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By Neal L. Evenhuis

The Nothybidae is a small, monogeneric family restricted primarily to the Oriental Region and contains 9 known species. Nothing is known of the immature or adult habits. Its presence in these areas is represented by 2 undescribed specimens, one each from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Further collections from these areas for this family are needed for confirmation of these, otherwise questionable, records.

The genus Gobrya, considered within this family by some workers, is treated in this catalog under Megamerinidae.
Refs.: Frey (1958a, key), Steyskal (1977c, Oriental cat.), McAlpine (1974, behavior), Ferrar (1987, immat.).

Genus NOTHYBUS Rondani

NOTHYBUS Rondani, 1875b: 439. Type species: Nothybus longithorax Rondani, 1875, mon.
Undetermined spp.--PNG (PNG), Solomon Is.