 1903: 147. Type species: Scoliophthalmus trapezoides Becker, 1903, mon.
prominens Becker, 1911: 115. PNG (PNG) & Indonesia (Java).

Genus SIPHONELLA Macquart

SIPHONELLA Macquart, 1835: 584. Type species: Madiza oscinina Fallén, 1820, orig. des.
australica Sabrosky, 1989: xxx (n.n. for australis Malloch). Australia (ACT).
    australis Malloch, 1940f: 276 (Madiza). Australia (ACT). [Preocc. Malloch, 1934.]


SIPHUNCULINA Rondani, 1856: 128. Type species: Siphunculina brevinervis Rondani, 1856 [= Siphonella aenea Macquart, 1835], orig. des.
MICRONEURUM Becker, 1903: 152. Type species: Microneurum maculifrons Becker, 1903 [= Oscinis ornatifrons Loew, 1858], mon.
breviseta Malloch, 1924g: 358. Australia (NSW); NZ (NZ).
montana Spencer, 1977b: 458. NZ (NZ).
nitidissima Kanmiya, 1982: 115. Ryukyu Is; Bonin Is; Japan, Taiwan.
ornatifrons Loew, 1858a: 66 (Oscinis). Italy (Sicily); "Pacific Islands"; widesp. Afrotrop., Oriental, Palearctic Regs.
striolata Wiedemann, 1830a: 597 (Chlorops). China; Fiji, French Polynesia (Marquesas, Society Is), Guam, Hawaiian Is, Micronesia; Caribbean, Japan, Mediterranean, widesp. Afrotrop., Oriental Regs.
    signata Wollaston, 1858: 117 (Oscinis). Madeira Is.

Genus SPECCAFRONS Sabrosky

SPECCAFRONS Sabrosky, 1980: 424. Type species: Oscinella mallochi Sabrosky, 1938, orig. des.
Undescribed sp.--Fiji (Evenhuis, 2006: 25).

Genus THYRIDULA Becker

THYRIDULA Becker, 1911: 94. Type species: Thyridula breviventris Becker, 1911, mon.
EUTHYRIDULA Malloch, 1927h: 441 (Thyridula subg.). Type species: Thyridula rugosa Malloch, 1926, mon.
atroapicata Malloch, 1924g: 358. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
breviventris Becker, 1911: 94. PNG (PNG).
brunneifrons Malloch, 1927h: 442. Australia (Tas).
centralis Malloch, 1925f: 95, 96. Australia (NSW).
rugosa Malloch, 1926d: 546. Australia (Qld).


