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[Originally] by Wayne N. Mathis

Among acalyptrate Diptera, the Ephydridae, or shore flies, are perhaps the most diverse family regarding their adaptive evolution. Although most species are aquatic or semiaquatic as immatures, feeding as browsers or filter feeders, others are terrestrial, feeding as leaf miners. Still others are parasitoids in spider eggs and clusters of frog eggs or saprophagous on stranded snails or carrion and feces. Many species are adapted to such inhospitable environments as sulfurous hot springs, highly alkaline or saline lakes and, perhaps most notably, exposed pools of crude petroleum. Although most species are beneficial, providing important food to wildlife, some species of Hydrellia damage watercress, rice, barley, and other irrigated cereals with their stem- and leaf-mining habits.

Haliday (1839) was apparently the first to propose a classification of the family (as the tribe "Hydromyzidae" in the family Muscidae) using a system of broad generic concepts with numerous subgenera. The classifications of Loew (1860b) and Becker (1896, 1926b) are essentially the same as Haliday's but with more numerous and formal categories, such as subfamilies, tribes, etc. Their classifications recognized 3 subfamilies: Ephydrinae, Notiphilinae, and Hydrelliinae. This scheme was modified by Cresson, who arranged the genera and tribes into the 4 subfamilies [Psilopinae, Hydrelliinae (as Notiphilinae), Parydrinae, and Ephydrinae]. Zatwarnicki (1992) provided a family classification based on phylogenetic analysis that recognizes 5 subfamilies (Discomyzinae, Hydrelliinae, Gymnomyzinae, Ilytheinae, and Ephydrinae), which is followed here.

All 5 subfamilies occur in the Australasian/Oceanian Regions, with greatest species and generic diversity in Psilopinae. The genus with the greatest species diversity, however, is Scatella of the subfamily Ephydrinae, with over 40 species, most of which are endemic. Cresson (1945, 1948) published 2 papers that reviewed the subfamilies Psilopinae and Hydrelliinae from the Indo-Australasian Region. His untimely death prevented a continuation of these synopses, and no other comprehensive papers are available for the region. On a more restricted geographic level, Harrison (1959) treated the Ephydridae of New Zealand, and Tenorio (1980) revised the Ephydridae from the Hawaiian Islands. Revisions of genera or subgenera that occur in the Australasian/Oceanian Regions include Stratiothyrea (Cogan & Wirth 1969), Neoscatella (Mathis & Wirth 1981), Brachydeutera (Mathis & Ghorpadé 1985), and Placopsidella (Mathis 1986). Numerous taxa already in collections from this region remain to be described, especially from Australia. Mathis & Zatwarnicki (1995) provided a world catalog.

Our knowledge of the immature stages of Ephydridae is woefully lacking. Hennig (1943a, 1952) summarized what little information was then available, and more recently Tenorio's (1980) treatment of the Hawaiian fauna included keys, descriptions, and illustrations to the immature stages of several species, mostly from the subfamily Ephydrinae.


Genus ACTOCETOR Becker

ACTOCETOR Becker, 1903: 169. Type species: Ephydra margaritata Wiedemann, 1830, orig. des.
beckeri de Meijere, 1916e: 264. Indonesia (Maluku).


CLASIOPELLA Hendel, 1914a: 109. Type species: Clasiopella uncinata Hendel, 1914, orig. des.
austra Mathis, 1994: 463. Australia (NSW); Australia (NT, Qld).
uncinata Hendel, 1914a: 110. Taiwan; Australia (Qld), Guam, Hawaiian Is, Northern Marianas; Belize, ?Colombia, Dominica, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tobago, Vietnam, USA.

Genus DISCOMYZA Meigen

DISCOMYZA Meigen, 1830: 76. Type species: Psilopa incurva Fallén, 1823, mon.
maculipennis Wiedemann, 1824: 57 (Notiphila). "India Orient"; Belau, Easter I, Fiji, French Polynesia (Society Is), Guam, Hawaiian Is, Marshall Is, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, PNG (PNG), "Samoa," Solomon Is, Vanuatu; Philippines.

Genus HOSTIS Cresson

HOSTIS Cresson, 1945: 64. Type species: Hostis guamensis Cresson, 1945, orig. des.
guamensis Cresson, 1945: 64. Guam; Australia (Qld), Fiji, French Polynesia (Society Is), Hawaiian Is, Kiribati (Line Is), Marshall Is, Micronesia, Palmyra Atoll; Aldabra, Seychelles.
    quamensis, error for guamensis.

Genus PARATISSA Coquillett

PARATISSA Coquillett, 1900a: 36. Type species: Drosophila pollinosa Williston, 1896, orig. des.
pollinosa Williston, 1896: 414 (Drosophila). St. Vincent [West Indies]; Hawaiian Is, Pitcairn Is; Neotrop. Reg.

