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[included as a subfamily in Empididae in the original A/O Catalog]

Genus HYDROPEZA Sinclair

HYDROPEZA Sinclair, 1999: 135. Type species: Trichopeza longipennae Miller, 1923, orig. des.
longipennae Miller, 1923b: 446 (Trichopeza). NZ (NZ).
     milleri Smith, 1989: 387 (unnecessary n. n. for longicornis Miller). NZ (NZ).

Genus OREOGETON Schiner

OREOGETON Schiner, 1860a: 53. Type species: Gloma basalis Loew, 1856, orig. des.
TENONTOMYIA White, 1916b: 237. Type species: Tenontomyia gracilipes White, 1916, mon.
gracilipes White, 1916b: 237 (Tenontomyia). Australia (Tas).
maculipennis Collin, 1928: 62. NZ (NZ).
rostratus Collin, 1928:63. NZ (NZ).
undulatus Collin, 1928: 61. NZ (NZ).

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