TRICIMBA Lioy, 1864a: 1125. Type species: Oscinis lineella Fallén, 1820, des. Enderlein, 1911a: 207.
NOTONAULAX Becker, 1903: 153. Type species: Oscinis lineella Fallén, 1820, des. Enderlein, 1911a: 207.
APTEROSCINIS Malloch, 1931i: 407. Type species: Apteroscinis deansi Malloch, 1931, orig. des.
EUHIPPELATES Malloch, 1925f: 96. Type species: Euhippelates pallidiseta Malloch, 1925, orig. des.
EUTRICIMBA Malloch, 1931i: 408. Type species: Eutricimba tinctipennis Malloch, 1931, orig. des.
aberrans Ismay, 1993: 405. Australia (NSW).
acuta Ismay, 1993: 479. Australia (NSW).
acuticercalis Ismay, 1993: 405. PNG (PNG).
adamsoni Malloch, 1933b: 29. French Polynesia (Marquesas); Pitcairn Is.
aliciae Ismay, 1993: 470. Australia (SA).
anglemensis Spencer, 1977b: 453. NZ (NZ).
angustigena Ismay, 1993: 349. PNG (PNG); Solomon Is.
antennata Ismay, 1993: 410. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
approximata Ismay, 1993: 396. PNG (PNG).
aurata Ismay, 1993: 403. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld).
aureopilosa Ismay, 1993: 386. PNG (PNG); Australia (NT).
auriculata Ismay, 1993: 370. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
biannulata Ismay, 1993: 368. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld), Solomon Is.
biloba Ismay, 1993: 335. Australia (Qld).
biseta Ismay, 1993: 454. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Tas, Vic).
breviradialis Ismay, 1993: 395. PNG (PNG).
calcarula Ismay, 1993: 464. Australia (Tas).
cana Ismay, 1993: 382. Australia (SA); Australia (NSW).
cardamomi Ismay, 1993: 352. PNG (PNG).
carinata Malloch, 1924g: 356. Australia (NSW).
carinifacies Malloch, 1927h: 443. Australia (Tas); Australia (ACT, NSW, Qld).
concava Ismay, 1993: 422. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Solomon Is, Vanuatu.
convexa Malloch, 1927h: 444. Australia (Tas); Australia (ACT, NSW).
    steatodae Hickman, 1971: 29. Australia (Tas).
Malloch, 1931i: 407 (Apteroscinis). NZ (NZ).
difficilis Ismay, 1993: 401. PNG (PNG); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
digitata Ismay, 1993: 403. PNG (PNG).
distigma Ismay, 1993: 377. PNG (PNG).
diversa Ismay, 1993: 390. Australia (NT).
dugdalei Spencer, 1977b: 454. NZ (NZ).
elongata Ismay, 1993: 477. Australia (WA).
excavata Ismay, 1993: 460. Australia (NSW).
exsinuata Ismay, 1993: 462. Australia (NSW).
exvittata Ismay, 1993: 439. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
facialis Ismay, 1993: 335. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
flava Ismay, 1993: 432. Australia (Qld).
flavigena Ismay, 1993: 360. PNG (PNG).
flaviseta Malloch, 1931i: 409. NZ (NZ).
flavitibia Ismay, 1993: 363. Australia (Qld).
flavoscutellata Ismay, 1993: 331. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
fuscipes Malloch, 1931i: 410. NZ (NZ).
fusciseta Ismay, 1993: 441. Australia (NT).
grevei Ismay, 1993: 420. PNG (PNG).
hardyi Ismay, 1993: 412. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
katepisternalis Ismay, 1993: 468. Australia (SA).
kuscheli Spencer, 1977b: 456 (Eutricimba). NZ (NZ).
lactipennata Ismay, 1993: 382. Australia (WA).
laevigata Ismay, 1993: 481. Australia (SA).
languida Ismay, 1993: 491. Australia (NSW).
lata Ismay, 1993: 450. Australia (ACT).
latigena Ismay, 1993: 339. Australia (ACT).
liepae Ismay, 1993: 379. Australia (Qld);Aaustralia (NSW).
longicercalis Ismay, 1993: 353. PNG (PNG).
longigena Ismay, 1993: 458. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, NT).
longiseta Ismay, 1993: 346. Australia (NSW).
lutea Ismay, 1993: 356. PNG (PNG).
maculata Ismay, 1993: 371. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld).
major Ismay, 1993: 343. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
melanochaeta Ismay, 1993: 345. Australia (NSW).
minuta Ismay, 1993: 418. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld), Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Solomon Is.
monochaeta Ismay, 1993: 440. Australia (Qld).
monosticha Ismay, 1993: 434. Australia (Qld).
multiseta Ismay, 1993: 425. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld), Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Solomon Is.
nigriseta Ismay, 1993: 414. PNG (PNG); Solomon Is.
nitens Ismay, 1993: 444. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
nitidifrons Ismay, 1993: 364. Australia (Qld).
nitidissima Ismay, 1993: 449. Australia (WA).
obscura Ismay, 1993: 354. PNG (PNG).
occidentalis Ismay, 1993: 335. Ausatralia (WA); Australia (Qld, WA).
oligochaeta Ismay, 1993: 488. Australia (WA); Australia (NSW, SA).
pallidiseta Malloch, 1925f: 96 (Euhippelates). Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, Tas, Vic).
     pallipes Malloch, 1925f: 97 (Euhippelates). Australia (NSW).
pandanicola Ismay, 1993: 374. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld), Solomon Is.
papuensis Ismay, 1993: 379. PNG (PNG); Australia (NT).
parksorum Ismay, 1993: 416. PNG (PNG).
pendula Ismay, 1993: 407. PNG (PNG).
pilioculata Ismay, 1993: 437. Australia (Qld).
pilosa Ismay, 1993: 361. Australia (Qld).
pinguiseta Ismay, 1993: 384. PNG (PNG).
planiscutellata Ismay, 1993: 466. Australia (Tas).
pleichaeta Ismay, 1993: 332. Australia (NT); Australia (Qld, WA).
priori Ismay, 1993: 427. PNG (Bismarck Arch); Solomon Is.
propinqua Ismay, 1993: 393. PNG (PNG).
pubiantennata Ismay, 1993: 489. PNG (PNG).
quadriseta Ismay, 1993: 486. Australia (NT); Australia (NSW, SA, WA).
rectiantennata Ismay, 1993: 384. Indonesiaq (Irian Jaya).
scrobiculata Ismay, 1993: 447. Australia (NSW).
scutellata Malloch, 1925h: 337. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld), PNG (PNG).
selachopina Thomson, 1869: 605 (Oscinis). Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, WA).
     pollinosa Malloch, 1927h: 443. Australia (NSW); Australia (WA).
similata Malloch, 1927h: 444. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT).
simplex Ismay, 1993: 472. Australia (NSW).
solomonensis Ismay, 1993: 355. Solomon Is.
tasmanensis Ismay, 1993: 456. Australia (Tas).
tenuis Ismay, 1993: 483. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW, Qld).
thistletoni Ismay, 1993: 399. PNG (PNG).
tibialis Ismay, 1993: 329. PNG (PNG).
tinctipennis Malloch, 1931i: 408 (Eutricimba). NZ (NZ).
tomentosa Ismay, 1993: 429. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Solomon Is.
tuberoscula Ismay, 1993: 446. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT).
uniseta Ismay, 1993: 435. Ausatralia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
vanuatuensis Ismay, 1993: 376. Vanuatu.
vulgaris Ismay, 1993: 366. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld), Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Solomon Is; Philippines, Singapore.
walkerae Spencer, 1977b: 457 (Eutricimba). NZ (NZ).
watti Spencer, 1977b: 455. NZ (NZ).
wauensis Ismay, 1993: 327. PNG (PNG).