Genus TRYPETOMIMA de Meijere

TRYPETOMIMA de Meijere, 1916d: liv [1916e: 265]. Type species: Trypetomima pulchripennis de Meijere, 1916, subs. mon. de Meijere, 1916e: 265.
EUPSILOPA Malloch, 1934d: 315. Type species: Eupsilopa fascipennis Malloch, 1934 [= Trypetomima completa Cresson, 1929], orig. des.
TRYPETOMINA, error for Trypetomima.
completa Cresson, 1929: 173. Guam; American Samoa.
    fascipennis Malloch, 1934d: 316 (Eupsilopa). American Samoa.
solitaria Cresson, 1929: 172. Guam; PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG), Solomon Is.



CEROPSILOPA Cresson, 1917: 340. Type species: Ceropsilopa nasuta Cresson, 1917, orig. des.
coquilletti Cresson, 1922: 136. USA; Hawaiian Is.
decussata Cresson, 1925: 251. Taiwan; Australia (Qld); Philippines.
tenuicornis Cresson, 1925: 252. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW, NT).

Genus PSILOPA Fallén

PSILOPA Fallén, 1823c: 6. Type species: Notiphila nitidula Fallén, 1813, des. Rondani, 1856: 132.
EPHYGROBIA Schiner, 1862b: 432 (unnec. n. n. for Psilopa).
DOMINA Hutton, 1901: 90. Type species: Domina metallica Hutton, 1901 [preocc., = Psilopa huttoni Hendel, 1931], mon.
flavimana Hendel, 1913a: 97. Taiwan; Australia (NT, Qld), Bonin Is, Fiji, Micronesia, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is, Vanuatu.
girschneri Röder, 1889: 54. Germany; Hawaiian Is; Kiribati (Line Is); Holarctic Reg.
    olga Cresson, 1922: 137. USA.
mentita Cresson, 1925: 245. "Middle-Annam" [prob. = Vietnam]; Australia (Qld); Oriental Reg.
    mentata, error for mentita.
metallica Hutton, 1901: 90 (Domina). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Schiner, 1868.]
    huttoni Hendel, 1931d: 10 (unnecessary n. n. for metallica Hutton). NZ (NZ).
polita Macquart, 1835: 524 (Hydrellia). France; Fiji; widesp. Europe, Asia.
pollinosa Kertész, 1901a: 81 (Ephygrobia). Singapore; American Samoa, Australia (Qld), Fiji, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is, Tonga; Oriental Reg.
    irregularis Malloch, 1934d: 314 (Psilopa). American Samoa.
rufipes Hendel, 1913a: 97. Taiwan; Australia (NT), Guam, PNG (PNG); Oriental Reg.
singaporensis Kertész, 1901a: 81 (Ephygrobia). Singapore; PNG (PNG); Malaysia (Pen).


Genus ELELEIDES Cresson

ELELEIDES Cresson, 1948: 20. Type species: Eleleides chloris Cresson, 1948, mon.
chloris Cresson, 1948: 20. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW); Taiwan


TYPOPSILOPA Cresson, 1916: 147. Type species: Typopsilopa flavitarsis Cresson, 1916 [= Psilopa nigra Williston, 1896], orig. des.
chinensis Wiedemann, 1830a: 592 (Notiphila). China; Australia (NSW, Qld), Micronesia, PNG (Bismarck Arch); India, Nepal to S China.
    sorella Becker, 1924b: 91 (Psilopa). Taiwan.


Genus ATISSA Haliday

ATISSA Haliday in Curtis, 1837b: 281. Type species: Ephydra pygmaea Haliday, 1833, mon. [Published in synonymy; first made available in Haliday, 1839: 401.]
antennalis Aldrich, 1931: 395. Hawaiian Is.
oahuensis Cresson, 1948: 24. Hawaiian Is.
suturalis Cresson, 1929: 177. Australia (NSW); Australia (SA).

Genus PTILOMYIA Coquillett

PTILOMYIA Coquillett, 1900c: 261. Type species: Ptilomyia enigma Coquillett, 1900, orig. des.
Unidentified sp.--Australia.


