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59. Family PSILIDAE

By Neal L. Evenhuis

The Psilidae compose a small, predominantly Holarctic family of small to medium-sized mostly brown or yellowish flies with a broad frons and a perpendicular or receding face.

Adults are generally found in moist or sylvan habitats. The bionomics of the immatures is not well known, but larvae have been recorded as phytophagous, being found in the roots and galls of plants.

Australasian/Oceanian representation is meager, with only undescribed specimens of Chyliza and Loxocera from Australia, and the pest species, Chamaepsila rosae (recorded as an immigrant) found in carrot fields in northern New Zealand. The unplaced Walker species listed below may or may not belong to Psilidae. The type could not be found in either the British Museum or the Oxford Museum (B.R. Pitkin, in litt.)
Refs.: Harrison (1959, NZ spp.), Colless & McAlpine (1970, Australian spp.), Ferrar (1987, immat.).


CHAMAEPSILA Hendel, 1917: 37. Type species: Musca rosae Fabricius, 1794, orig. des.
rosae Fabricius, 1794: 356 (Musca). East Germany; NZ (NZ)[immigrant]; Nearctic [immigrant], Palearctic Regs.

Genus CHYLIZA Fallén

CHYLIZA Fallén, 1820b: 6. Type species: Musca leptogaster Panzer, 1798, des. Westwood, 1840: 146.
Undetermined sp.--Australia (Qld, Vic) (Colless & McAlpine, 1970: 722).

Genus LOXOCERA Meigen

LOXOCERA Meigen, 1803: 275. Type species: Musca ichneumonea Linnaeus, 1761, mon. [Genus originally proposed with 2 included species, but one was listed as a synonym of the other.]
Unidentified sp.--?Australia (Qld) (Colless & McAlpine, 1970: 723).

Unplaced species of ?Psilidae

calobatoides Walker, 1865b: 125 (Psila). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].

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