Unplaced species of Oscinellinae

albipilus Becker, 1911: 114 (Scoliophthalmus). Australia (Qld).
bipustulata Bezzi, 1928: 151 (Oscinis). Fiji.
centralis Bezzi, 1928: 147 (Scoliophthalmus). Fiji; Tonga.
nubecula Bezzi, 1928: 152 (Oscinis). Fiji.
xanthomelas Bezzi, 1928: 150 (Oscinis). Fiji.


ANTHRACOPHAGELLA Andersson, 1977: 141. Type species: Anthracophaga sulcifrons Becker, 1911, orig. des.
albovariegata Thomson, 1869: 606 (Eurhina). Malaysia (Pen); Australia (Qld), PNG (PNG); widesp. Oriental Reg.
quadrilineata de Meijere, 1910a: 151 (Anthracophaga). Indonesia (Java); Australia (Qld), Indonesia (Maluku), PNG (PNG); India.


CHLOROMERUS Becker, 1911: 40. Type species: Chloromerus purus Becker, 1911, des. Malloch, 1924f: 332.
advena Malloch, 1938d: 336. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, SA).
gracilis Malloch, 1927h: 432. Australia (NSW).
maculifemur Malloch, 1927h: 432. Australia (Tas); Australia (WA).
nigrifemur Malloch, 1927h: 431. Australia (Tas).
pallidior Becker, 1911: 40. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
purus Becker, 1911: 40. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Tas, Vic, WA).
maculifera Malloch, 1927h: 433 (purus f.). Australia (Tas).
scutellaris Becker, 1911: 57 (Chlorops). Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas).
striatifrons Becker, 1911: 57 (Chlorops). Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Tas).
trimaculatus Malloch, 1927h: 433. Australia (NSW).
varians Malloch, 1927h: 433 (purus f.). Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas, Vic, WA).


CHLOROPELLA Malloch, 1925f: 94. Type species: Chloropella bipartita Malloch, 1925, orig. des.
bipartita Malloch, 1925f: 94. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld).

