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[Originally] By Neal L. Evenhuis

Platystomatidae is one of the largest families of acalyptrate Diptera and contains some of the most morphologically bizarre forms in all of Diptera. Over 1,000 species have been described, of which almost 500 are recorded from the Australasian/Oceanian Regions, compared with 259 from the Oriental, 235 from the Afrotropical, 77 from the Palearctic, 41 from the Nearctic, and 29 from the Neotropical. It is highly certain that the center of distribution of the family is the Old World tropics.

Adults have been recorded by McAlpine (1973) as attracted to flowers, decaying fruit, excrement, and decomposing snails. They are often found on tree trunks. Males often wave their wings in display in courtship behavior. Immatures are found on fresh and decaying vege­tation, carrion, human corpses, and root nodules of legumes. The larva of an Australian species of the genus Euprosopia has been observed eating a coleopterous pupa, the larvae of Elassogaster linearis (as sepsoides) have been recorded attacking egg pods of Locusta migratoria in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, and Trigonosoma decorum (de Meijere) has been recorded feeding on human lesions (Steyskal 1971b).

Refs.: Lower (1970, cat. Australasian/Oceanian spp.), Steyskal (1971b, key, biol., Trigonosoma; 1977d, cat. Oriental spp.), McAlpine (1973, 2001, rev. Australian spp.; 1982a, PNG taxa), Ferrar (1987, immat.).

Genus ACHIAS Fabricius

ACHIAS Fabricius, 1805: 247. Type species: Achias oculatus Fabricius, 1805, mon.
MYSTIA Walker, 1861b: 249. Type species: Mystia attrahens Walker, 1861, mon.
ACHIOSOMA Hendel, 1914d: 8, 200 [1914e: 100]. Type species: Achias dacoides Walker, 1865, orig. des.
additus McAlpine, 1994: 140. PNG (PNG).
albertisi Osten Sacken, 1881a: 473. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
alutarius McAlpine, 1994: 196. PNG (PNG).
amplividens Walker, 1859a: 122. Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
apictipennis Hennig, 1940: 316. Australia (Qld).
aspiciens Walker, 1864: 229 (Dacus). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
attrahens Walker, 1861b: 250 (Mystia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG)
australis Malloch, 1939b: 137. Australia (Qld).
brachyophthalmus Walker, 1865b: 119. "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya].
     brachiophthalmus, error for brachyophthalmus.
calcar McAlpine, 1994: 241. PNG (PNG).
carolinae McAlpine, 1994: 201. PNG (PNG).
cauda McAlpine, 1994: 205. PNG (PNG).
celaenops McAlpine, 1994: 179. PNG (PNG).
cheesmanae McAlpine, 1994: 160. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
clastus McAlpine, 1994: 165. PNG (PNG).
cogani McAlpine, 1994: 178. PNG (PNG).
comptus McAlpine, 1994: 200. PNG (PNG).
costalis Malloch, 1939b: 130 (Achiosoma). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
crosskeyi McAlpine, 1994: 182. PNG (PNG).
dacoides Walker, 1865c: 133. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
delectans Walker, 1859a: 111 (Lamprogaster). Indonesia (Maluku).
diversifrons de Meijere, 1913b: 371. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
divisus McAlpine, 1994: 228. PNG (PNG); indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fabricii McAlpine, 1994: 161. PNG (PNG).
flyensis McAlpine, 1994: 258. PNG (PNG).
fritillus McAlpine, 1994: 274. PNG (PNG).
fuligo McAlpine, 1994: 268. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fulviceps de Meijere, 1913b: 373. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
furcatus Hendel, 1914d: 216. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     furcatus Hendel, 1914a: 105. Nomen nudum.
gjellerupi de Meijere, 1913c: xl [1915b: 130]. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
gracilis de Meijere, 1913b: 373. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
gressitti McAlpine, 1994: 214. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
hapsis McAlpine, 1994: 265. PNG (PNG).
hendeli McAlpine, 1994: 212. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
hennigi McAlpine, 1994: 189. PNG (PNG).
hollowayi McAlpine, 1994: 234. PNG (PNG).
hyweli McAlpine, 1994: 239. PNG (PNG).
ios McAlpine, 1994: 233. PNG (PNG).
ismayi McAlpine, 1994: 237. PNG (PNG).
janus McAlpine, 1994: 164. PNG (PNG).
kentae McAlpine, 1994: 174. PNG (PNG).
khooi McAlpine, 1994: 147. PNG (PNG).
kimi McAlpine, 1994: 188. Australia (Qld); PNG (PNG).
kurandanus Hennig, 1940: 315. Australia (Qld).
lachlani McAlpine, 1994: 270. PNG (PNG).
latividens Walker, 1859a: 121. Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
longitarsis McAlpine, 1994: 226. PNG (PNG).
longividens Walker, 1859a: 121. Indonesia (Maluku); PNG (PNG).
mallochi McAlpine, 1994: 215. PNG (PNG).
meeki McAlpine, 1994: 137. PNG (PNG).
meijerei McAlpine, 1994: 154. PNG (PNG).
melinae McAlpine, 1994: 208. PNG (PNG).
microcephalus Hendel, 1914d: 215. PNG (Bismarck Arch [lectotype locality; McAlpine, 1994: 151]).
     microcepahalus Hendel, 1914a: 104. Nomen nudum.
     macrocephalus, error for microcephalus.
minax McAlpine, 1994: 263. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT), PNG (PNG).
mitis McAlpine, 1994: 269. PNG (PNG).
molysma McAlpine, 1994: 176. PNG (PNG).
nigricoxa McAlpine, 1994: 144. PNG (PNG).
nigrifacies Malloch, 1939b: 131 (Achiosoma). PNG (PNG).
obliquus McAlpine, 1994: 193. PNG (PNG).
oculatus Fabricius, 1805: 247. Indonesia (Java), error [= Papuan Subregion; D.K. McAlpine, in litt.].
opipes McAlpine, 1994: 240. PNG (PNG).
parilis McAlpine, 1994: 173. PNG (PNG).
penicillus McAlpine, 1994: 162. PNG (PNG).
pexatus McAlpine, 1994: 254. PNG (PNG).
planiceps McAlpine, 1994: 229. PNG (PNG).
platychirus Hendel, 1914a: pl. 10 [1914d: 204]. PNG (PNG).
polyonychus McAlpine, 1994: 247. PNG (PNG).
pumex McAlpine, 1994: 156. PNG (PNG).
punctulatus de Meijere, 1913b: 372. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
pygmosus McAlpine, 1994: 198. PNG (PNG).
reses McAlpine, 1994: 169. PNG (PNG).
robustus Bigot, 1880c: 93 (Zygotricha). "Nov.-Guinea"; Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
rothschildi Austen, 1910: 459. PNG (PNG).
rufus McAlpine, 1994: 181. PNG (PNG).
sackeni McAlpine, 1994: 145. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
schneiderae McAlpine, 1994: 225. PNG (PNG).
sciotusMcAlpine, 1994: 207. PNG (PNG).
sedlacekae McAlpine, 1994: 171. PNG (PNG).
sphyrna McAlpine, 1994: 232. PNG (PNG).
steyskali McAlpine, 1994: 166. PNG (PNG).
stigon McAlpine, 1994: 206. PNG (PNG).
stiva McAlpine, 1994: 251. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
straatmani McAlpine, 1994: 150. PNG (PNG).
strictus McAlpine, 1994: 266. PNG (PNG).
strigatus de Meijere, 1913b: 372. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
subnudus Malloch, 1939b: 134. PNG (PNG).
sursividens McAlpine, 1994: 203. PNG (PNG).
szentivanyi McAlpine, 1994: 191. PNG (PNG).
tawii McAlpine, 1994: 168. PNG (PNG).
testaceus McAlpine, 1994: 213. PNG (PNG).
thoracalis Hendel, 1914d: 213. PNG (PNG).
trivittatus McAlpine, 1994: 272. PNG (PNG).
tudus McAlpine, 1994: 238. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
venustulus Walker, 1865b: 119. "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)]; PNG (PNG).
wallacei McAlpine, 1994: 184. PNG (PNG).
xyrion McAlpine, 1994: 248. PNG (PNG).

