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By Brian R. Pitkin

This is a small family of 54 extant and 3 fossil species in 15 genera. Called flutter, trembling-wing, or waving-wing flies, by reason of the striking vibration of the wings in many species, they are found in northern temperate regions, temperate South America, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

Little biological information is available. Most of the 9 New Zealand species were collected by sweeping vegetation. Records from Europe indicate that larvae are phytophagous or carnivorous, occurring in flower buds and stems of Compositae and Umbelliferae or under bark of felled trees infested with Cerambycidae and Scolytidae.
Refs.: Harrison (1959, key NZ Maorina), McAlpine (1981, key world gen.).

Genus HYPSOMYIA McAlpine

HYPSOMYIA McAlpine, 1964c: 218. Type species: Hypsomyia goilala McAlpine, 1964, orig. des.
goilala McAlpine, 1964c: 218. PNG (PNG).

Genus MAORINA Malloch

MAORINA Malloch, 1930b: 235. Type species: Maorina bimacula Malloch, 1930, orig. des.
NEOMAORINA Miller, 1945: 72 (unnec. n. n. for Maorina).
MAVRINA, error for Maorina.
apicalis Walker, 1849: 1114 (Opomyza). "New Zealand"; NZ (Chatham Is, NZ).
aristata Malloch, 1930b: 241. NZ (NZ).
bimacula Malloch, 1930b: 237. NZ (NZ).
gourlayi Harrison, 1959: 208 (Neomaorina). NZ (NZ).
lamellata Harrison, 1959: 210 (Neomaorina). NZ (NZ); NZ (Chatham Is).
macronycha Malloch, 1930b: 239. NZ (NZ).
palpalis Malloch, 1930b: 240. NZ (NZ).
pseudapicalis Harrison, 1959: 211 (Neomaorina). NZ (NZ).
scutellata Malloch, 1930b: 240. NZ (NZ).

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