Genus CHLOROPS Meigen

CHLOROPS Meigen, 1803: 278. Type species: Musca pumilionis Bjerkander, 1778, des. I.C.Z.N., 1955: 423.
OSCINIS Latreille, 1804: 196. Type species: Musca lineata Fabricius, 1782 [preocc., = Musca pumilionis Bjerkander, 1778], des. Zetterstedt, 1838: 778 (in synonymy with Musca nasuta Schrank, 1781).
ANTHRACOPHAGA Loew, 1866c: 15. Type species: Musca strigula Fabricius, 1794, des. Coquillett, 1910: 508.
albifrons Walker, 1849: 1121. Australia (SA); Australia (ACT, NSW, WA).
    trisulcata Malloch, 1938d: 345 (Oscinis canaliculatus Becker var.). Australia (NSW).
albohalteratus Malloch, 1938d: 351 (Oscinis). Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT).
australiensis Sabrosky, 1955: 183. Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW, Tas, Vic).
avalonensis Spencer, 1986a: 525. Australia (NSW).
bellus Spencer, 1986a: 525. Australia (NSW).
blundelli Malloch, 1938d: 341 (Oscinis). Australia (ACT).
botanicus Malloch, 1938d: 348 (Oscinis). Australia (NSW).
carinatus Becker, 1911: 59. Australia (NSW).
convergens Malloch, 1938d: 340 (Oscinis). Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW).
distinctus Spencer, 1986a: 528. Australia (Qld).
ericensis Spencer, 1986a: 529. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
federatus Malloch, 1938d: 341 (Oscinis). Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW, Qld).
flavus Spencer, 1986a: 531. Australia (NT).
fusciscutellatus Spencer, 1986a: 532. Australia (WA).
grandis Spencer, 1986a: 533. Australia (NSW).
grossus Malloch, 1931c: 70. Australia (Tas).
impressus Malloch, 1938d: 342 (Oscinis). Australia (Tas).
infuscatus Becker, 1911: 43 (Eurina). PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     fuscipennis de Meijere, 1906b: 97 (Eurina). Indonesia (Irian Jaya). [Preocc. Thomson, 1869.]
    infumata. Incorr. orig. spell. of infuscatus (Becker, 1911: 42).
lithofrons Curran, 1936: 46. Solomon Is.
mackerrasi Spencer, 1986a: 535. Australia (NSW).
minutulus Malloch, 1930p: 250. Western Samoa.
multisulcatus Malloch, 1931i: 420. NZ (NZ).
nigrissimus Spencer, 1986a: 536. Australia (ACT); Australia (Vic).
nubilipalpis Malloch, 1931c: 72. Australia (Tas); Australia (ACT, NSW, Vic).
obscuripennis Becker, 1916b: 439. "Neu-Guinea."
occipitalis Malloch, 1931i: 421. NZ (NZ).
ocellaris Malloch, 1938d: 346 (Oscinis). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
pallidiseta Malloch, 1931c: 71. Australia (NSW).
pauper Becker, 1911: 67. PNG (PNG).
pictipes Becker, 1911: 60. Australia (NSW).
politellus Malloch, 1938d: 348 (Oscinis). Australia (ACT).
seriatus Malloch, 1938d: 342 (Oscinis). Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas).
stigmatellus Becker, 1911: 59. Australia (NSW) & Taiwan; Australia (Qld, WA), Lord Howe I, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is.
subarcuatus Malloch, 1938d: 347 (Oscinis). Australia (Tas).
suffusus Malloch, 1938d: 350 (Oscinis). Australia (ACT).
sulcatus Becker, 1911: 58. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, SA, Vic).
variseta Malloch, 1938d: 345 (Oscinis). Australia (Tas).
varivitta Malloch, 1938d: 349 (Oscinis). Australia (Tas).

Nomen nudum in Chlorops Meigen

brevifacies Becker, 1911: 65.


CHLOROPSINA Becker, 1911: 51. Type species: Chloropsina oculata Becker, 1911, des. Malloch, 1931c: 76.
GLOBIOPS Andersson, 1977: 166. Type species: Globiops brunnescens Andersson, 1977, orig. des.
citrivora Sabrosky, 1976: 95. Hawaiian Is [prob. immigrant]; ?Oriental Reg.
collessi Spencer, 1986a: 544. Australia (Qld).
deemingi Ismay, 1996; 180. Australia (Qld).
delicata Becker, 1911: 51. PNG (PNG).
gingerensis Spencer, 1986a: 545. Australia (ACT).
koongarrensis Spencer, 1986a: 546. Australia (NT).
leucochaeta de Meijere, 1913a: 64. Indonesia (Maluku).
mallochi Sabrosky, 1955: 185 (Thaumatomyia; n. n. for monticola Malloch). Australia (NSW).
    monticola Malloch, 1927h: 430 (Chloropisca). Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Becker, 1912.]
obscura Spencer, 1986a: 546. Australia (NSW).
oculata Becker, 1911: 51. PNG (PNG).
pallipes Spencer, 1986a: 548. Australia (Qld).
queenslandensis Spencer, 1986a: 548. Australia (Qld).
sydneyensis Malloch, 1938d: 354 (Chloropisca). Australia (NSW); Australia (WA).
turneri Spencer, 1986a: 549. Australia (WA).


