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[Originally] by Stephen A. Marshall

Sphaeroceridae are a worldwide family of small, usually dull-colored flies found in abundance wherever there is decomposing organic material in which larvae develop as microbial grazers. Some species, especially cavernicolous ones, are polysaprophagous, but most species appear to be associated with decaying plants or fungi. As the common name "small dung flies" suggests, many species are associated with various kinds of feces. Species that are necrophagous, though few, are extremely abundant and are important components of the carrion-insect community.

Despite their ubiquity and abundance, sphaerocerids have little direct economic impact. They have been implicated as the major means by which nematodes are disseminated among mushroom houses (Haglund & Milne 1973), and they occasionally reach nuisance levels in food-processing plants and other buildings. As their microbe-associated habits suggest, sphaerocerids carry many pathogenic microorganisms (Greenberg 1971), but their reclusive habits preclude a major role in disease transmission. One species listed here, Poecilosomella angulata, has been implicated in human intestinal myiasis (Micks & McKibbon 1956). Little work has been done on the importance of the sphaerocerids that abound in economically important decomposer communities such as compost and manure, but some decay cycles such as the wrack cycle (seaweed) are mediated by sphaerocerid-dominated insect communities.

Australasian/Oceanian Sphaeroceridae include 30 genera in 3 subfamilies, 2 subfamilies of which are represented by a total of 4 introduced species. Antarctic Sphaeroceridae include 5 genera, most of which cannot be placed to subfamily. The recorded Australasian/Oceanian species in the Limosininae probably represent a small fraction of the actual fauna, and much work remains to be done on this interesting group.
Refs.: Richards (1963, rev. Micronesian spp.; 1973, Australian spp.), Tenorio (1968, biol., rev. Hawaiian spp.), Hackman (1969, family classif.), Rohacek (1982-1983b, rev. European Limosininae, in part), Marshall & Richards (1987, rev., family classif. Nearctic spp.).


Genus SPHAEROCERA Latreille

SPHAEROCERA Latreille, 1804: 197. Type species: Sphaerocera curvipes Latreille, 1805, subs. mon. Latreille, 1805: 394. [Musca grossipes Linnaeus, 1767 (nomen dubium), the only species listed, was doubtfully included in Sphaerocera in the original description of the genus.]
curvipes Latreille, 1805: 394. France; Australia (ACT, NSW), NZ (NZ); almost cosmopol.


ISCHIOLEPTA Lioy, 1864a: 1112. Type species: Borborus denticulatus Meigen, 1830, mon.
ISCHIOGASTER, error for Ischiolepta.
pusilla Fallén, 1820a: 8 (Copromyza). Sweden; NZ (NZ); almost cosmopol.


Genus COPROMYZA Fallén

COPROMYZA Fallén, 1810a: 19. Type species: Copromyza equina Fallén, 1820, des. Zetterstedt, 1847: 2475. [Copromyza originally proposed without included species; Zetterstedt's designation is from the first seven included species in Fallén, 1820a: 5-8.]
TRICHIASPIS Duda, 1923a: 55. Type species: Copromyza equina Fallén, 1820, des. Richards, 1930: 267.
equina Fallén, 1820a: 6. Sweden; Hawaiian Is; cosmopol.


NORRBOMIA Papp, 1988: 394. Type species: Norrbomia indica Papp, 1988, orig. des.
marginatis Adams, 1905: 198 (Borborus). Zimbabwe; Australia (ACT, NSW, NT, Qld, WA), Belau; Canary Is, Israel, Philippines, Africa.
sordidus Zetterstedt, 1847: 2484 (Copromyza). Sweden; Hawaiian Is; cosmopol. (excl. Australia, NZ).
     bilineatus Grimshaw, 1901: 75 (Borborus). Hawaiian Is.
tropica Duda, 1923: 86 (Borborus). India; American Samoa, Austral Is., Australia (Qld), Fiji, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is., Tonga, Vanuatu; Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand; Palaearctic: Japan (Ryukyu Is.).



ACUMINISETA Duda, 1925a: 76 (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Limosina pallidicornis Villeneuve, 1916, des. Richards, 1930: 268.
cercalis Richards, 1973: 362 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).
flaviterga Richards, 1973: 362 (Leptocera). Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW).
longiventris Duda, 1925a: 126 (Leptocera). Vietnam; Guam, Micronesia.


APTEROBIROINA Papp, 1979: 370. Type species: Apterobiroina australis Papp, 1979, orig. des.
australis Papp, 1979: 371. Australia (Vic).

Genus BENTROVATA Richards

BENTROVATA Richards, 1973: 394 (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Leptocera regalis Richards, 1973, mon.
regalis Richards, 1973: 395 (Leptocera). Australia (WA).

