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60. Family DIOPSIDAE

By Neal L. Evenhuis

Diopsids, commonly known as stalkeyed flies, are generally distributed throughout the Old World tropics, with 1 species found in North America. Adults are easily identified by their characteristic eye stalks, which are found in all taxa, although the stalk lengths vary considerably. The subfamily Centrioncinae, an Afrotropical group consisting of taxa without eye stalks, has recently been given family status (Feijen 1983). The family is largely African and Madagascan in origin, but considerable speciation has evidently taken place in the predominantly Oriental Teleopsis.

Little is known of their biology. Larvae of some African species have been recorded as shoot borers of rice (Descamps 1957, Morgan & Abu 1973, Scheibelreiter 1974, Feijen 1979).
Refs.: Shillito (1960, 1976, bibliogr.), Tan (1967, Cyrtodiopsis immat. biol.), Steyskal (1972a, world cat., key), Ferrar (1987, immat.), Peterson (1987, rev. Nearctic spp.).



CYRTODIOPSIS Frey, 1928a: 70. Type species: Diopsis dalmanni Wiedemann, 1830, orig. des.
dalmanni Wiedemann, 1830a: 560 (Diopsis). Indonesia (Java); Indonesia
(Maluku); widesp. SE Asia.


EURYDIOPSIS Frey, 1928a: 70. Type species: Diopsis subnotata Westwood, 1847, orig des.
subnotata Westwood, 1847: 37 (Diopsis). Philippines; Indonesia (Irian
Jaya); Indonesia (Sulawesi), Laos, Malaysia (Pen), Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.

argentifera Bigot, 1874c: 112 (Diopsis). Indonesia (Sulawesi).

Genus TELEOPSIS Rondani

TELEOPSIS Rondani, 1875: 442. Type species: Diopsis sykesii Westwood, 1837, orig des.
Undetermined sp.--Indonesia (Irian Jaya).



PSEUDODIOPSIS Hendel, 1917: 33. Type species: Sphyracephala cothurnata Bigot, 1874 [= Diopsis detrahens Walker, 1860], orig des.
detrahens Walker, 1860a: 161 (Diopsis). Indonesia (Sulawesi); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, Bougainville I, PNG), Solomon Is; China (Hainan I), Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Ryukyus, Taiwan, Thailand.

cothurnata Bigot, 1874b: 25 [1874d: xxii] (Diopsis). Nomen nudum.
cothurnata Bigot, 1874c: 115 (Sphyracephala). Indonesia (Sulawesi).

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