CHROMATOPTERUM Becker, 1910c: 413. Type species: Chromatopterum delicatum Becker, 1910, mon.
pubescens Becker, 1911: 82. PNG (PNG).


COLLESSIMYIA Spencer, 1986a: 550. Type species: Collessimyia nigricornis Spencer, 1986, orig. des.
nigricornis Spencer, 1986a: 550. Australia (WA); Australia (NSW).


DESERTOCHLOROPS Nartshuk, 1966: 264. Type species: Desertochlorops stackelbergi Nartshuk, 1966, orig. des.
Undescribed sp.--Indonesia (Maluku) (Kirk-Spriggs, 1987: 31).


DIPLOTOXA Loew, 1863a: 54 [1864c: 156]. Type species: Diplotoxa versicolor Loew, 1863, mon,
APTEROSOMA Salmon, 1939: 113. Type species: Apterosoma moorei Salmon, 1939, orig. des.


ELLIPONEURA Loew, 1869a: 44 [1872b: 158] (as gen.). Type species: Elliponeura debilis Loew, 1869, mon.
collessi Spencer, 1986a: 561. Australia (NT); Australia (Qld).
liepae Spencer, 1986a: 562. Australia (Vic).
recta Bezzi, 1928: 140 (Elliponeura). Fiji.


PSEUDOPACHYCHAETA Strobl, 1902: 500 (as gen.). Type species: Pseudopachychaeta pachycera Strobl, 1902, mon.
anorbitalis Malloch, 1931i: 416. NZ (NZ).
gemina Spencer, 1977b: 462. NZ (NZ).
harrisoni Spencer, 1977b: 464. NZ (NZ).
knighti Spencer, 1977b: 464. NZ (NZ).
lineata Malloch, 1931i: 417. NZ (NZ).
moorei Salmon, 1939: 114 (Apterosoma). NZ (NZ).
neozelandica Harrison, 1959: 358. NZ (NZ).
octava Spencer, 1986a: 559. Australia (NSW).
orbitalis Malloch, 1931i: 417. NZ (NZ).
polita Malloch, 1930p: 249. American Samoa.
quarta Spencer, 1986a: 556. Australia (NSW).
quinta Spencer, 1986a: 556. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW).
septima Spencer, 1986a: 557. Australia (NSW); Australia (?Qld).
sexta Spencer, 1986a: 557. Australia (WA); Australia (NSW).
similis Spencer, 1977b: 467. NZ (NZ).
stepheni Spencer, 1977b: 469. NZ (NZ).
tasmaniensis Malloch, 1927h: 434. Australia (Tas).
tertia Spencer, 1986a: 555. Australia (NSW).
victoriensis Sabrosky, 1955: 184. Australia (Vic); Australia (ACT, NSW).


ELACHIPTEREICUS Becker, 1909: 119. Type species: Elachiptereicus bistriatus Becker, 1909, mon.
australiensis Ismay, 1996: 177. Australia (Qld).

Genus ENSIFERELLA Andersson

ENSIFERELLA Andersson, 1977: 169. Type species: Ensiferella ceylonica Andersson, 1977, orig. des.
obscurella Becker, 1911: 45 (Steleocerus). PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld), PNG (Bismarck Arch); Indonesia (Java), Japan, Malaysia (Pen), Philippines, Taiwan.


EUTROPHA Loew, 1866c: 26. Type species: Chlorops fulvifrons Haliday, 1833, des. Becker, 1910a: 59.
PSEUDOFORMOSINA Malloch, 1938d: 355. Type species: Chlorops nicobarensis Schiner, 1868 [= Oscinis noctilux Walker, 1859], orig. des.
careelensis Spencer, 1986a: 565. Australia (NSW).
nigroscutellata Becker, 1911: 81 (Assuania). Australia (Qld) & Taiwan; Australia (NSW, WA).
noctilux Walker, 1859a: 126 (Oscinis). Indonesia (Maluku); Australia (Qld), Guam, Marshall Is, "New Guinea," PNG (Bismarck Arch), Solomon Is, Vanuatu; widesp. Oriental Reg.
    nicobarensis Schiner, 1868: 244 (Chlorops). Nicobar Is.
    fuscipennis Thomson, 1869: 603 (Chlorops). "Insula Rossi" [= Cocos (Keeling) Is].
occidentalis Spencer, 1986a: 567. Australia (WA).
rieki Spencer, 1986a: 568. Australia (NSW).
spenceri Ismay, 1996: 184. Australia (WA); Auatralia (Qld).