Genus HYDRELLIA Robineau-Desvoidy

HYDRELLIA Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830: 790. Type species: Hydrellia communis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (in synonymy with Notiphila griseola Fallén, 1813), des. Desmarest in d'Orbigny, 1845b: 743.
HYDROPOTA Rondani, 1861: 10 (unjust. n. n. for Hydrellia).
HYDRELLA, error for Hydrellia.
acutipennis Harrison, 1959: 224. NZ (NZ).
administrata Bock, 1991: 985. Australia (Vic).
balciunasi Bock, 1991: 987. Australia (NSW); Australia (MT, Qld).
careelensis Bock, 1991: 982. Australia (NSW).
ceramensis de Meijere 1913a: 67. Indonesia (Maluku).
enderbii Hutton, 1902a: 174 (Drosophila). NZ (Auckland Is); Australia (Vic), NZ (Campbell I, Chatham Is, NZ).
    enderbyi, error for enderbii.
genitalis Bock, 1991: 974. Australia (WA).
hawaiiensis Cresson, 1936b: 263. Hawaiian Is.
huttoni Cresson, 1948: 4. Australia (Vic); australia (NSW, SA).
    enderbyi, Cresson, 1932, not Hutton, 1902, misid.
leannae Bock, 1991: 977. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
mareeba Bock, 1991: 989. Australia (Qld).
michelae Bock, 1991: 974. Australia (NT); Australia (SA, Vic).
novaezealandiae Harrison, 1959: 226. NZ (NZ).
perplexa Bock, 1991: 984. Australia (WA); Australia (SA, Tas).
serica Bock, 1991: 979. Australia (NT); Australia (NSW, Qld, WA).
trifasciata Bock, 1991: 978. Australia (NT); Australia (WA).
tritici Coquillett, 1903c: 324. Australia (WA); Australia (NSW, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA), Hawaiian Is, NZ (NZ).
    triticia, error for tritici.
unigena Cresson, 1944: 8. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, WA).
velutinifrons Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 15. NZ (NZ).
victoria Cresson, 1932: 25. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA).
williamsi Cresson, 1936b: 259. Hawaiian Is; Australia (NSW, SA, Vic), NZ (NZ).


Genus NOTIPHILA Fallén

NOTIPHILA Fallén, 1810a: 22. Type species: Notiphila cinerea Fallén, 1813, des. Westwood, 1840: 153. [Notophila originally proposed without included species; designation by Westwood is from first 15 species included by Fallén, 1813: 248-255.]
AGROLIMNA Cresson, 1917: 48. Type species: Notiphila scalaris Loew, 1862, by orig. des..
NOTOPHILA Agassiz, 1846b: 251, 257 (unjust. emend. of Notiphila).
bicornuta Bock, 1988: 899. Australia (Tas).
fuscimana Malloch, 1925h: 326. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, NSW, NT, Qld, SA, Vic, WA).
impunctata de Meijere, 1908a:163. Indonesia (Java); Australia (NT, Qld).
insularis Grimshaw, 1901: 49. Hawaiian Is.
oksanae Krivosheina & Ozerov, 015: 596. Indonesia (West Papua).


Genus DRYXO Robineau-Desvoidy

DRYXO Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830: 787. Type species: Dryxo lispoidea Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830, mon.

Subgenus CYPHOPS Jaennicke

CYPHOPS Jaennicke, 1867: 367 (as gen.). Type species: Cyphops fasciatus Jaennicke, 1867, mon.
fasciata Jaennicke, 1867: 368 (Cyphops). Indonesia (Java); PNG (PNG).

Genus PAPUAMA Mathis & Zatwarnicki

PAPUAMA Mathis & Zatwarnicki, 2002: 88. Type species: Papuama ismayi Mathis & Zatwarnicki, 2002, orig. des.
ismayi Mathis & Zatwarnicki, 2002: 90. PNG (PNG).


PARALIMNA Loew, 1862a: 138. Type species: Paralimna appendiculata Loew, 1862 [= Notiphila punctipennis Wiedemann, 1830], mon.
calva Bock, 1988: 895. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
concors Cresson, 1929: 189. Philippines; Indonesia (Maluku).
fusca Bock, 1988: 896. Australia (Qld).
hirticornis de Meijere, 1913a: 65. Indonesia (West Papua); Oriental Reg.
javana Wulp, 1891: 215. Indonesia (Java); Australia (NSW, NT, Qld, WA), Oriental Reg.
    atrimana Malloch, 1925h: 326. Australia (NSW).
lineata de Meijere, 1908a: 165. Indonesia (Java); Australia (NT, Qld, WA), American Samoa, Fiji, French Polynesia (Marquesas), Kiribati (Phoenix Is), Micronesia; Seychelles, Oriental Reg.
    aequalis Cresson, 1929: 193 (Phaiosterna). "Middle Annam" [prob. = Vietnam].
millepuncta Malloch, 1925h: 325. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW, WA).
picta Kertész, 1901c: 423. PNG (PNG); PNG (Bismarck Arch); Philippines.
pilosa Bock, 1988: 890. Australia (Qld) ; Australia (NT).
spatiosa Bock, 1988: 889. Australia (Qld) ; Australia (NT, WA).
stirlingi Malloch, 1926d: 545. Australia (NT); Australia (NSW, Qld).
uniseta Malloch, 1925h: 325. Australia (NSW); Australia (NT, WA)



ATHYROGLOSSA Loew, 1860c: 12. Type species: Notiphila glabra Meigen, 1830, mon.


ATHYROGLOSSA Loew, 1860c: 12 (as gen.). Type species: Notiphila glabra Meigen, 1830, mon.
evidens Cresson, 1925: 239. PNG (PNG).
freta Cresson, 1925: 238. Taiwan; Australia (Qld), Marshall Is, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is; "Borneo," Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara), Philippines.


PARATHYROGLOSSA Hendel, 1931c: 68 (as gen.). Type species: Athyroglossa ordinata Becker, 1896, orig. des.
scabra Cresson, 1925: 238. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, WA).
    ascabra, error for scabra.