Genus BIROINA Richards

BIROELLA Duda, 1925a: 74. Type species: Limosina myrmecophila Knab & Malloch, 1912, mon. [Preocc. Bolivar, 1903.]
BIROINA Richards, 1973: 330 (Leptocera subg.; n. n. for Biroella).
brevior Richards, 1973: 339 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).
capitalis Richards, 1973: 343 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT).
dodo Richards, 1973: 348 (Leptocera). Australia (Tas).
dorrigonis Richards, 1973: 333 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
fenestrata Richards, 1973: 379 (Leptocera). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
fuscalis Richards, 1973: 338 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).
hardyina Richards, 1973: 347 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).
myrmecophila Knab & Malloch, 1912: 236 (Limosina). Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld, Vic).
nitidipleura Richards, 1973: 336 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).
percostata Richards, 1973: 342 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).
subsinuata Richards, 1973: 331 (Leptocera). Australia (ACT); Australia (NSW, Qld).
symmetrica Richards, 1973: 335 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
trivittata Richards, 1973: 340 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
vernalis Richards, 1973: 346 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).
wilsoni Richards, 1973: 343 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).


CHAETOPODELLA Duda, 1920: 435. Type species: Limosina scutellaris Haliday, 1836, mon.
albocincta Richards, 1964: 615 (Leptocera). Solomon Is.

Genus COPROICA Rondani

HETEROPTERA Macquart, 1835: 570. Type species: Borborus pusillus Meigen, 1830 [misid., = Limosina acutangula Zetterstedt, 1847], mon. [Preocc. Rafinesque, 1814.]
COPROICA Rondani, 1861b: 10 (n. n. for Heteroptera). [Conserved by I.C.Z.N., 1996: 136.]
COPROPHILA Duda, 1918: 45 (Limosina subg.). Type species: Borborus vagans Haliday, 1833, des. Spuler, 1925b: 123.
acutangula Zetterstedt, 1847: 2499 (Limosina). Sweden; Hawaiian Is; almost cosmopol.
ferruginata Stenhammar, 1855: 397 (Limosina). Sweden; Australia, Hawaiian Is, NZ (NZ), Niue, Tonga; cosmopol.
hirticula Collin, 1956: 1978. England; Australia; Japan, Europe.
hirtula Rondani, 1880: 40 (Limosina). Italy; Australia, Hawaiian Is, NZ (NZ), PNG (PNG), Pitcairn Is; cosmopol.
insulaepasqualis Enderlein, 1938b: 678 (ferruginata var.). Easter I.
     insulaepaschalis. Incorr. orig. spell. of insulaepasqualis (Enderlein, 1938b: 678).
lugubris Haliday, 1836: 332 (Limosina). Not given [= Ireland]; PNG (PNG); Europe, Asia.
rufifrons Hayashi, 1991: 237. Pakistan; Bonin Is, PNG (Bougainville I, PNG); Hong Kong, Japan.
vagans Haliday, 1833: 178 (Borborus). Ireland; Australia (Qld); cosmopol.

Genus GONIONEURA Rondani

GONIONEURA Rondani, 1880: 18. Type species: Gonioneura bisangula Rondani, 1880 [= Limosina spinipennis Haliday, 1836], mon.
HALIDAYINA Duda, 1918: 17,32 (Limosina subg.). Type species: Limosina spinipennis Haliday, 1836, mon.
exserta Marshall, 1982: 843 (Halidayina). USA; Hawaiian Is.

Genus HOWICKIA Richards

HOWICKIA Richards, 1973: 389. Type species: Apterina trilineata Hutton, 1901, orig. des.
bicolor Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 9. NZ (NZ).
cordata Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 26. NZ (NZ).
exasperata Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 10. NZ (NZ).
harrisoni Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 11. NZ (NZ).
lepidostylus Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 13. NZ (NZ).
myersi Richards, 1973: 349 (Leptocera). NZ (NZ).
mercurialis Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 15. NZ (NZ).
nigrilegula Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 16. NZ (NZ).
nigriventer Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 16. NZ (NZ).
nudistylus Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 19. NZ (NZ).
oliveri Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 20. NZ (NZ).
omamari Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 20. NZ (NZ).
palmai Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 28. NZ (NZ).
regalis Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 21. NZ (NZ).
tangata Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 28. NZ (NZ).
trilineata Hutton, 1901: 93 (Apterina). NZ (?Auckland Is).
wahaika Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 35. NZ (NZ).
zonula Marshall in Marshall, Luk & Dong, 2014: 35 NZ (NZ).

