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by Neal L. Evenhuis

This small family of flies (5 species; 4 Australian, 1 Chilean) was proposed by Colless (1962a) for the aberrant genus Perissomma. The position of the family within the Nematocera is uncertain, but its placement within the Bibionomorpha by Colless (1962a) has been accepted by subsequent authors and is followed here. Its suspected primitive origin is substantiated by its Transantarctic distribution (in Australia and Chile). All known Perissomatidae are sylvan species. The larvae of P. fuscum have been found in Boletus fungi. Larvae presumed to be of P. mcalpinei have been collected from moist leaf litter. A formal taxonomic review and a discussion of cytogenetics of the family is found in Colless (1969).
Refs.: Colless (1962a, 1969, rev., key, biol., cytogenetics), McAlpine (1987a, behav.).

Genus PERISSOMMA Colless

PERISSOMMA Colless, 1962a: 520. Type species: Perissomma fusca Colless, 1962, orig. des.
bellissimum Colless, 1969: 726. Australia (NSW).
dobrotworskyi Colless, 1969: 726. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
fuscum Colless, 1962a: 525. Australia (ACT); Australia (SA, Vic).
mcalpinei Colless, 1962a: 528. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).

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