LAGAROCERAS Becker, 1903: 148. Type species: Lagaroceras megalops Becker, 1903, mon.
deceptivum Spencer, 1986a: 570. Australia (NT).
queenslandicum Spencer, 1986a: 571. Australia (Qld).
septentrionalis Spencer, 1986a: 571. Australia (NT).

Genus LASIOSINA Becker

LASIOSINA Becker, 1910a: 73. Type species: Chlorops cinctipes Meigen, 1830, orig. des.
elegans Spencer, 1986a: 573. Australia (NT); Australia (NSW, Qld, WA).

Genus LIEPARELLA Spencer

LIEPARELLA Spencer, 1986a: 574. Type species: Oscinis elstoni Malloch, 1938, orig. des.
elstoni Malloch, 1938d: 344 (Oscinis). Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW, SA, Vic, WA).
zentae Spencer, 1986a: 575. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT).

Genus MELANUM Becker

MELANUM Becker, 1910a: 50. Type species: Chlorops lateralis Haliday, 1833, orig. des.
montanum Malloch, 1938d: 352. Australia (SA); Australia (NSW).
mucidum Spencer, 1986a: 578. Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW).
multisulcatum Malloch, 1938d: 352. Australia (NSW).
neozelandicum Malloch, 1931i: 418. NZ (NZ).
nigrohalteratum Malloch, 1924f: 333 (Chloropsina). Australia (NSW).
splendidum Spencer, 1986a: 579. Australia (NSW).
tenebrosum Spencer, 1986a: 580. Australia (NSW).


MEROCHLOROPS Howlett, 1909: 627, pl. 66. Type species: Formosina ceylanica Duda, 1930, des. Sabrosky, 1984: 713.
FORMOSINA Becker, 1911: 78. Type species: Chloropisca lucens de Meijere, 1908, des. Malloch, 1931c: 76.
australis Becker, 1911: 80 (Formosina). Australia (Qld).
bicoloratus Spencer, 1986a: 582. Australia (NSW).
collessi Spencer, 1986a: 582. Australia (Qld).
liepae Spencer, 1986a: 583. Australia (NSW).
minimus Spencer, 1986a: 584. Australia (Qld).

Genus MEROMYZA Meigen

MEROMYZA Meigen, 1830: 163. Type species: Musca saltatrix Linnaeus, 1761, des. Macquart, 1835: 589.
communis Fedosseva, 1971: 520. USA; Hawaiian Is [immigrant]; Nearctic Reg.


LOXOTAENIA Becker, 1911: 83. Type species: Lagaroceras gracile de Meijere, 1908, orig. des. [Preocc. Herrich-Schaeffer, 1854.]
NEOLOXOTAENIA Sabrosky, 1964: 180 (n. n. for Loxotaenia).
gracilis de Meijere, 1908a: 170 (Lagaroceras). Indonesia (Java); Hawaiian Is [immigrant], Northern Marianas; widesp. Oriental Reg.


PACHYLOPHUS Loew, 1858b: 121. Type species: Pachylophus frontalis Loew, 1858, mon.
alienus Malloch, 1927h: 429. Australia (NSW); Australia (NT, WA).
luteus Malloch, 1925f: 95. Australia (Qld); Australia (ACT, NSW, NT, WA).
    secundus Malloch, 1927h: 429. Australia (WA).
queenslandicus Spencer, 1986a: 587. Australia (Qld).
rufescens de Meijere, 1904b: 113 (Myrmemorpha). Indonesia (Java); Australia (NSW, Qld); widesp. Oriental Reg.
septentrionalis Spencer, 1986a: 589. Australia (NT).