Genus AETHA McAlpine

AETHA McAlpine, 2001: 153. Type species: Aetha cowanae McAlpine, 2001, orig. des.
cowanae McAlpine, 2001: 154. Australia (NT); Australia (Qld).

Genus ANGITULA Walker

ANGITULA Walker, 1859a: 123. Type species: Angitula longicollis Walker, 1859, mon.

Subgenus ANGITULA Walker

ANGITULA Walker, 1859a: 123 (as gen.). Type species: Angitula longicollis Walker, 1859, mon.
ANGITULINA Enderlein, 1936a: 228 (as gen.). Type species: Elaphomyia polita Saunders, 1861 [= Angitula longicollis Walker, 1859], orig. des.
HAMMATOPELMA Enderlein, 1936a: 228 (as gen.). Type species: Hammatopelma nigra Enderlein, 1936, orig. des.
MEACHINA Enderlein, 1936e: 241 (as gen.). Type species: Meachina violacea Enderlein, 1936, orig. des.
cyanea Guérin-Méneville, 1831: pl. 21, fig. 11 [1838: 301] (Nerius). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
krombeini Steyskal, 1952c: 87. PNG (PNG).
longicollis Walker, 1859a: 123. Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
     polita Saunders, 1861: 416 (Elaphomyia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
longicornis Enderlein, 1936e: 242. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
nigra Enderlein, 1936a: 228 (Hammatopelma). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
violacea Enderlein, 1936e: 241 (Meachina). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Subgenus ANGITULOIDES Hendel

ANGITULOIDES Hendel, 1913b: 345 (as gen.). Type species: Angituloides austeni Hendel, 1913, mon.
austeni Hendel, 1913b: 345 (Angituloides). Solomon Is; PNG (Bougainville I).

Subgenus GIRAFFOMYIA Sharp

GIRAFFOMYIA Sharp, 1899: 391 (as gen.). Type species: Giraffomyia willeyi Sharp, 1899, mon.
nigripes Steyskal, 1950: 94 (Giraffomyia). Solomon Is.
perfecta Malloch, 1940d: 96 (Giraffomyia; regularis var.). Solomon Is.
regularis Malloch, 1940d: 95 (Giraffomyia).. Solomon Is.
solomonensis Malloch, 1940d: 93 (Giraffomyia). Solomon Is.
     irregularis Malloch, 1940d: 97. Solomon Is.
willeyi Sharp, 1899: 392 (Giraffomyia).. PNG (Bismarck Arch).

Genus ANTINEURA Osten Sacken

ANTINEURA Osten Sacken, 1881c: 134 [1881d: xcix]. Type species: Antineura stolata Osten Sacken, 1881, des. Hendel, 1914d: 12, 40.
ADANTINEURA Hendel, 1914d: 32 [1914e: 41]. Type species: Antineura biroi de Meijere, 1906, des. Evenhuis, 1989: 486.
biroi de Meijere, 1906a: 188. PNG (PNG).
devia Walker, 1861b: 250 (Dacus). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
grandis Doleschall, 1858: 126 (Herina). Indonesia (Maluku).
kerteszi de Meijere, 1906a: 189. PNG (PNG).
pubiseta Walker, 1861d: 294 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku).
strigifera Walker, 1861e: 13 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku).


APACTONEURA Malloch, 1930d: 223. Type species: Apactoneura flavicornis Malloch, 1930, orig. des.
flavicornis Malloch, 1930d: 223. Western Samoa.

Genus APIOLA McAlpine

XENOGNATHUS Malloch, 1930d: 225. Type species: Xenognathus bryani Malloch, 1930, orig. des. [Preocc. Gilbert, 1915.]
APIOLA McAlpine, 1973: 31 (n. n. for Xenognathus).
bryani Malloch, 1930d: 226 (Xenognathus). Western Samoa.
inermis Malloch, 1930d: 228 (Xenognathus). Western Samoa.

Genus ASYNTONA Osten Sacken

ASYNTONA Osten Sacken, 1881d: c. Type species: Asyntona doleschalli Osten Sacken, 1881, mon.
doleschalli Osten Sacken, 1881d: c. Indonesia (Maluku).
flaviceps Hendel, 1914d: 291. PNG (PNG); Solomon Is.
paradoxa de Meijere, 1908a: 124. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); Australia (Qld), PNG (PNG).
tetyroides Walker, 1859a: 112 (Lamprogaster). Indonesia (Maluku).


ATOPOGNATHUS Bigot, 1881a: 47 [1881d: 24]. Type species: Atopognathus platypalpus Bigot, 1881, mon.
DASIORTALIS de Meijere, 1913b: 378. Type species: Ortalis contigua Walker, 1865 [= Ortalis complens Walker, 1859], mon.
DASYORTALIS Hendel, 1914d: 11, 277 [1914e: 129]. Type species: Ortalis complens Walker, 1859, orig. des.
LASIOPSILA Curran, 1936: 54. Type species: Lasiopsila fasciata Curran, 1936, orig. des.
LASIOXIRIA Hendel, 1914d: 28 [1914e: 37]. Type species: Lasioxiria hirsuta Hendel, 1914, orig. des.
angustifrons Hendel, 1914d: 279 (Dasyortalis). PNG (PNG).
barbatus Hendel, 1914d: 279 (Dasyortalis). PNG (PNG).
complens Walker, 1859a: 118(Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG), Solomon Is.
     ssp. complens s. str. Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya). PNG(PNG).
     contigua Walker, 1865b: 123(Ortalis). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].
     ssp. fasciatus Curran, 1936: 54 (Lasiopsila; as sp.). Solomon Is; PNG (Bismarck Arch).
     ssp. separatus Malloch, 1939b: 103 (complens var.). Indonesia (Irian Jaya). N. stat.
goniceps Hendel, 1914d: 281 (Dasyortalis). PNG (PNG).
hirsuta Hendel, 1914d: 28 (Lasioxiria). PNG (PNG).
leucomerus Walker, 1864: 219(Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku).
platypalpus Bigot, 1881a: 47 [1881d: 24]. Indonesia (Maluku).
signifacies Walker, 1860b: 165 (Trypeta). Indonesia (Maluku).

Genus BAMA McAlpine

BAMA McAlpine, 2001: 165. Type species: Xiria papuana Hennig, 1940, orig. des.

