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70. Family ODINIIDAE

By Brian H. Cogan

This is a small family of only 58 described species but with representatives in all the major zoogeographical regions, including Australasia. No species are known from Oceania but, as species of Odinia are represented in collections from Christmas I (Indian Ocean) and the Galapagos Is (eastern Pacific), the family seems to be capable of an insular existence.

No species have been described from the Australasian Region, although the family has been recorded from Australia by Colless & McAlpine (1970: 726, 1974: 95); at least 5 undescribed species are known to me from the region. The Australasian species are the subject of a paper in preparation.

Odiniid life histories are virtually unknown for all but a few species of Odinia, and no biological information is available for the majority of species in the family. Where known, odiniid larvae live in the tunnels of wood-boring larvae of beetles, Lepidoptera, and flies and function as scavengers or even predators of the host larvae. One species, Turanodinia coccidarum Stackelberg, has been reared from the egg masses of Pseudococcus comstocki Kuwana.
Refs.: Prado (1973, key world gen.), Cogan (1975, host associations).


Genus ODINIA Robineau-Desvoidy

ODINIA Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830: 648. Type species: Odinia trinotata Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 [= Milichia maculata Meigen, 1830], des. Rondani, 1875a: 167.
Unidentified sp.--Australia (Colless & McAlpine, 1974: 95).


Genus TRAGINOPS Coquillett

TRAGINOPS Coquillett, 1900b: 429. Type species: Traginops irrorata Coquillett, 1900, orig. des.
Unidentified sp.--Australia (Colless & McAlpine, 1974: 95).

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