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[Originally] By Neal L. Evenhuis

Micropezidae, whose species are commonly known as stilt flies, comprise long-bodied, long-legged, often black flies usually with infuscated wings. The family is comprised of almost 470 species in about 40 genera and 5 subfamilies worldwide. They are predominantly tropical in distribution and especially speciose in the Neotropical Region.

Eighty-two species in 12 genera are recorded from the regions covered in this catalog. Of the 5 subfamilies, 2 (Eurybatinae and Taeniapterinae) are known from the regions covered here and 1 subfamily (Calycopteryginae) comprises subapterous forms on the subantarctic islands of Heard and Kerguelen (see Appendix I).

Adults are either predaceous on small insects or are attracted to excrement or decaying fruit. Some species, much the same as in the strongylophthalmyiid genus, Strongylophthalmyia, mimic ants; others mimic wasps and are especially similar in appearance to some ichneumonid wasps. Species of the genus Anaeropsis have stalked eyes. Little is known of the larval habits, but they are probably phytophagous or saprophagous. Berg (1947) described the habits and immature stages of Mimegralla striatofasciata from the Solomon Islands.

This chapter benefitted from information on some type specimens kindly supplied by Dr. D.K. McAlpine.
Refs.: Hennig (1934-1936, rev.), Berg (1947, immat. biol.), Steyskal (1947, Solomon Is spp.; 1952b, Oriental-Pacific spp.; 1964, larval habits; 1977a, cat. Oriental spp.), Aczél (1951, classif.; 1959, Micronesian spp.), McAlpine (1975, classif.; 1998, revision Australian spp.), Ferrar (1987, immat.).



ANAEROPSIS Bigot, 1866: 201. Type species: Anaeropsis lorquini Bigot, 1866 [= Phytalmia guttipennis Walker, 1861], orig. des.

guttipennis Walker, 1861c: 269 (Phytalmia). Indonesia (Sulawesi); Indonesia (Maluku).
     lorquini Bigot, 1866: 202. Indonesia (Maluku).

Genus BADISIS McAlpine

BADISIS Mcalpine, 1990: 81. Type species: Badisis ambulans McAlpine, 1990, by orig. des.

ambulans McAlpine, 1990: 82. Australia (WA).


COTHORNOBATA Czerny, 1932b: 267. Type species: Cothornobata striatifrons Czerny, 1932 [= Trepidaria cyanea Hendel, 1913], mon.
SPHAERICOCEPHALA Czerny, 1932b: 291. Unavailable name; genus-group name proposed after 1930 without type-species designation.
SPHAERICOCEPHALA Steyskal, 1977a: 12. Type species: Trepidaria cyanea Hendel, 1913, orig. des. [Unavailable under Art. 11(e) of the Code.]

aczeli McAlpine, 1998: 96. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld)
alta McAlpine, 1998: 101. Australia (Qld).
grallina McAlpine, 1998: 103. Australia (Qld).
levis McAlpine, 1998: 106. Australia (Qld).
linea McAlpine, 1998: 95. Australia (Norfolk I).
macula McAlpine, 1998: 99. Australia (Qld).
viriata Enderlein, 1922b: 174 (Grammicomyia). PNG (PNG).


CREPIDOCHETUS Enderlein, 1922b: 172. Type species: Crepidochetus forcipatus Enderlein, 1922, orig. des.
GONGYLOCEPHALA Czerny, 1932b: 292. Type species: Gongylocephala nigrifemur Czerny, 1932, mon.

ater Steyskal, 1947: 5 (Gongylocephala). Solomon Is.
debilis Walker, 1859a: 124 (Cardiacephala). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG).
ios McAlpine, 1998: 109. Australia (Qld).
pallidus Steyskal, 1947: 4 (Gongylocephala). Solomon Is; Philippines.

Genus METOPOCHETUS Enderlein

METOPOCHETUS Enderlein, 1922b: 164, 171, 172. Type species: Metopochetus ralumensis Enderlein, 1922, orig. des.
METOPOCHTUS, error for Metopochetus.

Subgenus CRUS McAlpine

CRUS McAlpine, 1998: 64. Type species: Calobata compressa Walker, 1853, orig. des.

McAlpine, 1998: 71. Australia (SA); Australia (Vic, WA).
corax McAlpine, 1998: 73. Australia (SA); Australia (Vic).
curvus McAlpine, 1998: 64. Australia (NSW).
compressus Walker, 1853: 389 (Calobata). Not given [Australia]; Australia (ACT, NSW, Qld, Vic).
freyi McAlpine, 1998: 66. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
lugens McAlpine, 1998: 75. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Vic).
micidus McAlpine, 1998: 69. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
terminalis Walker, 1853: 390 (Calobata). Not given [Australia].