Subgenus BAMA McAlpine

BAMA McAlpine, 2001: 165 (as gen.). Type species: Xiria papuana Hennig, 1940, orig. des.
aurantium McAlpine, 2105: 47. PNG (PNG).
bickeli McAlpine, 2105: 41. PNG (PNG).
bipunctatum Hendel, 1914d: 188 (Euxestomoea). PNG (PNG).
brevitarse McAlpine, 2105: 33. PNG (PNG).
divergens McAlpine, 2105: 30. PNG (PNG).
flavifrons McAlpine, 2105: 36. PNG (PNG).
flexifer McAlpine, 2105: 32. PNG (PNG).
grande McAlpine, 2105: 42. PNG (PNG).
gressitti McAlpine, 2105: 39. PNG (PNG).
ismayi McAlpine, 2105: 38. PNG (PNG).
martini McAlpine, 2105: 44. PNG (PNG).
monstrans McAlpine, 2105: 48. PNG (PNG).
papuanum Hennig, 1940: 316 (Xiria). PNG (PNG).
robertsi McAlpine, 2105: 31. PNG (PNG).
signifer McAlpine, 2105: 36. PNG (PNG).
strigatum Hennig, 1940: 317 (Xiria). PNG (PNG).

Subgenus POLIMEN McAlpine

POLIMEN McAl;pine, 2001: 166. Type species: Bama shinonagai McAlpine, 2001, orig. des.
shinonagai McAlpine, 2001: 167

Genus BREA Walker

BREA Walker, 1859a: 117. Type species: Brea contraria Walker, 1859, des. Hendel, 1914e: 16, 125.
MARIA Bigot, 1859b: 311. Type species: Maria caeruleiventris Bigot, 1859 [= Brea contraria Walker, 1859], mon.
angustilimbata de Meijere, 1915b: 129. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
basalis Enderlein, 1924a: 129. PNG (PNG).
contraria Walker, 1859a: 117. Indonesia (Maluku); Australia (Qld), PNG (PNG)
     caeruleiventris Bigot, 1859b: 311 (Maria). Indonesia (Maluku).
discalis Walker, 1859a: 117. Indonesia (Maluku).
discifera Hendel, 1914d: 270. Indonesia (Maluku).
flavipes de Meijere, 1913b: 371. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
magnifica Hendel, 1914d: 271. PNG (PNG).
nouhuysi de Meijere, 1913b: 370. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
ralumensis Enderlein, 1924a: 129. PNG (Bismarck Arch).


CHAETORIVELLIA de Meijere, 1913b: 376. Type species: Ortalis trifasciata Doleschall, 1858, mon.
punctifascia Walker, 1861e: 15(Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku).
tarsalis Walker, 1861d: 296(Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku).
trifasciata Doleschall, 1858: 121(Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).

Genus CLEITAMIA Macquart

CLEITAMIA Macquart, 1835: 440. Type species: Ortalis astrolabei Macquart, 1835, mon.
POTICARA Walker, 1861b: 248. Type species: Poticara triarcuata Walker, 1861 [= Ortalis astrolabei Macquart, 1835], mon.
amabilis Osten Sacken, 1881a: 468. PNG (PNG).
astrolabei Macquart, 1835: 440. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
     astrolabei Boisduval, 1835: 688 (Ortalis). Indonesia (Irian Jaya). [Preocc. Macquart, 1835.]
     triarcuata Walker, 1861b: 249 (Poticara). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
biarcuata Walker, 1865c: 133 (Poticara). "New Guinea"; Indonesia (IrianJaya), PNG (PNG).
catharinae de Meijere, 1913b: 63. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
cheesmanae Malloch, 1939b: 110. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
cyclops Malloch, 1939b: 110. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
delandi Malloch, 1939b: 111. PNG (PNG).
excepta Malloch, 1939b: 111. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
gestroi Kertész, 1899a: 566. PNG (PNG).
insignis de Meijere, 1913c: xl [1915b: 128]. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
orthocephala Hendel, 1914d: 126. PNG (PNG).
ostensackeni Kertész, 1914: 494. PNG (PNG).
rivellioides Osten Sacken, 1881a: 469. PNG (PNG).
roederi Kertész, 1899a: 565. PNG (PNG).
similis Kertész, 1899a: 562. PNG (PNG).
tricurvata Walker, 1864: 227 (Poticara). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).


CLEITAMOIDES Malloch, 1939b: 106. Type species: Cleitamia kertezsi Hendel, 1914, orig. des.
kerteszi Hendel, 1914d: 130 (Cleitamia). "Neu-Guinea" [prob. = PNG (PNG)].
latifascia Walker, 1859a: 114 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (IrianJaya), PNG (PNG).
lituratus Walker, 1861b: 251 (Dacus). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     liturata Osten Sacken, 1881a: 468 (Cleitamia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya). [Preocc. Walker, 1861.]
trigonalis de Meijere, 1913b: 375 (Cleitamia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).


CONICIPITHEA Hendel, 1914d: 5, 29 [1914e: 12, 38]. Type species: Dacus addens Walker, 1860, orig. des.
addens Walker, 1860a: 149 (Dacus). Indonesia (Sulawesi); Indonesia (Maluku).

Genus DAYOMYIA McAlpine

DAYOMYIA McAlpine, 2007b: 68. Type species: Dayomyia molens McAlpine, 2007, orig. des.
molens McAlpine, 2007b: 68. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).