CHAETOMOSILLUS Hendel, 1934a: 14. Type species: Gymnopa dentifemur Cresson, 1925, orig. des.
nigriceps Malloch, 1934b: 1. PNG (PNG).


CHLORICHAETA Becker, 1922a: 73. Type species: Chlorichaeta tuberculosa Becker, 1922, mon.
albipennis Loew, 1848a: 14 (Gymnopa). Italy; Guam, Hawaiian Is; Cape Verde Is, Egypt, Madagascar, Seychelles, Socotra.
orba Mathis & Zatwarnicki, 1993: 70. Sri Lanka; Australia (NT), PNG (PNG); Philippines.
tuberculosa Becker, 1922a: 74. Sudan; Guam, Hawaiian Is; Afghanistan, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Oman, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, widesp. Afrotrop. Reg.


GYMNOPIELLA Cresson, 1945: 52. Type species: Gymnopa paucula Cresson, 1934, orig. des.
paucula Cresson, 1934: 199 (Gymnopa). Australia (Qld).

Genus MOSILLUS Latreille

MOSILLUS Latreille, 1804: 196. Type species: Mosillus arcuatus Latreille, 1805 [= Syrphus subsultans Fabricius, 1794], subs. mon. Latreille, 1805: 390.
tibialis Cresson, 1916: 149. USA; Hawaiian Is.


PLACOPSIDELLA Kertész, 1901c: 424. Type species: Placopsidella cynocephala Kertész, 1901, mon.
cynocephala Kertész, 1901c: 425. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld), Belau, Guam, Kiribati (Gilbert Is), Marshall Is, Micronesia, Palmyra Atoll, PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG); Belize, Indonesia, Indonesia (Java, Sumatra), Malaysia (Pen), Philippines, Seychelles, Tobago, West Indies.
grandis Cresson, 1925: 232 (Gymnopa). Taiwan; Belau, Hawaiian Is; Israel, Japan, Panama, USA.
insulana Mathis, 1986: 13. Vanuatu.
liparoides de Meijere, 1916a: 61. Indonesia (Sumatra); Belau.
marquesana Malloch, 1933b: 13 (Mosillus). French Polynesia (Marquesas); American Samoa, French Polynesia (Society Is), Hawaiian Is, Kiribati (Line Is), Pitcairn Is, Solomon Is, Wake I.

Genus STRATIOTHYREA de Meijere

STRATIOTHYREA de Meijere, 1913a: 66. Type species: Stratiothyrea femorata de Meijere, 1913, mon.
femorata de Meijere, 1913a: 66. Indonesia (West Papua); Australia (NSW, Qld), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG), Solomon Is, Malaysia (Pen).
      matema Cresson, 1936a: 51. Solomon Is.
cheesmanae Cogan & Wirth, 1969: 176. Indonesia (West Papua); PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG), Solomon Is.


TRIMEROGASTRA Hendel, 1914. 110. Type species: Trimerogastra cincta Hendel, 1914, orig. des.
hardyi Mathis & Zatwarnicki, 2004: 101. Australia (Qld); PNG (PNG).
mcalpinei Mathis & Zatwarnicki, 2004: 104. Australia (NSW): Australia (Qld), PNG (PNG).



ALLOTRICHOMA Becker, 1896: 121. Type species: Hecamede lateralis Loew, 1860, orig. des.
alium Cresson, 1929: 173. PNG (PNG); Australia (NSW, Qld), Kiribati (Gilbert Is), Marshall Is, Micronesia, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is, Tonga; Malaysia (Pen), Philippines, Thailand.
longivena Bezzi, 1928: 154 (Trimerogastra). "Java," error [= Fiji].
nitidum Cresson, 1944: 2. PNG (PNG).

Genus HECAMEDE Haliday

HECAMEDE Haliday in Curtis, 1837b: 281. Type species: Notiphila albicans Meigen, 1830, mon. [Published in synonymy; first made available in Haliday, 1838: 185.]
HEMICYCLOPS de Meijere, 1913a: 66. Type species: Hemicyclops planifrons de Meijere, 1913, mon. [Preocc. Boeck, 1873.]

Subgenus HECAMEDE Haliday

HECAMEDE Haliday in Curtis, 1837b: 281 (as gen.). Type species: Notiphila albicans Meigen, 1830, mon. [Published in synonymy; first made available in Haliday, 1838: 185.]
HEMICYCLOPS de Meijere, 1913a: 66 (as gen.). Type species: Hemicyclops planifrons de Meijere, 1913, mon. [Preocc. Boeck, 1873.]
australis Mathis, 1993: 16. Australia (NSW); Australia (WA).
granifera Thomson, 1869: 594. "Insulae Rossii" [= Cocos (Keeling) Is]; Australia (NSW, Qld, SA), Belau, Bonin Is, Cook Is, Guam, Hawaiian Is, Indonesia (West Papua, Maluku), Kiribati (Phoenix Is), Marshall Is, Micronesia, NZ (Chatham Is, NZ), Northern Marianas, PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG), Pitcairn Is, Wake I; Chagas Arch, India, Japan, Malaysia (Pen), Philippines, Ryukyus, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand.
    persimilis Hendel, 1913a: 99. Taiwan.
    femoralis Malloch, 1930c: 245. NZ (NZ).
inermis Malloch, 1933b: 12. French Polynesia (Marquesas); Pitcairn, Wake I.
planifrons de Meijere, 1913a: 67 (Hemicyclops). Indonesia (West Papua); Indonesia (Maluku), Solomon Is; Indonesia (Java).

