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Phaeomyiids are a recent family. Previously treated as a subfamily within Sciomyzidae, Griffiths (1972) proposed elevating the subfamily to family rank. The Australasian/Oceanian Diptera catalog (1989) kept them in Sciomyzidae, but Vala et al. (1990) gave further evidence to their elevation to family rank, which is followed here. Only one genus, Pelidnoptera Rondani, is known in the family.

The single species recorded from the Australasian/Oceanian regions, Pelidnoptera nigripennis (Meigen), is a parasitoid of millipedes (Vala et al. 1990).


PELIDNOPTERA Rondani, 1856: 107. Type species: Musca nigripennis Fabricius, 1794, orig. des.
nigripennis Fabricius, 1794: 346 (Musca). France; Australia (SA, Tas, Vic, WA) [introduced]; widesp. Europe.

Last revised 28 May 2007