Genus DUOMYIA Walker

DUOMYIA Walker, 1849: 800. Type species: Duomyia obscura Walker, 1849, des. Hendel, 1914d: 6.
CAMPIGASTER Macquart, 1855: 162(142). Type species: Campigaster testacea Macquart, 1855, mon.
EUCHALCOTA Loew, 1873b: 40. Type species: Senopterina decora Macquart, 1846, orig. des.
HELOCNEMIA Enderlein, 1924a: 128. Type species: Chromatomyia apicalis Walker, 1849, orig. des.
DUOMYZA Malloch, 1929p: 507 (Duomyia subg.). Type species: Duomyia tomentosa Hendel, 1914, orig. des.
acrogenea McAlpine, 1973: 113. Australia (WA).
adelaidae McAlpine, 1973: 112. Australia (SA).
alfredi McAlpine, 2011: 64. Australia (Qld).
aliceae McAlpine, 2011: 70. Australia (Qld).
ameniina McAlpine, 1973: 116. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT, WA).
angustata McAlpine, 1973: 106. Australia (WA).
apicalis Walker, 1849: 804 (Chromatomyia). Australia (WA).
     annulipes Hendel, 1914d: 98. Australia (WA).
argentata McAlpine, 1973: 88. Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW).
aurantiaca McAlpine, 1973: 100. Australia (NSW).
azurea Hendel, 1914d: 97. Australia (WA).
botulus McAlpine, 1973: 87. Australia (Vic).
brevicornis McAlpine, 1973: 105. Australia (NSW).
brevifurca McAlpine, 1973: 131. Australia (Qld).
bucina McAlpine, 2012: 134. Australia (NT).
cancellata McAlpine, 1973: 128. Australia (NSW).
capitalis McAlpine, 1973: 108. Australia (ACT).
capnodes McAlpine, 1973: 103. Australia (WA).
chaetostigma McAlpine, 1973: 92. Australia (NSW).
collessi McAlpine, 2012: 142. Australia (NT); Australia (Qld).
commonsi McAlpine, 1973: 81. Australia (Qld).
convallis McAlpine, 1973: 80. Australia (Qld).
curta McAlpine, 1973: 97. Australia (NSW).
decora Macquart, 1846: 328(208) (Senopterina). Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
     punctifrons Macquart, 1848: 221(61) (Ortalis). "Nouvelle-Hollande."
     laeta Walker, 1849: 805 (Chromatomyia). "New Holland."
dete McAlpine, 1973: 101. Australia (WA).
eremia McAlpine, 1973: 89. Australia (NT); Australia (SA).
foliata McAlpine, 1973: 85. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT, WA).
gigas Macquart, 1851: 255(282) (Senopterina). "Tasmanie," error [= Australia (NSW)]; Australia (Qld).
glebosa McAlpine, 1973: 126. Australia (NSW).
grahami MAlpine, 2012: 132. Australia (NT).
hebes McAlpine, 1973: 129. Australia (Qld).
howensis McAlpine, 1973: 123. Lord Howe I.
hypene McAlpine, 1973: 121. Australia (NSW).
iris McAlpine, 1973: 113. Australia (WA).
irregularis Malloch, 1929p: 509. Australia (NT).
korneyevi McAlpine, 2012: 137. Australia (NT); Australia (Qld).
lacunosa McAlpine, 1973: 90. Australia (WA); Australia (Vic).
lana McAlpine, 2012: 140. Australia (NT).
latipilus McAlpine, 1973: 110. Australia (NSW).
lonchaeina McAlpine, 1973: 107. Australia (WA).
longicauda McAlpine, 1973: 102. Australia (WA).
loxocerina McAlpine, 1973: 127. Australia (NSW).
lutea McAlpine, 1973: 94. Australia (WA).
maceveyi McAlpine, 2012: 143. australia (NT); Australia (Qld).
maculipennis Hendel, 1914d: 93. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
     fidschiensis Enderlein, 1924a: 112. "Fidji Inseln," error [= E Australia; see McAlpine, 1975: 125].
marginalis McAlpine, 1973: 91. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
mithrax Hendel, 1914d: 92. Australia (Qld).
monteithi McAlpine, 1973: 84. Australia (Qld).
montium McAlpine, 1973: 117 (n. n. for punctifrons Malloch). Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT).
    punctifrons Malloch, 1929p: 510. Australia (NSW).
nigricosta Malloch, 1929p: 511. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
nodosa McAlpjne, 2012: 127. Australia (NT); Australia (WA).
obscura Walker, 1849: 800. "New Holland"; Australia (ACT, NSW, Qld, Vic).
octoseta McAlpine, 1973: 98. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
pallipes McAlpine, 1973: 82. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, WA).
parallela McAlpine, 1973: 111. Australia (WA).
personata McAlpine, 1973: 80. Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW).
picta McAlpine, 1973: 108. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
praeflava McAlpine, 2012: 137. Australia (NT); Australia (Qld).
prensans McAlpine, 2012: 135. Australia (NT).
rapida McAlpine, 2012: 129. Australia (NT).
rasa McAlpine, 1973: 109. Australia (Qld).
recta Mcalpine, 2012: 134. Australia (NT).
rudis McAlpine, 1973: 131. Australia (Qld).
rugifrons Thomson, 1869: 577 (Senopterina). Australia (NSW).
rugula McAlpine, 2011: 68. Australia (NT); Australia (Qld).
scintilla McAlpine, 1973: 118. Australia (NSW).
scipio McAlpine, 1973: 99. Australia (Qld).
scutellaris Macquart, 1851: 255(282) (Senopterina). "Tasmanie," error [= E Australia]; Australia (NSW, Qld).
     grandis Schiner, 1868: 289 (Scenopterina). "Chili," error [= E Australia; see McAlpine, 1973: 89].
semiclara McAlpine, 2011: 67. Australia (Qld).
sericea Hendel, 1914d: 99. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
serra McAlpine, 1973: 96. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
smaragdina McAlpine, 1973: 89. Australia (WA).
Enderlein, 1924a: 115 (Pseudepicausta). Australia (NSW).
spinifemorata Malloch, 1929p: 508. Australia (NT).
testacea Macquart, 1855: 162(142) (Campigaster). "Nouvelle-Hollande"; Australia (NSW, Vic).
thalassina Walker, 1849: 801. Not given [E Australia]; Australia (ACT, NSW, Qld, Vic).
tomentosa Hendel, 1914d: 100. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW, NT, WA).
tricurva McAlpine, 2012: 132. Australia (NT).
triquetra McAlpine, 1973: 86. Australia (Qld).
umbrosa McAlpine, 1973: 96. Australia (Qld).
uptoni McAlpine, 1973: 114. Australia (WA).
ustulata McAlpine, 1973: 104. Australia (WA).
viridaurea McAlpine, 1973: 115. Australia (WA).
whittingtoni McAlpine, 2012: 145. Australia (NT).


ELASSOGASTER Bigot, 1860a: 546. Type species: Elassogaster metallicus Bigot, 1860, mon.
didymoides Hendel, 1914d: 76. PNG (PNG).
didyma Osten Sacken, 1881a: 465 (Stenopterina). PNG (PNG).
linearis Walker, 1849: 998 (Sepsis). Philippines; ?Australia, Indonesia (Maluku), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG).
     sepsoides Walker, 1860b: 163 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku).
     unimaculata Kertész, 1899b: 185 (Stenopterina). PNG (PNG).
     immaculata, error for unimaculata.
nigripes Malloch, 1940d: 70. Solomon Is.
signatipes Walker, 1860b: 163 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku).
sordida Walker, 1861b: 251 (Dacus). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     varialis Walker, 1865b: 123 (Dacus). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (IrianJaya)].

Genus EUMEKA McAlpine

EUMEKA McAlpine, 2001: 145. Type species: Eumeka hendeli McAlpine, 2001, orig. des.
hendeli McAlpine, 2001: 146. Australia (Qld); PNG (PNG).
koghii McAlpine, 2007b: 70. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).