PARECTECEPHALA Becker, 1910a: 105. Type species: Oscinis lineata var. longicornis Fallén, 1820 (as Chlorops longicornis Zetterstedt), des. Duda, 1933: 208.
ASSUANIA, Malloch, 1931, not Becker, 1903, misid.
aliciae Spencer, 1986a: 592. Australia (NT).
cardalei Spencer, 1986a: 592. Australia (NSW).
elongata Spencer, 1986a: 594. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW).
granulosa Malloch, 1931c: 69 (Assuania). Australia (Tas).
grossiseta Becker, 1911: 82 (Assuania). Australia (NSW).
hardyi Spencer, 1986a: 595. Australia (NSW).
montana Spencer, 1986a: 597. Australia (NSW).


PEMPHIGONOTUS Lamb, 1917: 54. Type species: Pemphigonotus mirabilis Lamb, 1917, mon.
MINDA Paramonov, 1957a: 779. Type species: Minda rubra Paramonov, 1957 [preocc., = Pemphigonotus mirabilis Lamb, 1917], mon.
debeauforti de Meijere, 1913a: 64 (Chlorops). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Sumatra).
macalpinei Spencer, 1986a: 599. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
mirabilis Lamb, 1917: 55. Australia (NT); Australia (Qld, WA).
    rubra Paramonov, 1957a: 779. Australia (Qld). [Preocc. de Meijere, 1910.]
ochrostoma Becker, 1911: 69 (Chlorops). PNG (PNG); Solomon Is; Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara, Sumatra).
paludosus de Meijere, 1910a: 149 (Chlorops). Indonesia (Java); Australia (Qld), PNG (PNG).
peculiaris Sabrosky, 1955: 186. Australia (NT).
vixen Curran, 1936: 47 (Oscinella). Solomon Is; Belau, Guam.


PHYLADELPHUS Becker, 1910a: 54. Type species: Phyladelphus thalhammeri Becker, 1910, mon.
cristatus Becker, 1911: 49. PNG (PNG).


PLATYCEPHALISCA Nartshuk, 1959: 472. Type species: Platycephalisca nigra Nartshuk, 1959, orig. des.
australica Spencer, 1986a: 603. Australia (NSW).
novaeguineae Ismay, 1995: 127. PNG (PNG).


PSEUDOTHAUMATOMYIA Nartshuk, 1963: 672. Type species: Pseudothaumatomyia macrocera Nartshuk, 1963, orig. des.
anomala Spencer, 1986a: 604. Australia (Qld).

Genus SEMARANGA Becker

SEMARANGA Becker, 1911: 48. Type species: Semaranga dorsocentralis Becker, 1911, mon.
dorsocentralis Becker, 1911: 48. Indonesia (Java) & India; Australia (Qld), Hawaiian Is [immigrant], Indonesia (Maluku); widesp. Afrotrop., Oriental Regs.


THAUMATOMYIA Zenker, 1833: 344. Type species: Thaumatomyia prodigiosa Zenker, 1833 [= Chlorops notata Meigen, 1830], mon.
CHLOROPISCA Loew, 1866c: 79. Type species: Chlorops glabra Meigen, 1830, des. Coquillett, 1910: 522.
glabra Meigen, 1830: 149 (Chlorops). Not given [Europe]; Hawaiian Is [immigrant]; China, N. Am.
subnotata Malloch, 1927h: 429 (Chloropisca). Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).

Genus THRESSA Walker

THRESSA Walker, 1860a: 146. Type species: Thressa signifera Walker, 1860, mon.
CHALCIDOMYIA de Meijere, 1910a: 156. Type species: Chalcidomyia punctifera de Meijere, 1910, des. Sabrosky, 1941b: 739.
HEMISPHAERISOMA Becker, 1911: 47. Type species: Hemisphaerisoma politum Becker, 1911 [preocc., = Chalcidomyia beckeri de Meijere, 1913], mon.
apicalis de Meijere, 1910a: 158 (Chalcidomyia). Indonesia (Java); Australia (Qld).
beckeri de Meijere in Becker & de Meijere, 1913: 292 (Chalcidomyia; n. n. for politum Becker). Taiwan; Australia (Qld); Indonesia (Java), Philippines.
    politum Becker, 1911: 47 (Hemisphaerisoma). Taiwan. [Preocc. de Meijere, 1910.]
punctifera de Meijere, 1910a: 157 (Chalcidomyia). Indonesia (Java); Australia (Qld).

Unplaced species of Chloropidae

conclusata Walker, 1865b: 128 (Chlorops?). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].

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