Subgenus SOIKIA Conzoneri & Meneghini

SOIKIA Canzoneri & Meneghini, 1969: 1484 (as gen.). Type species: Soikia argentata Canzoneri & Meneghini, 1969 [= Hecamede nuda Wirth, 1956], orig. des.
bocki Mathis, 1993: 37. Australia (NSW).


Genus GLENANTHE Haliday

GLENANTHE Haliday, 1839: 404 (Hydrellia subg.). Type species: Glenanthe ripicola Haliday, 1839, mon.
ismayi Mathis, 1992: 80. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld).


Genus DISCOCERINA Macquart

DISCOCERINA Macquart, 1835: 527. Type species: Notiphila pusilla Meigen, 1830 [= Notiphila obscurella Fallén, 1813], des. Cresson, 1925: 253.
DIOSCOCERINA. Incorr. orig. spell. of Discocerina (Macquart, 1835: 528).
CLASIOPA Stenhammar, 1844: 159 (Psilopa "Sectio 1"). Type species: Notiphila obscurella Fallén, 1813, orig. des.
atrifacies Malloch, 1934d: 318. Samoa.
communis Malloch, 1934d: 318. Samoa.


DITRICHOPHORA Cresson, 1924: 159. Type species: Ditrichophora exigua Cresson, 1924, orig. des.
niveifrons Cresson, 1926b: 251 (Discocerina neiveifrons; correction of orig. spell. by Cresson, 1945: 65). Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT).

Genus GALATERINA Zatwarnicki & Mathis

GALATERINA Zatwarnicki & Mathis, 2001: 24. Type species: Galterina noonadan Zatwarnicki & Mathis, 2001, orig. des.
noonadan Zatwarnicki & Mathis, 2001: 27. Solomon Is; PNG (Bismarck Arch); Nicobar Is.


HECAMEDOIDES Hendel, 1917: 41. Type species: Psilopa glaucella Stenhammar, 1844, orig. des.
auriger Cresson, 1929: 168. PNG (PNG).
canolimbatus de Meijere, 1916e: 269 (Discocerina). Indonesia (Java); Australia (NSW), PNG (PNG).
hepaticus de Meijere, 1916e: 268 (Discocerina). Indonesia (Java); Australia (NSW, Qld), Northern Marianas, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is.
hyalinus Cresson, 1929: 169. PNG (PNG); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
invidus Cresson, 1929: 169. PNG (PNG); PNG (Bismarck Arch); Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara).
limbatus de Meijere, 1913b: 385 (Clasiopa). PNG (PNG).
setosus de Meijere, 1916e: 268 (Discocerina). Indonesia (Java); Australia (Qld), PNG (Bismarck Arch).
tarsalis de Meijere, 1916e: 268 (Discocerina). Indonesia (Java); Australia (Qld).


LAMPROCLASIOPA Hendel, 1933a: 79. Type species: Discocerina facialis Hendel, 1933 [preocc., = Discocerina hendeli Wirth, 1968], orig. des.
biseta de Meijere, 1916e: 269. Indonesia (Java); Australia (NT, Qld), Bonin Is, Micronesia, PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG); Oriental Reg.

Genus ORASIOPA Zatwarnicki & Mathis

ORASIOPA Zatwarnicki & Mathis, 2001: 39. Type species: Orasiopa millennica Zatwarnicki & Mathis, 2001, orig. des.
egdun Zatwarnicki, 2002: 304. Australia (Qld).
ememii Zatwarnicki, 2002: 305. Indonesia (West Papua).
koriwa Zatwarnicki, 2002: 308. Indonesia (West Papua).
mera Cresson, 1939: 6 (Discocerina). Taiwan; Australia (NSW, Qld), Belau, Fiji, French Polynesia (Society Is), Guam, Hawaiian Is, Marshall Is, Micronesia, Palmyra Atoll, PNG (Bismarck Arch), Solomon Is; Antilles, Belize, Japan, Malaysia (Pen), Ryukyu Is, Thailand, Vietnam.
millennica Zatwarnicki & Mathis, 2001: 42. Solomon Is; Indonesia (West Papua); Indonesia (Sumatra), Malaysia (Pen), Singapore, Thailand.
nga Zatwarnicki, 2002: 311. Thailand; Indonesia (West Papua), PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Sumatra), Malaysia (Pen), Thailand.
opa Zatwarnicki, 2002: 312. Thailand; Indonesia (West Papua), PNG (PNG); Brunei, Singapore.
rapkap Zatwarnicki, 2002: 314. Thailand; Indonesia (West Papua); Malaysia (Pen), Singapore.