Genus EUPROSOPIA Macquart

EUPROSOPIA Macquart, 1847a: 89 [1847b: 105]. Type species: Euprosopia tenuicornis Macquart, 1847, mon.
PACHYCEPHALA Doleschall, 1858: 115. Type species: Pachycephala mohnikei Doleschall, 1858, des. Enderlein, 1924a: 136. [Preocc. Vigors, 1825.]
NOTOPSILA Osten Sacken, 1882b: 209 (n. n. for Pachycephala).
ONCOSCELIA Enderlein, 1924a: 136 (n. n. for Pachycephala).
LEPIDOCOMPSIA Enderlein, 1924a: 137. Type species: Platystoma impingens Walker, 1865, orig. des.
TETRACHAETINA Enderlein, 1924a: 138. Type species: Tetrachaetina buergersiana Enderlein, 1924, orig. des.
acula McAlpine, 1973: 142. Australia (Qld).
albifacies Doleschall, 1858: 117 (Pachycephala). Indonesia (Maluku).
albipila McAlpine, 1973: 116. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Tas, Vic).
albolineata de Meijere, 1913b: 367. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
alpina McAlpine, 1973: 167. Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW, Vic).
alticeps Malloch, 1940d: 81. Solomon Is.
anostigma McAlpine, 1973: 175 (n. n. for australis Walker). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
     australis Walker, 1849: 1061 (Platystoma). Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Macquart, 1846.]
armipes McAlpine, 1973: 177. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
aureovitta Malloch, 1939b: 151. PNG (PNG).
biarmata Malloch, 1929p: 512. Australia (Qld).
bilineata de Meijere, 1906b: 92. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
buergersiana Enderlein, 1924a: 138 (Tetrachaetina). PNG (PNG).
celsa McAlpine, 1973: 168. Australia (NSW).
comes McAlpine, 1973: 181. Australia (Qld).
conferta McAlpine, 1973: 151. Australia (Qld).
conjuncta Hendel, 1914d: 229. Australia (Qld).
connexa Malloch, 1940d: 79. Solomon Is.
crassa McAlpine, 1973: 148. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
crispa McAlpine, 1973: 160. Australia (NSW).
diminutiva Walker, 1865b: 121. "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)]; PNG (PNG).
     setinervis Malloch, 1939b: 149. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
dubitalis Malloch, 1939b: 149. PNG (PNG).
filicornis McAlpine, 1973: 170. Australia (NSW).
fimbripes McAlpine, 1973: 164. Australia (Vic); Australia (ACT).
fusifacies Walker, 1859a: 113 (Platystoma). Indonesia (Maluku).
     fuscifacies, error for fusifacies.
hollowayi McAlpine, 1973: 158. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
hypostigma McAlpine, 1973: 168. Australia (NSW).
impingens Walker, 1865c: 134 (Platystoma). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG).
inermis McAlpine, 1973: 183. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
innocua Malloch, 1939b: 152. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
insulicola Malloch, 1940d: 84. Solomon Is.
integra McAlpine, 1973: 153. Australia (Qld).
kurandae McAlpine, 1973: 154. Australia (Qld).
lenticula McAlpine, 1973: 146. Australia (Qld).
lepida Curran, 1936: 25. Solomon Is; PNG (Bougainville I).
macrotegularia Malloch, 1928g: 345. Australia (Qld).
maculipennis Guérin-Méneville, 1831: pl. 21, fig. 8 [1838: 299] (Platistoma). Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, Tas, Vic).
     australis Macquart, 1846: 333(205) (Platystoma). Australia (Tas).
megastigma McAlpine, 1973: 159. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
mica McAlpine, 1973: 156. Australia (Qld).
miliaria Hendel, 1914d: 353. Indonesia (Maluku).
     pectoralis Walker, 1861e: 12 (Platystoma). Indonesia (Maluku). [Preocc. Loew, 1852.]
minor Malloch, 1940d: 82. Solomon Is.
minuta Malloch, 1939b: 148. PNG (PNG).
mohnikei Doleschall, 1858: 116 (Pachycephala). Indonesia (Maluku).
monodon McAlpine, 1973: 178. Australia (Qld).
multivitta Walker, 1859a: 113 (Platystoma). Indonesia (Maluku).
pencillata Hendel, 1914d: 343. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
piperata McAlpine, 1973: 150. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
potens Walker, 1861e: 12 (Platystoma). Indonesia (Maluku).
producta Walker, 1861d: 293 (Platystoma). Indonesia (Maluku).
protensa Walker, 1864: 228 (Platystoma). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
punctifacies Malloch, 1928g: 346. Australia (Qld).
ramosa McAlpine, 1973: 172. Australia (Qld).
remota McAlpine, 1973: 156. Australia (NSW).
rete McAlpine, 1973: 140. Australia (Qld).
rufiventris Hendel, 1914d: 334. Indonesia (Maluku).
scatophaga Malloch, 1930n: 431. Australia (Qld).
separata Hendel, 1914d: 338. Australia (Qld).
sericata McAlpine, 1973: 146. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
setinervis Malloch, 1939b: 149. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
squamifera de Meijere, 1913b: 368. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
subacuta McAlpine, 1973: 169. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
subula McAlpine, 1973: 174. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld).
tarsalis Walker, 1864: 237 (Platystoma). Indonesia (Maluku).
tegularia Malloch, 1928g: 346. Solomon Is; PNG (Bougainville I).
     depressifrons Malloch, 1940d: 86. Solomon Is.
tenuicornis Macquart, 1847a: 90 [1847b: 106]. "Tasmanie," error [= Australia (?NSW); see McAlpine, 1973: 180]; Australia (NSW, Qld).
tigrina Osten Sacken, 1881a: 473. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
ventralis Walker, 1859a: 131 (Lamprogaster). Indonesia (Maluku); Australia (Qld), PNG (PNG).
vitrea McAlpine, 1973: 165. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
xanthops McAlpine, 1973: 144. Australia (Qld); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG(PNG).

Genus EUXESTOMOEA de Meijere

EUXESTOMOEA de Meijere, 1913b: 377. Type species: Ortalis promptus Walker, 1859, des. Hendel, 1914d: 9.
discifera de Meijere, 1913b: 377. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
prompta Walker, 1859a: 118(Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (IrianJaya), PNG (PNG).

Genus GUAMOMYIA Malloch

GUAMOMYIA Malloch, 1942: 206. Type species: Guamomyia fascipennis Malloch, 1942, orig. des.
fascipennis Malloch, 1942: 207. Guam.

Genus HYSMA McAlpine

HYSMA Mc Alpine, 2001: 130. Type species: Hysma lacteum McAlpine, 2001, orig. des.
lacteum McAlpine, 2001: 131. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).

Genus INIUM McAlpine

INIUM Mc Alpine, 1995:252. Type species: Inium mariae McAlpine, 1995, orig. des.
mariae McAlpine, 1995: 257. Australia (Qld).
simplum McAlpine, 1995: 255. Australia (Qld).


LAGLAISIA Bigot, 1878a: 25 [1878f: xxii (as Laglaizia); 1880c: 92]. Type species: Laglaisia caloptera Bigot, 1878, mon.
LAGLAIZIA, error for Laglaisia.
biroi Hendel 1914a: 136. PNG (PNG).
caloptera Bigot, 1878a: 25 [1878f: xxii (as "calliptera"); 1880c: 92]. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fascipennis de Meijere, 1913c: xli [1915b: 134]. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
kochi de Meijere, 1908a: 120. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
stylops Enderlein, 1924a: 116. PNG (PNG).
telescopica Enderlein, 1924a: 116. PNG (PNG).