Subgenus METOPOCHETUS Enderlein

METOPOCHETUS Enderlein, 1922b: 164, 171, 172 (as genus). Type species: Metopochetus ralumensis Enderlein, 1922, orig. des.

aequalis McAlpine, 1998: 87. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
impar McAlpine, 1998: 90. Australia (Qld).

Subgenus SCELA McAlpine

SCELA McAlpine, 1998: 77. Type species: Metopochetus clarus Mcalpine, 1998, orig. des.

clarus McAlpine, 1998: 77. Australia (Lord Howe I).

Subgenus SEVA McAlpine

SEVA McAlpoine, 1998: 81. Type species: Calobata bivittata Macquart, 1846, orig. des.

bickeli McAlpine, 1998: 83. Australia (WA).
bivittatus Macquart, 1846: 342(214) (Calobata). Australia (Tas); Australia (ACT, NSW, SA, Vic).
     piceus Walker, 1853: 391 (Calobata). Australia (Tas).
     tenuipes Walker, 1853: 393 (Calobata). Australia (Tas).
regius McAlpine, 1998: 85. Australia (NSW).

Subgenus VERU McAlpine

VERU McAlpine, 1998: 79. Type species: Metopochetus aitkeni McAlpine, 1998 orig. des.

aitkeni McAlpine, 1998: 79. Australia (Vic).

Unplaced to subgenus of METOPOCHETUS Enderlein

perclusus Walker, 1864: 230 (Calobata). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
ralumensis Enderlein, 1922b: 171. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
tipuloides Walker, 1865b: 125 (Calobata). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)]; PNG (PNG).

Genus NESTIMA Osten Sacken

NESTIMA Osten Sacken, 1881a: 457. Type species: Nestima polita Osten Sacken, 1881, mon.
CROSA Steyskal, 1952b: 176. Type species: Eurybata semilauta Osten Sacken, 1882, orig. des.

armillata Enderlein, 1922b: 175 (Grammicomyia). PNG (PNG).
buergersi Enderlein, 1922b: 171 (Eurybata). PNG (PNG).
flavifrons Bigot, 1886c: 382 (Eurybata). PNG (PNG).
fragilis Walker, 1856a: 37 (Micropeza). Malaysia (Pen) & Singapore; Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
nigriceps de Meijere, 1913b: 362 (Eurybata). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
petasibarba Enderlein, 1922b: 171 (Eurybata). PNG (PNG).
pleuralis Steyskal, 1952b: 179. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
polita Osten Sacken, 1881a: 458. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
prolixa Walker, 1861d: 299 (Micropeza). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
tenuisDoleschall, 1858: 127 (Micropeza). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
tetras Steyskal, 1947: 2 (Eurybata). Solomon Is.
viridinsula Steyskal, 1952b: 179. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
yapensis Steyskal, 1952b: 177 (Crosa). Micronesia; Belau.

Genus PAPEZA McAlpine

PAPEZA McAlpine, 1975: 242. Type species: Papeza szentivanyi McAlpine, 1975, orig. des.

funiculipes Enderlein, 1922b: 174 (Grammicomyia). PNG (PNG).
szentivanyi McAlpine, 1975: 242. PNG (PNG).



GRAMMICOMYIA Bigot, 1859b: 314. Type species: Grammicomyia testacea Bigot, 1859, mon.

bergi Steyskal, 1947: 7. Solomon Is.
halli Steyskal, 1952b: 162. PNG (PNG).
inermipes Malloch, 1935a: 343. Western Samoa; American Samoa.

Genus MIMEGRALLA Rondani

MIMEGRALLA Rondani, 1850b: 180. Type species: Calobata coeruleifrons Macquart, 1843, orig. des.
HYBOBATA Enderlein, 1922b: 196. Type species: Calobata triannulata Macquart, 1843, orig. des.
HYOBOBATA. Incorr. orig. spell. of Hybobata (Enderlein, 1922b: 196).
CYCLOSPHEN Frey, 1927a: 69. Type species: Taeniaptera galbula Osten Sacken, 1882, orig. des.
NEOCALOBATA Malloch, 1935a: 346 (Calobata subg.). Type species: Calobata deferens Malloch, 1935, orig. des.
TOWNESA Steyskal, 1952b: 171. Type species: Townesa spinosa Steyskal, 1952, orig. des.

