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By Neal L. Evenhuis

Ironomyiids are moderately small flies (ca. 5 mm long) that generally resemble platypezids. McAlpine & Martin (1966) placed the family between the Sciadoceridae and Platypezidae. Indeed, the single extant species known has a distribution similar to that of Sciadocera rufomaculata in southeastern Australia.

Little is known of the biology of this family. Ferrar (1987) records larvae reared by I.F.B. Common from Eucalyptus leaves and leaf litter.

McAlpine (1967) presented information on the systematics and phylogeny of the family and (1973) described a fossil species from Canadian amber. Disney (1988) proposed a close phylogenetic relationship of this family with the Sciadoceridae based on costal chaetotaxy.

IRONOMYIA White, 1916b: 216. Type species: Ironomyia nigromaculata White, 1916, mon.

nigromaculata White, 1916b: 216. Australia (Tas); SE Australia.

Last revised 27 August 1996