LAMPROGASTER Macquart, 1843: 368(211). Type species: Lamprogaster flavipennis Macquart, 1843, mon.
CRUPHIOCERA Macquart, 1843: 369(212). Type species: Cruphiocera violacea Macquart, 1843, mon.
CHROMATOMYIA Walker, 1849: 801. Type species: Chromatomyia formosa Walker, 1849 [= Lamprogaster laeta Macquart, 1835], des. McAlpine, 1973: 44.
CERATOPELTA Bigot, 1878c: 43 [1878h: xxxiv]. Type species: Ceratopelta tricolor Bigot, 1878 [= Lamprogaster patula Walker, 1861], mon.
LIOLAMPROGASTER Enderlein, 1924a: 128 (as subg.). Type species: Lamprogaster angusta Enderlein, 1924, orig. des.
angusta Enderlein, 1924a: 128. Indonesia (Maluku).
austeni Sharp, 1899: 391. PNG (Bismarck Arch); Solomon Is.
     xanthoptera Hendel, 1914d: 225. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
basalis Walker, 1861b: 248. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     limbata Wulp, 1885f: 228. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
bicolor Macquart, 1847a: 89 [1847b: 105]. Australia (Tas), error [prob. = Australia (NSW)]; Australia (Qld, Vic).
     jucunda Walker, 1849: 801 (Chromatomyia). Australia (NSW).
corax McAlpine, 1973: 57. Australia (Qld).
corusca McAlpine, 1973: 63. Australia (Qld); ?Australia (NSW).
costalis Walker, 1861b: 247. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
     ssp. costalis s. str. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     ssp. nuda Hendel, 1914d: 232 (costalis var.). PNG (PNG).
decolor Malloch, 1939b: 144. PNG (PNG).
excelsa McAlpine, 1973: 62. Australia (NSW); Australia (Vic).
flavihirta McAlpine, 1973: 52. Australia (Qld).
flavipennis Macquart, 1843: 368(211). "Nouvelle-Hollande"; Australia (NSW, Qld).
     unimacula Hendel, 1914d: 239. Australia (Qld).
fulvipes Malloch, 1939b: 145. PNG (PNG).
grossa Malloch, 1939b: 142. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
hilaris Walker, 1849: 804 (Chromatomyia). "New Holland"; Australia (NSW, Vic).
imperialis McAlpine, 1973: 53. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW, NT).
indistincta Malloch, 1928g: 349. Australia (Qld).
     pseudelongata Malloch, 1930n: 432. Australia (Qld).
laeta Macquart, 1835: 445 (Platystoma). Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas, Vic).
     laeta Guérin-Méneville, 1838: 300 (Platystoma). Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Macquart, 1835.]
     formosa Walker, 1849: 801 (Chromatomyia). "New Holland."
lepida Walker—not Australasian/Oceanian.
macrocephala Hendel 1914a: 230. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     fuscibasis Malloch, 1930n: 433. Australia (Qld), ?error [prob. = PNG(PNG)].
maculipennis Macquart, 1847a: 89 [1847b: 105]. "Nouvelle-Hollande"; Australia (ACT).
nigrihirta McAlpine, 1973: 51. Australia (Qld).
nigripes Macquart, 1851: 256(283) (Senopterina). Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
patula Walker, 1861b: 247. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     tricolor Bigot, 1878c: 44 [1878h: xxxv] (Ceratopelta). "Nov.-Guinea."
     bispinosa Walker, 1865b: 118. "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].
poecila Hendel, 1914d: 239. "Nord-Australien"; Australia (Qld).
pumicata Wulp, 1885f: 230. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
quadrilinea Walker, 1859a: 111. Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
     sepsoides Walker, 1864: 220. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
relucens McAlpine, 1973: 65. Australia (NSW); Australia (SA, Vic).
rufipes Hendel, 1914d: 233. Indonesia (Maluku).
rugifacies McAlpine, 1973: 52. Australia (Qld).
semicyanea Walker, 1858b: 109. Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
    instabilis Walker, 1861b: 250 (Dacus). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG)
     gracilis Hendel, 1914d: 225. PNG (PNG).
severa Hendel, 1914d: 240. Indonesia (Maluku).
stenoparia Hendel, 1914d: 227. Australia (Qld).
superna Walker, 1861e: 12. Indonesia (Maluku).
taeniata Wulp, 1885f: 229. Indonesia (Maluku).
tricauda McAlpine, 1973: 48. Australia (Qld).
trisignata Wulp, 1885f: 231. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
vella Walker, 1849: 803. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
     amaena Walker, 1849: 1162 (impermissible subs. alt. name for vella).
viola Malloch, 1929p: 515. Australia (Qld).
violacea Macquart, 1843: 369(212) (Cruphiocera). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); Australia (Qld), Indonesia (Maluku), PNG (PNG).
     elongata Wulp, 1885f: 228. Indonesia (Maluku).
zelotypa Hendel, 1914d: 226. PNG (PNG) & Australia (Qld); Indonesia (IrianJaya).
     ventralis Walker, 1861b: 248. Indonesia (Irian Jaya). [Preocc. Walker, 1859.]

Genus LAMPROPHTHALMA Portschinsky

LAMPROPHTHALMA Portschinsky, 1892: 225. Type species: Lamprophthalma metallica Portschinsky, 1892, mon.
sepedonoides Walker, 1864: 228 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku).

Genus LENOPHILA Guérin-Méneville

LENOPHILA Guérin-Méneville, 1843a: 200. Type species: Ceratitis dentipes Guérin-Méneville, 1843, orig. des.
CELETOR Loew, 1873b: 41. Type species: Tephritis strigipennis Macquart, 1851 [= Ortalis dentipes Guérin-Méneville, 1843], des. Hendel, 1914e: 113.
achilles McAlpine & Kim, 1977: 315. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, SA, Vic).
coerulea Macquart, 1846: 340(212) (Tephritis). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
     cluana Walker, 1849: 1019 (Trypeta). "New Holland."
     caerulea, error for coerulea.
danielsi McAlpine & Kim, 1977: 318. Australia (NSW).
dentipes Guérin-Méneville, 1843a: 200 (Ceratitis). Australia (NSW).
     dentipes Macquart, 1843: 367(210)(Ortalis). Australia (NSW). [Preocc. Guérin-Méneville, 1843.]
     strigipennis Macquart, 1851: 263(290) (Tephritis). Australia, "côte orientale."
nila McAlpine & Kim, 1977: 320. Australia (WA); Australia (SA, Vic).
secta McAlpine & Kim, 1977: 316. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).

Genus LORIOMYIA Kertész

LORIOMYIA Kertész, 1899a: 567. Type species: Loriomyia guttipennis Kertész, 1899, mon.
guttipennis Kertész, 1899a: 567. PNG (PNG).


LOXONEUROIDES Hendel, 1914d: 8, 141 [1914e: 80]. Type species: Loxoneuroides variipennis Hendel, 1914, orig. des.
variipennis Hendel, 1914d: 141 [1914e: 80]. Australia (NSW & Qld).
     varipennis, error for variipennis.

Genus MERINGOMERIA Enderlein

MERINGOMERIA Enderlein, 1924a: 108. Type species: Dacus trivittatus Walker, 1849, orig. des.
neurostigma Bezzi, 1928: 89 (Plagiostenopterina). Fiji.

Genus MESOCTENIA Enderlein

MESOCTENIA Enderlein, 1924a: 130. Type species: Mesoctenia ralumensis Enderlein, 1924 [= Zygaenula coalescens Hendel, 1914], orig. des.
australis McAlpine, 1973: 35. Australia (Qld).
celyphoides Walker, 1859a: 112 (Lamprogaster). Indonesia (Maluku).
coalescens Hendel 1914d: 293 (Zygaenula). PNG (Bismarck Arch).
     ralumensis Enderlein, 1924a: 131. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
hilaris Hendel, 1914d: 294 (Zygaenula). PNG (PNG).
     hylaris. Incorr. orig. spell. of hilaris (Hendel, 1914d: 292).


MICROEPICAUSTA Hendel, 1914d: 6, 85 [1914e: 52]. Type species: Microepicausta gracilis Hendel, 1914, orig. des.
albopilosa de Meijere, 1915b: 133 (Elassogaster). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
gracilis Hendel, 1914d: 85. Australia (NSW).
lineata de Meijere, 1915b: 132 (Elassogaster). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
marginalis Malloch, 1940d: 68 (Elassogaster). Solomon Is.
terraereginae Malloch, 1928g: 352 (Elassogaster). Australia (Qld); ?Australia (NSW).


MONTROUZIERA Bigot, 1860b: 224. Type species: Montrouziera lifua Bigot, 1860, mon.
lifua Bigot, 1860b: 225. New Caledonia (Loyalty Is); New Caledonia (New Caledonia).

Genus NAUPODA Osten Sacken

NAUPODA Osten Sacken, 1881c: 135 [1881d: c]. Type species: Naupoda platessa Osten Sacken, 1881, mon.

Subgenus GONGA McAlpine

GONGA McAlpine, 2001: 189. Type species: Pterogenia nudiseta Bezzi, 1928, orig. des.
burwelli McAlpine, 2007b: 76. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
nudiseta Bezzi, 1928: 97. Lord Howe I.
     insularis Paramonov, 1958b: 781. Lord Howe I.
regina Hendel, 1914d: 298. PNG (PNG) & Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
ventralis Curran, 1936: 26. Solomon Is.