POLYTRICHOPHORA Cresson, 1924: 161. Type species: Polytrichophora agens Cresson, 1924, orig. des.
affinis Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 13 (Clasiopa). NZ (NZ).
brunneifrons de Meijere, 1916e: 270 (Discocerina). Indonesia (Java); Australia (Qld), Belau, French Polynesia (Society Is), Guam, Micronesia, PNG (Bismarck Arch), Solomon Is; Oriental Reg.
dubia Malloch, 1934d: 320 (Discocerina). Samoa.
mallochi Hendel, 1931d: 10 (Discocerina; n. n. for flavitarsis Tonnoir & Malloch). NZ (NZ).
    flavitarsis Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 13 (Clasiopa). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Frey, 1917.]


Genus OCHTHERA Latreille

OCHTHERA Latreille, 1802: 462. Type species: Musca manicata Fabricius, 1794, des. Latreille, 1810: 444.
OCHTERA, error for Ochthera.
canescens Cresson, 1931: 168. Taiwan; Guam.
circularis Cresson, 1926b: 254. Taiwan; Indonesia (Maluku); Oriental Reg.
innotata Walker, 1860a: 171. Indonesia (Sulawesi); Indonesia (Maluku).
margarita Cresson, 1932: 33. "India O."; Australia (Qld); India.
pilimana Becker, 1903: 181. Egypt; Australia (NSW), Guam, Micronesia, New Caledonia (New Caledonia); India, Philippines, Europe, Afrotrop. Reg.


Genus DONACEUS Cresson

DONACEUS Cresson, 1943b: 5. Type species: Donaceus nigronotatus Cresson, 1943, orig. des.
nigronotatus Cresson, 1943b: 5. Taiwan; Hawaiian Is; Oriental Reg.

Genus ZEROS Cresson

ZEROS Cresson, 1943b: 10. Type species: Ilythea obscura Cresson, 1918, orig. des.
defectus Malloch, 1925h: 327 (Ilythea). Australia (Qld).
    deflectus, error for defectus.
invenatus Lamb, 1912: 322 (Ilythea). Seychelles; Australia (NSW), French Polynesia (Society Is), PNG (PNG), "Samoa"; India, Malaysia (Pen), Thailand.


Genus HYADINA Haliday

HYADINA Haliday in Curtis, 1837b: 282. Type species: Notiphila guttata Fallén, 1813, des. Westwood, 1840: 153. [Published in synonymy; first made available in Haliday, 1839: 404.]
NEOHYDRELLIA Malloch, 1933b: 14. Type species: Neohydrellia hivaoae Malloch, 1933, orig. des.
hivaoae Malloch, 1933b: 14 (Neohydrellia). French Polynesia (Marquesas); French Polynesia (Tuamotus), Hawaiian Is [introduced, ?established], Cook Is, PNG (PNG), Tonga, Vanuatu; India, Philippines.
    vittifacies Tenorio, 1980: 294. Hawaiian Is.
irrorata Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 16. NZ (NZ).
obscurifrons Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 16. NZ (NZ).
pullipes Cresson, 1930: 103. Australia (NSW).


LYTOGASTER Becker, 1896: 202. Type species: Philygria abdominalis Stenhammar, 1844, orig. des.
gravida Loew, 1863b: 325 [1864c: 209] (Hyadina). USA; Hawaiian Is.

Genus PARAHYADINA Tonnoir & Malloch

PARAHYADINA Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 17. Type species: Parahyadina lacustris Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926, orig. des.
lacustris Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 17. NZ (NZ); NZ (Auckland Is).


Genus NOSTIMA Coquillett

NOSTIMA Coquillett, 1900a: 35. Type species: Nostima slossonae Coquillett, 1900, orig. des.
PHILYGRIOLA Hendel, 1917: 42. Type species: Notiphila picta Fallén, 1813, orig. des.
duoseta Cresson, 1943a: 3. Australia (NSW).
flavitarsis Canzoneri & Meneghini, 1969: 120. Zaire; PNG (PNG); Ghana, Hong Kong, Oman, Vietnam.
monticola Malloch, 1933b: 15 (Philygriola). French Polynesia (Marquesas); Pitcairn Is.
striata Lamb, 1912: 326 (Philygria). Seychelles; Pitcairn Is.


Genus PARYDRA Stenhammar

NAPAEA Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830: 799. Type species: Napaea stagnicola Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830, des. Coquillett, 1910: 573. [Preocc. Hübner, 1819.]
PARYDRA Stenhammar, 1844: 144 (Ephydra "Sectio 3"). Type species: Ephydra aquila Fallén, 1813, des. Coquillett, 1910: 585.
neozelandica Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 9. NZ (NZ).



