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35. Family MYDIDAE

[Originally] by Greg Daniels

A small but worldwide family of handsome, elongate flies, of medium to large size, mydids are usually sparsely pilose and often resemble wasps. They bear a superficial resemblance to Asilidae but are distinguished by the long clubbed antennae and wing venation. Within the regions covered here, the family occurs throughout Australia, including Tasmania.

Adult mydids occupy a wide variety of habitats and can be locally common, especially in open country. They are fond of hot, sandy habitats and can be found resting on bare ground or, less often, visiting Leptospermum (Myrtaceae) blossoms. At least 2 species are known to occur in rainforests. A number of authors have discussed the possibility that adult mydids prey upon other insects. Females dig into the soil with the tip of the abdomen to lay eggs. Norris (1938) described the eggs and the first 2 instars of Anomalomydas mackerrasi, the only recorded immature stages of any Australian species. The larvae and pupae of mydids from other regions are similar to those of the Asilidae.
Refs.: Paramonov (1950e, key), Yeates & Irwin (1996, cladistics).


Genus ANOMALOMYDAS Papavero & Wilcox

ANOMALOMYDAS Papavero & Wilcox, 1974: 9. Type species: Miltinus mackerrasi Norris, 1938, orig. des.
australicus Paramonov, 1950e: 12 (Miltinus). Australia (SA).
mackerrasi Norris, 1938: 46 (Miltinus). Australia (WA).


Genus DIOCHLISTUS Gerstaecker

DIOCHLISTUS Gerstaecker, 1868: 73. Type species: Diochlistis mitis Gerstaecker, 1868, mon.
TRICLONUS Gerstaecker, 1868: 75. Type species: Mydas auripennis Westwood, 1835, des. Hardy, 1942: 201.
HARMOPHANA Thomson, 1869: 462. Type species: Mydas clavata Macquart, 1850, des. Hardy, 1942: 201.
analogus Paramonov, 1950e: 22. Australia (Qld).
apollinosus Paramonov, 1950e: 23. Australia (SA); Australia (Vic).
auripennis Westwood, 1835c: 281 (Midas). "Nov Hollandi "; Australia (NSW, Qld).
fulvipennis Macquart, 1850: 362(58) (Mydas). Australia, "côte orientale."
edgari Paramonov, 1961d: 107. Australia (Qld).
gracilis Macquart, 1847a: 32 [1847b: 48] (Cephalocera). "Nouvelle-Hollande"; Australia (NSW, Qld, SA, WA).
bispinifer Westwood, 1848a: 88 (Mydas). "Australia occidentali."
clavata Macquart, 1850: 363(59) (Mydas). Australia, "côte orientale." [Preocc. Drury, 1773.]
gracilis Jaennicke, 1867: 353 (Mydas). "Australia." [Preocc. Macquart, 1834.]
macquarti Schiner, 1868: 153 (Mydas). NZ (NZ), error [= Australia].
hackeri Paramonov, 1950e: 25. Australia (Qld).
melleipennis Westwood, 1848a: 87 (Mydas). "Australia occidentali"; Australia (NSW, WA).
clavigera Walker, 1848: 229 (Mydas). "New Holland."
effracta Walker, 1857: 126 (Mydas). "Australia."
flavipes Thomson, 1869: 463 (Harmophana). Australia (NSW).
mitis Gerstaecker, 1868: 73. Australia (WA); Australia (SA).
neogracilis Hardy, 1949: 302. Australia (Qld).
nicholsoni Mackerras, 1928: 540. Australia (SA).
paragracilis Paramonov, 1955d: 134. Australia (WA).
tenebrosus Paramonov, 1950e: 29. Australia (NSW).


Genus MILTINUS Gerstaecker

MILTINUS Gerstaecker, 1868: 88. Type species: Miltinus cardinalis Gerstaecker, 1868, des. Hardy, 1925: 142.
atripennis Paramonov, 1955d: 134. Australia (WA).
atripes Paramonov, 1950e: 11. Australia (WA).
brunneus Paramonov, 1961d: 105. "S. Australia."
cardinalis Gerstaecker, 1868: 90. Australia (SA); Australia (Vic, WA).
cinctus Paramonov, 1955d: 135. Australia (WA).
commoni Paramonov, 1950e: 14. Australia (NSW).
confrater Paramonov, 1955d: 134. Australia (WA).
dentipennis Mackerras, 1928: 541. Australia (SA); Australia (Vic).
erythronotus Paramonov, 1961d: 106. Australia (WA).
insularis Paramonov, 1961d: 105. Australia (WA).
maculipennis Westwood, 1841: 55 (Cephalocera). "Australasia occidentali"; Australia (WA).
minutus Mackerras, 1928: 543. Australia (WA); Australia (SA).
musgravei Mackerras, 1928: 542. Australia (SA); Australia (WA).
norrisi Paramonov, 1950e: 15. Australia (WA).
parviduatus Paramonov, 1950e: 16. Australia (WA).
rieki Paramonov, 1950e: 19. Australia (NSW).
sordidus Westwood, 1848a: 89 (Mydas). Australia (SA).
limpidipennis Westwood, 1848a: 90 (Mydas). "Australia occidentali."
stenogaster Westwood, 1841: 53 (Midas). Australia (WA).
bicolor Westwood, 1841: 53 (Midas). Australia (WA).
haemorrhous Gerstaecker, 1868: 89. Australia (WA).
tenuis Mackerras, 1928: 542. Australia (SA).
varipes Macquart, 1850: 362(58) (Mydas). Australia, "côte orientale."
viduatus Westwood, 1835c: 281 (Midas). "Nôva Hollandi ."
concinnus Macquart, 1846: 186(58) (Mydas). "Nouvelle-Hollande."
signata Walker, 1857: 126 (Mydas). "Australia."
viduus, error for viduatus.



NEORHAPHIOMIDAS Norris, 1936: 64. Type species: Neorhaphiomidas hardyi Norris, 1936, orig. des.
NEORHAPHIOMYDAS, error for Neorhaphiomidas.
hardyi Norris, 1936: 64. Australia (WA).
inermis Paramonov, 1961e: 107. Australia (SA).
norrisi Paramonov, 1953g: 530. Australia (WA).
pallida Paramonov, 1953g: 531. Australia (WA).
pinguis Norris, 1936: 66. Australia (WA).
queenslandensis Daniels, 2013: 597-600. Australia (Qld).
setosa Paramonov, 1953g: 532. Australia (WA).
villosa Paramonov, 1953g: 531. Australia (WA).

Unplaced species of Mydidae

incipiens Walker, 1848a: 229 (Mydas). "New Holland?"

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