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57. Family GOBRYIDAE
(treated as Megamerinidae in 1989 catalog)

By Neal L. Evenhuis

Gobrya, the only representative in the Australasian/Oceanian Regions, is primarily Oriental with an eastern extension into the Papuan Subregion. Colless & McAlpine (1970: 722) stated that Gobrya was erroneously referred to Megamerinidae, but did not offer an alternative. McAlpine (1982b) ascribed it to the Nothybidae and Ferrar (1987) treated it in the Syringogastridae. McAlpine (1997) erected the family GOBRYIDAE to contain it and discussed its relationship to other diopsoid families.

Refs.: Hendel (1913a, key), Steyskal (1977b, cat. Oriental spp.), McAlpine (1997, family classification).

Genus GOBRYA Walker
GOBRYA Walker, 1860b: 166. Type species: Gobrya bacchoides Walker,1860, mon.
SYRITTOMYIA Hendel, 1913a: 90. Type species: Syrittomyia syrphoides Hendel, 1913, mon.

cyanea Enderlein, 1920b: 61 (Syrittomyia ). "Neu Guinea."
cylindrica Walker, 1859a: 124 (Lissa ). Indonesia (Maluku).