BRACHYDEUTERA Loew, 1862a: 162. Type species: Brachydeutera dimidiata Loew, 1862 [= Notiphila argentata Walker, 1853], mon.
adusta Mathis & Ghorpadé, 1985: 5. Northern Marianas; American Samoa, Australia (Qld), Micronesia, Solomon Is.
hardyi Wirth, 1964a: 6. India; Micronesia, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is.
hebes Cresson, 1926a: 277. Hawaiian Is.
ibari Ninomiya, 1930: 190. Japan; Bonin Is, Hawaiian Is; Canary Is, China, Taiwan, Europe, Middle East.
    argentata, authors, not Walker, 1853, misid.
pleuralis Malloch, 1928g: 354. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT); India, Vietnam.
sydneyensis Malloch, 1924f: 335. Australia (NSW); widesp. Australia, NZ (NZ).


Genus EPHYDRA Fallén

EPHYDRA Fallén, 1810a: 22. Type species: Ephydra riparia Fallén, 1813, des. Curtis, 1832: 413. [Ephydra originally proposed without included species; designation by Curtis is from first 4 species included in Fallén, 1813: 246-48.]
EPHIDRA, error for Ephydra.
cinerea Jones, 1906: 159. USA; Hawaiian Is.
millbrae Jones, 1906: 155. USA; Hawaiian Is.

Genus EPHYDRELLA Tonnoir & Malloch

EPHYDRELLA Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 6 (Ephydra subg.). Type species: Ephydra novaezealandiae Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926, orig. des.
MYDAEZEALANDIA Salmon, 1937: 359. Type species: Mydaezealandia glauca Salmon, 1937, orig. des.
acrostichalis Malloch, 1925h: 329 (Ephydra). Australia (SA); widesp. S Australia.
aquaria Hutton, 1901: 90 (Ephydra). NZ (NZ).
assimilis Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 7 (Ephydra). NZ (Chatham Is); NZ (NZ).
    similis. Incorr. orig. spell. of assimilis (Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 7).
breviseta Malloch, 1925h: 329 (Ephydra). Australia (NSW); Australia (SA, Tas, Vic, WA).
macquariensis Womersley, 1937b: 77 (Ephydra). Macquarie I.
marshalli Bock, 1987: 159. Australia (Vic); Australia (Tas, WA).
novaezealandiae Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 8 (Ephydra). NZ (NZ).
spathulata Cresson, 1935: 355. NZ (NZ).
    glauca Salmon, 1937: 360 (Mydaezealandia). NZ (NZ).
tasmaniae Bock, 1987: 162. Australia (Tas).
thermarum Dumbleton, 1969a: 39. NZ (NZ).

Genus SETACERA Cresson

SETACERA Cresson, 1930: 116. Type species: Ephydra pacifica Cresson, 1925, orig. des.
breviventris Loew, 1860c: 37 (Ephydra). Germany & Italy & Silesia [= Poland]; Australia (ACT, NSW, NT, Qld, WA), Guam, Solomon Is; widesp. Old World.
    laeta Hendel, 1913a: 99. Taiwan.
    glabra de Meijere, 1916e: 272. Indonesia (Java).
    fluxa Miyagi, 1966: 139. Japan.



AMALOPTERYX Eaton, 1875: 58. Type species: Amalopteryx maritima Eaton, 1875, mon.
maritima Eaton, 1875: 58. Kerguelen Is; Maquarie I; Crozet I, Heard I.


HALOSCATELLA Mathis, 1979: 6 (Lamproscatella subg,). Type species: Lamproscatella acrochaeta Mathis, 1979, orig. des.
balioptera Mathis, Zatwarnicki & Marris, 2004: 6. NZ (NZ).
harrisoni Mathis, Zatwarnicki & Marris, 2004: 10. NZ (NZ).
karekare Mathis, Zatwarnicki & Marris, 2004: 14. NZ (NZ).

Genus LIMNELLIA Malloch

LIMNELLIA Malloch, 1925h: 331. Type species: Limnellia maculipennis Malloch, 1925, orig. des.
abbreviata Harrison, 1976: 136 (Scatella). NZ (NZ).
maculipennis Malloch, 1925h: 332. Australia (NSW).

Genus SCATELLA Robineau-Desvoidy

SCATELLA Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830: 801. Type species: Scatella buccata Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 [= Ephydra stagnalis Fallén, 1813], des. Coquillett, 1910: 603.

Subgenus APULVILLUS Malloch

APULVILLUS Malloch, 1934a: 197 (as gen.). Type species: Apulvillus bronneci Malloch, 1934, orig. des.
CHAETOSCATELLA Malloch, 1934a: 199 (as gen.). Type species: Chaetoscatella cheesmanae Malloch, 1934, mon.
bronneci Malloch, 1934a: 198 (Apulvillus). French Polynesia (Marquesas).
cheesmanae Malloch, 1934a: 199 (Chaetoscatella). French Polynesia (Society Is).
cinereifacies Tenorio, 1980: 301. Hawaiian Is.
femoralis Tenorio, 1980: 302. Hawaiian Is.
mauiensis Wirth, 1948: 300 (Apulvillus). Hawaiian Is.
unguiculosa Mathis, 1989: 648 (n.n. for unguiculata Malloch). Samoa.
    unguiculata Malloch, 1934d: 322 (Chaetoscatella). Samoa. [Preocc. Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926.]
williamsi Wirth, 1948: 299 (Apulvillus). Hawaiian Is.

