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(including Stenomicridae)

[Originally] by K.C. Khoo (Periscelididae) and
K.C. Khoo & Curtis W. Sabrosky (Stenomicridae)

Periscelidids are small flies, occurring also in Europe and the Americas. They have been reported to be attracted to bleeding wounds of trees, and larvae have been reared from fermenting oak sap.

The genera Stenomicra and Cyamops have been variously placed in the families Drosophilidae, Asteiidae, Geomyzidae, Periscelididae, Anthomyzidae, and Aulacigastridae. Papp (1984) considered Stenomicra a distinct family, which also includes Cyamops because the 2 genera are closely related. Stenomicra is here placed in Periscelididae in the subfamily Stenomicrinae following Mathis (1993).

Stenomicra is pale and moves rapidly with equal facility in all directions while maintaining a constant orientation, which is often observed on the surface of leaves. Cyamops are dark flies with slow movements and a tendency to run about less than Stenomicra. They are found in wet locations such as vegetation beside streams and rivers. Cyamops may also be collected off of rocks in streams and rivers. Larvae of Stenomicra of the few species for which biology is known are aquatic or semiaquatic, living in water trapped in leaf axils. They occur in all regions of the world.
Refs.: Malloch (1927c, key 4 spp.), Williams (1939, biol. Stenomicra orientalis), Sabrosky (1965, gen. diagn.), Papp (1984d, cat. Palearctic spp.), Khoo (1984, Australian Cyamops), Mathis (1993, Australian spp.), Grimaldi (2009, Fijian spp.).



PERISCELIS Loew, 1858b: 113. Type species: Periscelis annulipes Loew, 1858, mon.

Subgenus NOTIOSCELIS Mathis

NOTIOSCELIS Mathis, 1993: 16. Type species: Periscelis fasciata Mathis, 1993, orig. des.
fasciata Mathis, 1993: 16. Austrlia (NSW); Australia (Qld).


Genus STENOMICRA Coquillett

STENOMICRA Coquillett, 1900c: 262. Type species: Stenomicra angustata Coquillett, 1900, orig. des.

Subgenus PODOCERA Czerny

PODOCERA Czerny, 1929: 93 (as gen.). Type species: Podocera ramifera Czerny, 1929, mon. [Not preocc. by Podocera of Latreille, 1817 = error for Podocerus Leach, 1814.]
DIADELOPS Collin, 1944: 265. Type species: Diadelops delicata Collin, 1944, mon.
distinctipennis Collin, 1951: 47 (Diadelops). Fiji.
     fascipennis, not Malloch, misid.

Subgenus STENOMICRA Coquillett

STENOMICRA Coquillett, 1900c: 262 (as gen.). Type species: Stenomicra angustata Coquillett, 1900, orig. des.
ariela Grimaldi, 2009: 4. Fiji.
australis Malloch, 1927c: 25. Australia (Qld).
brunnea Grimaldi, 2009: 5. Fiji.
castanea Grimaldi, 2009: 5. Fiji.
distincta Grimaldi, 2009: 17. Fiji.
orientalis Malloch, 1927c: 25. Hawaiian Is.
     angustata, Williams, 1939, not Coquillett, 1900, misid.
pallida Grimaldi, 2009: 6. Fiji.
sylpha Grimaldi, 2009: 6. Fiji.
tokotaai Grimaldi, 2009: 6. Fiji.
xoutha Grimaldi, 2009: 17. Fiji.

Genus CYAMOPS Melander

CYAMOPS Melander, 1913: 291. Type species: Cyamops nebulosa Melander, 1913, orig. des.
australicus Hennig, 1969a: 612. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
claudiensis Khoo, 1984: 530. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT, WA).
dayi Khoo, 1984: 532. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
delta Khoo, 1984: 534. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Tas, Vic).
femobrunneus Grimaldi, 2009: 23. Fiji.
femoctenidius Grimaldi, 2009: 26. Fiji.
fiji Baptista & Mathis, 2000: 493. Fiji.
micronesicus Baptista & Mathis, 2000: 490. Micronesia.
papuensis Baptista & Mathis, 2000: 495. PNG (PNG).
pectinatus Khoo, 1984: 528. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, Tas).
samoensis Baptista & Mathis, 2000: 495. American Samoa.
truncatus Khoo, 1984: 533. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).


STENOCYAMOPS Papp in Papp et al., 2006: 216. Type species: Stenocyamops thaii Papp, 2006, orig. des.
luteus Grimaldi, 2009: 28. Fiji.
pseudoluteus Grimaldi, 2009: 29. Fiji.
robustus Grimaldi, 2009: 33. Fiji.
vittatus Grimaldi, 2009: 37. Fiji.

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