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73. Family NEMINIDAE
(originally as Aulacigasrtridae)

By Neal L. Evenhuis

Neminidae, also known as nobody flies, are a rather enigmatic group of taxa whose generic composition has been open to question for some time. Evenhuis (1989) treated them in the Aulacigastridae in the original Australasian/Oceanian catalog following McAlpine (1983). Since then, Freidberg (1994) raised the genera within Nemininae to familial status.

The Australian generic composition has been treated by McAlpine (1983), with additions to the genus Nemo and characterization of species groups in that genus given by McAlpine (1985c). As presently considered, the family contains the Australian genus Nemo and and the Afrotropical genera Ningulus McAlpine and Nemula Freidberg. The genera Cyamops and Stenomicra are treated in this catalog in the Periscelididae.

Nothing is known of the habits of the immatures, but adults of Nemo have been observed and collected on Alocasia leaves, the bark of Eucalyptus, and the trunk of an Angophora costata tree. Their behavior is recorded in McAlpine (1983).
Refs.: McAlpine (1983, rev. biol., Australian Nemo spp.), Ferrar (1987, immat.); Freidberg (1994, family classif.).

Genus NEMO McAlpine

NEMO McAlpine, 1983: 60. Type species: Nemo corticeus McAlpine, 1983, orig. des.
arbelos McAlpine, 1985c: 47. PNG (PNG).
centriseta McAlpine, 1983: 64. Australia (Qld).
corticeus McAlpine, 1983: 71. Australia (NSW).
dayi McAlpine, 1983: 69. Australia (NSW).
kentae McAlpine, 1983: 68. Australia (NSW).
lossini McAlpine, 1983: 66. Australia (Qld).
phaeotylos McAlpine, 1983: 73. Australia (NSW).