HEMIGASTER Rondani, 1875b: 435. Type species: Hemigaster albovittatus Rondani, 1875, mon. [Preocc. Brullé, 1846.]
NEOHEMIGASTER Malloch, 1939b: 126 (n. n. for Hemigaster).
Undetermined sp.--PNG (PNG) (McAlpine, 1982a: 664).

Genus PAR McAlpine

PAR McAlpine, 2001: 150. Type species: Elassogaster evitta Malloch, 1939, orig. des.
evitta Malloch, 1939b: 116 (Elassogaster). PNG (Bismarck Arch).

Genus PARYPHODES Speiser

PARYPHODES Speiser, 1911: 251. Type species: Paryphodes omega Speiser, 1911, orig. des.
hospes McAlpine, 2001: 184. PNG (PNG).

Genus PHYLAX McAlpine

PHYLAX McAlpine, 2001: 191. Type species: Naupoda simmondsi Bezzi, 1928, orig. des.
simmondsi Bezzi, 1928: 95 (Naupoda). Fiji.


PLAGIOSTENOPTERINA Hendel, 1912a: 3 [1912b: 14; 1914a: 7, 52; 1914e: 46]. Type species: Dacus aeneus Wiedemann, 1819, orig. des. [Designations in McAlpine, 1973: 37 and Steyskal, 1977d: 146 are in error.]


PLAGIOSTENOPTERINA Hendel, 1912a: 3 [1912b: 14; 1914a: 7, 52; 1914e: 46] (as gen.). Type species: Dacus aeneus Wiedemann, 1819, orig. des. [See also under generic heading.]
aenea Wiedemann, 1819a: 29 (Dacus). Indonesia (Java); Australia (NT, Qld), Indonesia (Irian Jaya, Maluku), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG), Solomon Is; widesp. Oriental Reg.
     basalis Walker, 1849: 1072 (Dacus). Australia (NT).
     longivitta Walker, 1859a: 115 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku).
     eques Schiner, 1868: 228 (Senopterina). Solomon Is.
enderleini Hendel, 1914d: 56. Indonesia (Sumatra); Australia (NT, Qld), PNG(PNG), Solomon Is; Philippines.


STENOPTEROSOMA Malloch, 1939b: 114. Type species: Plagiostenopterina orbitalis Malloch, 1939 [= Dacus lativentis Walker, 1859], orig. des.
claudiana McAlpine, 1973: 41. Australia (Qld).
crinita McAlpine, 1973: 42. Australia (Qld).
lativentris Walker, 1859a: 115 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku); PNG (PNG).
     orbitalis Malloch, 1939b: 114. PNG (PNG).
macies McAlpine, 1973: 42. Australia (Qld).
parva Malloch, 1931a: 15. PNG (PNG).
similis Hendel, 1914d: 145 (Pogonortalis). PNG (PNG).

Subgenerically Unplaced Species of Plagiostenopterina Hendel

farinosa Hendel, 1914d: 68. Indonesia (Maluku).
nigrocostata Doleschall, 1858: 126 (Herina). Indonesia (Maluku).
samoaensis Malloch, 1930d: 230. American Samoa; Western Samoa.


POGONORTALIS Hendel in de Meijere, 1911b: 370. Type species: Pogonortalis uncinata de Meijere, 1911, mon.
commoni Paramonov, 1958b: 780. Australia (WA).
doclea Walker, 1849: 1035 (Trypeta). "New Holland"; widesp. Australia (excl. Tas).
     barbifera Hendel, 1914d: 144. Australia (NSW & Qld) & Indonesia (Java).
fulvofemoralis Malloch, 1942: 205. Guam.
hians Schneider & McAlpine, 1979: 72. Norfolk I.
howei Paramonov, 1958b: 780. Lord Howe I.
monteithi McAlpine, 2007b: 72. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).


PSEUDEPICAUSTA Hendel, 1914d: 7,112 [1914e: 14,62]. Type species: Herina chalybea Doleschall, 1858, orig. des.
apicalis Malloch, 1939b: 119. PNG (PNG).
chalybea Doleschall, 1858: 125 (Herina). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (IrianJaya), PNG (PNG), Solomon Is; Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi), Philippines.
     obtrudens Walker, 1859a: 116 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku).
detrudens Walker, 1865c: 135 (Dacus). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
experta Walker, 1861e: 12 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku).
geniculata Wulp, 1899: 206 (Stenopterina). Indonesia (Java); Indonesia (IrianJaya); Indonesia (Sumatra).
limpidipennis Doleschall, 1858: 126 (Herina). Indonesia (Maluku).
mutilloides Walker, 1859a: 115 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku).
rufitarsis Macquart, 1847a: 94 [1847b: 110] (Tephritis). "Nouvelle-Hollande."
wallacei Hendel, 1914d: 117. "Neu-Guinea."


PSEUDOCLEITAMIA Malloch, 1939b; 104. Type species: Pseudocleitamia setigera Malloch, 1939, orig. des.
pompiloides Walker, 1859a: 116 (Dacus). Indonesia (Maluku); PNG (PNG).
     lagarosia Hendel, 1914d: 118. PNG (PNG).
setigera Malloch, 1939b: 104. PNG (PNG).


PSEUDORICHARDIA Hendel, 1911a: 21. Type species: Richardia flavitarsis Macquart, 1855, orig. des.
aristalis Bezzi, 1928: 93. Fiji.
bezziana Steyskal, 1952d: 64. Vanuatu.
flavitarsis Macquart, 1855: 141(121) (Richardia). French Polynesia (Marquesas); American Samoa, Fiji, French Polynesia (Society Is), Pitcairn Is.
     angulata Thomson, 1869: 576 (Richardia). French Polynesia (Society Is).
interrupta Bezzi, 1928: 92 (flavitarsis var.). Fiji.


PTEROGENIA Bigot, 1859b: 312. Type species: Pterogenia singularis Bigot, 1859, des. Hendel, 1914e: 12.
brevis Walker, 1865b: 120 (Platystoma). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (IrianJaya)].
fuliginosa Hendel, 1914d: 309. PNG (PNG).
latericia Hendel, 1914d: 312. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
nubecula Hendel, 1914d: 314. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
pectoralis Hendel, 1914d: 316. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld).
scutellaris Walker, 1859a: 112 (Lamprogaster). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia(Irian Jaya).
     devocata Walker, 1865b: 121 (Platystoma). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (IrianJaya)].
similis Malloch, 1939b: 126. Australia (Qld).
singularis Bigot, 1859b: 315. Indonesia (Sulawesi); Indonesia (Maluku).
variipennis Walker, 1861d: 292. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
vittifinis Walker, 1861d: 292. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).


RHYTIDORTALIS Hendel, 1914d: 7,66 [1914e: 14]. Type species: Rhytidortalis cribrata Hendel, 1914, orig. des.
acme McAlpine, 2000: 158. Australia (WA).
averni McAlpine, 2000: 160. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, SA).
browni McAlpine, 2000: 169. Australia (Qld); Australia (NT).
conformis Walker, 1853: 373(Ortalis). Australia (Tas).
cteis McAlpine, 2000: 164. Australia (SA); Australia (WA).
kelseyi McAlpine, 2000: 167. Australia (WA).
perforata McAlpine, 2000: 168. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).

