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[Originally] by Art Borkent

This family traditionally has been placed in the Chaoboridae as either a subfamily or tribe, but Wood & Borkent (1989) have shown that its similarity to Chaoboridae is based on symplesiomorphy.

The family is monogeneric and has a worldwide distribution with 97 recognized species. Most species, however, are restricted to tropical or subtropical climates. Adult female Corethrella found elsewhere have biting mouthparts (McKeever & Pound 1979, Miyagi 1975). They are attracted by the call of male Hyla frogs and feed on their blood.

Larvae are restricted to small bodies of water such as those in leaf axils, arboreal plants, or those isolated at the edges of bogs or small lakes and are probably predaceous on small plankton.

Borkent (2008) has recently revised the world fauna.
Refs.: Belkin (1962, rev., biol.), Colless (1986, rev., 1994, n. spp.), Borkent (1993, world cat.; 2008, rev. world spp.).

Genus CORETHRELLA Coquillett

CORETHRELLA Coquillett, 1902a: 191. Type species: Corethra brakeleyi Coquillett, 1902, orig. des.

Subgenus CORETHRELLA Coquillett

CORETHRELLA Coquillett, 1902a: 191 (as gen.). Type species: Corethra brakeleyi Coquillett, 1902, orig. des.
alba Borkent, 2008: 45. Australia (Qld).
canningsi Borkent, 2008: 190. Solomon Is.
collessi Borkent, 2008: 48. Australia (Qld).
evenhuisi Borkent, 2008: 190. PNG (PNG).
marksae Colless, 1986: 33. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
mckeeveri Colless, 1994: 107. Australia (Qld).
pallidula Bugledich, 1999: 160 (new replacement name for pallida Colless). Australia (Qld).
     pallida Colless, 1994: 108. Australia (Qld). [Preocc. Lane, 1942.]
pauciseta Borkent, 2008: 191. PNG (PNG).
solomonis Belkin, 1962: 540. Solomon Is.
varia Borkent, 2008: 189. PNG (PNG).


NEOCORETHRELLA Belkin, 1968: 110. Corethrella novaezealandiae Tonnoir, 1927, orig. des.
novaezealandiae Tonnoir, 1927: 107 (as novae-zealandiae). NZ (NZ).

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