Subgenus NEOSCATELLA Malloch

NEOSCATELLA Malloch, 1933b: 9 (as gen.). Type species: Neoscatella atra Malloch, 1933, orig. des.
albilutea Mathis & Wirth, 1981: 6. Australia (WA); Australia (NSW).
alticola Krivosheina & Ozerov, 2015: 89. Indonesia (West Papua).
amnica Tenorio, 1980: 307 (Neoscatella). Hawaiian Is.
atra Malloch, 1933b: 9 (Neoscatella). French Polynesia (Marquesas).
austrina Mathis & Wirth, 1981: 20. Australia (NSW).
bicolor Mathis & Wirth, 1981: 8. Australia (NSW); Australia (WA).
bryani Cresson, 1926a: 276. Hawaiian Is.
cilipes Wirth, 1948: 288 (Neoscatella). Hawaiian Is.
clavipes Wirth, 1948: 289 (Neoscatella). Hawaiian Is.
    tenda Wirth, 1948: 290 (Neoscatella clavipes ssp.). Hawaiian Is.
fluvialis Tenorio, 1980: 314 (Neoscatella). Hawaiian Is.
hawaiiensis Grimshaw, 1901: 49. Hawaiian Is.
immaculata Malloch, 1925h: 331. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, NT, Qld, SA).
insularis Mathis & Wirth, 1981: 24. Australia (NSW).
kauaiensis Wirth, 1948: 282 (Neoscatella). Hawaiian Is.
norrisi Mathis & Wirth, 1981: 17. Australia (WA).
oahuense Williams, 1938a: 107. Hawaiian Is.
sexnotata Cresson, 1926a: 275. Hawaiian Is.
tasmaniae Mathis & Wirth, 1981: 11. Australia (Tas).
terryi Cresson, 1926a: 275. Hawaiian Is.
victoria Cresson, 1935: 360 (Neoscatella). Australia (Vic).
vittithorax Malloch, 1925h: 331. Australia (NSW); NZ (Antipodes Is, Auckland Is, NZ).
warreni Cresson, 1926a: 276. Hawaiian Is.
    fimbriata Wirth, 1948: 286 (Neoscatella). Hawaiian Is.

Subgenus SCATELLA Robineau-Desvoidy

SCATELLA Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830: 801 (as gen.). Type species: Scatella buccata Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 [= Ephydra stagnalis Fallén, 1813], des. Coquillett, 1910: 603.
acutipennis Harrison, 1964: 318. NZ (Campbell I).
alticeps Malloch, 1925h: 330. Australia (NSW).
australiae Malloch, 1925h: 331. Australia (NSW).
brevis Harrison, 1964: 318. NZ (Campbell I).
fernandezensis Wirth, 1955: 60. Juan Fernandez Is; Easter I.
nelsoni Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 11. NZ (NZ); NZ (Campbell I).
nitidithorax Malloch, 1925h: 330. Australia (NSW); NZ (NZ).
nubeculosa Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 10. NZ (NZ).
septempunctata Malloch, 1933b: 8. French Polynesia (Marquesas).
sexpunctata Malloch, 1933b: 8. French Polynesia (Marquesas).
stagnalis Fallén, 1813: 248 (Ephydra). Sweden; French Polynesia (Marquesas), Hawaiian Is; widesp. Holarctic Reg.
tonnoiri Hendel, 1931d: 10 (n. n. for nitidifrons Tonnoir & Malloch). NZ (NZ); NZ (Auckland Is, Campbell I).
    ssp. subvittata Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 12. NZ (NZ).
    ssp. tonnoiri s. str. NZ (NZ); NZ (Auckland Is, Campbell I).
    nitidifrons Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 11. NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Cresson, 1918.]
unguiculata Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 10. NZ (NZ); NZ (Chatham Is).
varipennis Malloch, 1933b: 9. French Polynesia (Marquesas).
wirthi Tenorio, 1980: 327. Hawaiian Is.


SCATOPHILA Becker, 1896: 237. Type species: Ephydra caviceps Stenhammar, 1844, orig. des.
stenoptera Papp, 1979: 362. PNG (PNG).


TAUROMIMA Papp, 1979: 359. Type species: Tauromima mountwilhelmi Papp, 1979, orig. des.
mountwilhelmi Papp, 1979: 360. PNG (PNG).

Unplaced species of Ephydridae

carbonaria Walker, 1865b: 129 (Notiphila). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (West Papua)].
taciturna Walker, 1859a: 127 (Ephydra). Indonesia (Maluku).
unilineata Walker, 1865b: 129 (Notiphila). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (West Papua)].

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