Genus RIVELLIA Robineau-Desvoidy

RIVELLIA Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830: 729. Type species: Rivellia herbarum Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 [= Musca syngenesiae Fabricius, 1782], des. Rondani, 1869: 8, 28.
abana Curran, 1929b: 11. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
aequifera Walker, 1861e: 15 (Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku).
affinis Hendel, 1914d: 161. PNG (PNG).
basilaris Wiedemann, 1830a: 510 (Trypeta). Indonesia (Sumatra); Indonesia(Maluku) E to American Samoa; Japan, widesp. Oriental Reg.
     perspicillaris Bezzi, 1928: 91 (basilaris var.). Fiji.
bipars Walker, 1861a: 326 (Ortalis). "United States," error [= Australia (Tas); G.C. Steyskal, in litt.].
concisivitta Walker, 1861e: 16 (Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku).
connata Thomson, 1869: 575 (Hernia). Australia (NSW).
     coronata, error for connata.
connexa Hendel, 1914d: 163. PNG (PNG); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
decatomoides Walker, 1861e: 16 (Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku).
dimidiata de Meijere, 1908a: 122. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
distobasalis Hardy, 1959: 211 (n. n. for basalis Walker). Indonesia (Maluku).
     basalis Walker, 1859a: 120 (Trypeta). Indonesia (Maluku). [Preocc. Walker, 1852.]
ferruginea Hendel, 1914d: 159. PNG (PNG).
fulvescens Malloch, 1940d: 72. Solomon Is.
fusca Thomson, 1869: 575 (Herina). Philippines; PNG (PNG), Solomon Is; Indonesia (Java).
imitans Malloch, 1930d: 220. Western Samoa.
isolata Malloch, 1930o: 492. Australia (NSW).
lavata Hendel, 1914d: 165. "Samoa-Inseln."
marina Malloch, 1940a: 19. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
mentissa Walker, 1849: 991 (Ortalis). Australia (WA).
nigripes Macquart, 1851: 260(287) (Urophora). Australia (Tas).
obliqua Walker, 1861d: 297 (Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku).
polita Hendel, 1932: 30. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
radiata Hendel, 1914d: 161. PNG (PNG).
rufibasis Malloch, 1939b: 121. PNG (PNG).
similis Hendel, 1914d: 157. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
virgo Hendel, 1914d: 167. Australia (Qld).
viridis Hendel, 1914d: 152. Australia (NSW).


SCHOLASTES Loew, 1873b: 38. Type species: Platystoma cincta Guérin-Méneville, 1831, orig. des.
PACHYCEPHALA, Loew, 1873, not Doleschall, 1858, misid.
aitapensis Malloch, 1939b: 128 [1940a: 20]. PNG (PNG); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
bimaculatus Hendel, 1914d: 252. PNG (Bismarck Arch); Fiji, Hawaiian Is, Kiribati (Phoenix Is), Solomon Is, Western Samoa.
     solomensis Curran, 1936: 24. Solomon Is.
carolinensis Enderlein, 1924a: 121. Micronesia.
cinctus Guérin-Méneville, 1831: pl. 21, fig. 9 [1838: 299] (Platystoma). Australia (NSW), error [= non-Australian locality; D.K. McAlpine, in litt.]; Fiji, Indonesia (Irian Jaya, Maluku), PNG (Bismarck Arch), Solomon Is.
     faceistriata Doleschall, 1857: 416 (Acinia). Indonesia (Maluku).
     marginifera Walker, 1859a: 111 (Lamprogaster). Indonesia (Maluku).
     whitneyi Curran, 1936: 24. Solomon Is.
frauenfeldi Schiner, 1868: 285 (Dacus). Indonesia (Java); Micronesia.
hirtiventris Malloch, 1942: 208. Guam.
lonchifer Hendel, 1914d: 253. Cook Is; French Polynesia (Marquesas, Society Is), ?Palmyra Atoll, Pitcairn Is.
palmyra Curran, 1936: 24. Palmyra Atoll.
sexvittatus Walker, 1861c: 261 (Lamprogaster). Indonesia (Sulawesi); PNG(Bismarck Arch), Solomon Is; Indonesia (Java).
     distigma Hendel, 1914d: 252. Indonesia (Java).
taylori Malloch, 1939b: 129. PNG (PNG).
trifasciatus Enderlein, 1924a: 122. Northern Marianas.


SCOTINOSOMA Loew, 1873b: 45. Type species: Scotinosoma bistrigatum Hendel, 1914, subs. mon. Hendel, 1914d: 7, 120.
attenuatum Malloch, 1931a: 27 (Pseudepicausta). Australia (Qld).
bistrigatum Hendel, 1914d: 120. Australia (Qld).
completum Malloch, 1931a: 27 (Pseudepicausta). Australia (Qld).
erasum Malloch, 1939b: 117. Australia (Qld).

Genus SIGNA McAlpine

SIGNA McAlpine, 2001: 147. Type species: Signa mouldsi McAlpine, 2001, orig. des.
mouldsi McAlpine, 2001: 149. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).

Genus SORS McAlpine

SORS McAlpine, 2007b: 73. Type species Sors wrightae McAlpine, 2007, orig. des.
wrightae McAlpine, 1007b: 74. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).

Genus TARFA McAlpine

TARFA McAlpine, 2001: 136. Type species: Tarfa bowleyae McAlpine, 2001, orig. des.
bowleyae McAlpine, 2001: 137. New Caledonia (Loyalty Is).

Genus TERZIA McAlpine

TERZIA McAlpine, 2001: 172. Type species: Terzia saigusai McAlpine, 2001, orig. des.
saigusai McAlpine, 2001: 173. Solomon Is.

Genus TOMEUS McAlpine

TOMEUS McAlpine, 2001: 179. Type species: Tomeus wyliei McAlpine, 2001, orig. des.
wyliei McAlpine, 2001: 180. PNG (PNG).


TRIGONOSOMA Gray in Griffith & Pidgeon, 1832: 774. Type species: Trigonosoma perilampiformis Gray, 1832, mon.
TROPIDOGASTRELLA Hendel, 1914d: 11, 285 [1914e: 18, 134]. Type species: Tropidogastrella tropida Hendel, 1914, orig. des.
cristiventre Gerstaecker, 1860: 185 (Gorgopis). Indonesia (Maluku).


ZEALANDORTALIS Malloch, 1930c: 243. Type species: Zealandortalis interrupta Malloch, 1930, orig. des.
gregi McAlpine, 2001: 135. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, WA).
interrupta Malloch, 1930c: 243. NZ (NZ).
philpotti Harrison, 1959: 178. NZ (NZ).

Genus ZYGAENULA Doleschall

ZYGAENULA Doleschall, 1858: 117. Type species: Zygaenula paradoxa Doleschall, 1858, mon.
GORGOPIS Gerstaecker, 1860: 180. Type species: Gorgopis bucephala Gerstaecker, 1860 [= Zygaenula paradoxa Doleschall, 1858], orig. des.
paradoxa Doleschall, 1858: 118. Indonesia (Maluku); Philippines.
     bucephala Gerstaecker, 1860: 184 (Gorgopis). Indonesia (Maluku).
     hucephala, error for bucephala.

Unplaced species of Platystomatidae

atomaria Walker, 1861d: 293 (Platystoma). Indonesia (Irian Jaya). [Preocc. Walker, 1860; no n.n. proposed at this time.]
dispila Thomson, 1869: 572 (Ortalis). Cocos (Keeling) Is.
flavoscutellata Doleschall, 1858: 120 (Ortalis). Indonesia (Maluku).
semivitta Walker, 1865b: 127 (Ortalis). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (IrianJaya)].
vespoides Doleschall, 1858: 123 (Bactrocera). Indonesia (Maluku).

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