abana Walker, 1849: 1054 (Calobata). Not given [Australia]; Indonesia (Maluku).
albimana Doleschall, 1856: 413 (Taenioptera). Indonesia (Java); Belau, Guam, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, PNG (PNG); Ryukyus, E Oriental Reg.
     longiventris Thomson, 1869: 589 (Calobata). Northern Marianas.
     pictipes de Meijere, 1914b: 175 (Calobata nigripes var.). Indonesia (Java).
     palauensis Hennig, 1935c: 201 (albimana ssp.). Belau.
albitarsis Wiedemann--not Australasian/Oceanian.
australica Hennig, 1935a: 91 (contingens ssp.). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW, NT, Torres Strait Is, WA). [Proposed (incorrectly) as a new replacement name for specimens misidentified by Enderlein as lunaria Osten Sacken.]
     lunaria, Enderlein, 1922, not Osten Sacken, 1881, misid.
brevicellulata Macquart, 1843: 403(246) (Calobata). Australia (NSW) [error, = Unknown; see McAlpine, 1998: 59].
cedens Walker, 1856a: 135 (Calobata). Malaysia (Sarawak); Indonesia (Irian Jaya); Oriental Reg.
contingens Walker, 1864: 221 (Calobata). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG), Solomon Is.
deferens Malloch, 1935a: 346 (Calobata). Western Samoa; American Samoa.
diffundens Walker, 1861e: 17 (Calobata). Indonesia (Maluku).
extrema Hennig, 1935c: 203 (albimana ssp.). Vanuatu.
gutticollis Walker, 1861e: 17 (Calobata). Indonesia (Maluku).
immiscens Walker, 1864: 221 (Calobata). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
ledermanni Enderlein, 1922b: 196. PNG (PNG); ?PNG (Bismarck Arch).
lunaria Osten Sacken, 1881a: 456 (Calobata). Indonesia (Maluku).
     eclipsis Osten Sacken, 1882b: 201 (Calobata). Indonesia (Maluku).
lyra McAlpine, 1998: 112. Australia (Torres Strait Is); PNG (PNG).
novaehebrideana Steyskal, 1952b: 169 (contingens ssp.). Vanuatu.
resoluta Walker, 1860a: 161 (Calobata). Indonesia (Sulawesi); Indonesia (Maluku).
salomonis Hennig, 1935c: 192 (contingens ssp.). Solomon Is.
     solomonis, error for salomonis.
samoana Czerny, 1932b: 271 (Cylosphen). American Samoa.
sepsoidesWalker, 1859a: 124 (Calobata). Indonesia (Maluku); Australia (NT, Qld), Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Micronesia; Indonesia (Sulawesi).
     impingens Walker, 1860a: 161 (Calobata). Indonesia (Sulawesi).
     contraria Walker, 1861b: 253 (Calobata). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     buergersi Enderlein, 1922b: 184 (Calobata). PNG (PNG).
     keyensis Hennig, 1935a: 87 (albimana ssp.). Indonesia (Maluku).
     ponapensis Hennig, 1935c: 207. Micronesia.
     kusaieana Steyskal, 1952b: 170 (ponapensis ssp.). Micronesia.
     keiensis. Incorr. subs. spell. of keyensis (Hennig, 1935c: 201).
spinosa Steyskal, 1952b: 172 (Townesa). Micronesia.
stabilisWalker, 1861d: 298 (Calobata). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
striatofasciata Enderlein, 1922b: 184 (Calabata). PNG (Bismarck Arch); PNG (Bougainville I), Solomon Is.
kroeberi Czerny, 1932b: 270 (Cyclosphen). PNG (Bismarck Arch).
tongana Czerny, 1932b: 372 (Cyclosphen). Tonga.

Genus RAINIERIA Rondani

RAINIERIA Rondani, 1843: 40. Type species: Calobata calceata FallÈn, 1820, orig. des.
TANIPODA Rondani, 1856: 116. Type species: Calobata calceata FallÈn, 1820, orig. des.
TANYPODA, error for Tanipoda.

boninensis Hennig, 1935c: 300 (Crepidochetus). Bonin Is.
     boniensis, error for boninensis.


STEYSKALIA Aczél, 1959: 79 (Mimegralla subg.). Type species: Mimegralla perfulva Steyskal, 1952, orig. des.

perfulva Steyskal, 1952b: 169 (Mimegralla). Micronesia.

Genus TAENIAPTERA Macquart

TAENIAPTERA Macquart, 1835: 491. Type species: Taeniaptera trivittata Macquart, 1835, mon.

angulata Loew, 1866b: 47 (Calobata ). "New Granada" [= Colombia]; Hawaiian Is [immigrant]; Neotrop. Reg.

Unplaced species of Micropezidae

albimana Macquart, 1843: 402(245) (Calobata). Indonesia (Java) & Australia (NSW) & Cuba & USA.
coarctata Walker, 1861d: 298 (Calobata). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
forficuloides Walker, 1861c: 253 (Micropeza). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
plagiata Walker, 1861c: 253 (Calobata). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
rufipes Macquart, 1851: 271(298) (Calobata). "Asie."

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