Genus LEPTOCERA Olivier

LEPTOCERA Olivier, 1813: 489. Type species: Leptocera nigra Olivier, 1813 (as Leptocora), mon.
LOTOMYIA Lioy, 1864a: 1116. Type species: Limosina arcuata Macquart, 1835, des. Rohácek, 1982a: 3.
PARACOLLINELLA Duda, 1923b: 166 (Limosina subg.). Type species: Copromyza fontinalis Fallén, 1826, des. Richards, 1930: 267.
SKOTTSBERGIA Enderlein, 1938b: 650. Type species: Skottsbergia cultellipennis Enderlein, 1938, orig. des.
LEPTOCORA, error for Leptocera.
caenosa Rondani, 1880: 36 (Limosina). Italy; Australia (NSW), NZ (NZ); cosmopol.
erythrocera Becker, 1920: 183 (Limosina). Ecuador; Hawaiian Is; Tristan da Cunha I, widesp. Nearctic, Neotrop. Regs.
     pararoralis Duda, 1925a: 51. "Algonquin" [?Ontario, Canada].
     abdominiseta Duda, 1925a: 52. Paraguay.
marginata Adams, 1905: 200 (Limosina). Zimbabwe; Australia (NSW, Qld); Ethiopia.
nigra Olivier, 1813: 489. France; ?Australia (Qld), ?Niue, ?PNG (PNG); Palearctic Reg.
     curvinervis Stenhammar, 1855: 406 (Limosina). Sweden.
salatigae de Meijere, 1914b: 269 (Limosina). Indonesia (Java); Australia (Qld), PNG (PNG); India, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam.
     curvinervis, authors, not Stenhammar, 1855, misid.


MINILIMOSINA Rohácek, 1983b: 27. Type species: Limosina fungicola Haliday, 1836, orig. des.

Subgenus MINILIMOSINA Rohácek

MINILIMOSINA Rohácek, 1983b: 27 (as gen.). Type species: Limosina fungicola Haliday, 1836, orig. des.
knightae Harrison, 1959: 273 (Leptocera). NZ (NZ).

Subgenus SVARCIELLA Rohacek

SVARCIELLA Rohacek, 1983b: 30. Type species: Limosina splendens Duda, 1928, orig. des.
flagrella Rohácek & Marshall, 1989: 255. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
spinifera Rohácek & Marshall, 1989: 252. PNG (PNG).


MONTEITHIANA Richards, 1973: 39. Type species: Monteithiana dealata Richards, 1973, orig. des.
cynthia Richards, 1973: 394. Australia (Tas).
dealata Richards, 1973: 393. Australia (Tas).


OPACIFRONS Duda, 1918: 28 (Limosina subg.). Type species: Limosina coxata Stenhammar, 1855, des. Spuler, 1924b: 121.
aequalis Grimshaw, 1901: 76 (Limosina). Hawaiian Is.
maculifrons Becker, 1907: 374 (Limosina). Tunisia; Australia (ACT, NSW, SA, WA).
     collessi Richards, 1973: 320 (Leptocera). Australia (ACT).


OPALIMOSINA Rohácek, 1983a: 137. Type species: Limosina mirabilis Collin, 1902, orig. des.
australis Hayashi, 2009: 221. Fiji; Indonesia (Papua), PNG (PNG); Pakistan.
mirabilis Collin, 1902: 59 (Limosina). England; Australia (NSW), Hawaiian Is, NZ (NZ); cosmopol.

Genus OTWAYIA Richards

OTWAYIA Richards, 1973: 390. Type species: Otawayia sabina Richards, 1973, mon.
sabina Richards, 1973: 390. Australia (Vic).


PACHYTARSELLA Richards, 1963: 124 (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Leptocera pachypus Richards, 1956, orig. des.
boharti Richards, 1963: 124 (Leptocera). Belau; Guam.
pachypus Richards, 1956: 135 (Leptocera). Hawaiian Is; PNG (PNG).


PAPUALIMOSINA Hayashi, 2006: 225. Type species: Leptocera longidiscoidalis Duda, 1925, orig. des.
longidiscoidalis Duda, 1925a: 165 (Leptocera). PNG (PNG).

Genus PAPUELLA Richards

PAPUELLA Richards, 1973: 360 (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Leptocera scrobifera Richards, 1973, mon.
scrobifera Richards, 1973: 360 (Leptocera). PNG (PNG).

Genus PHTHITIA Enderlein

PHTHITIA Enderlein, 1938: 650. Type species: Phthitia venosa Enderlein, 1938, orig. des.

Subgenus ALIMOSINA Rohácek

ALIMOSINA Roháček, 1983b: 120. Type species: Borborus empiricus Hutton, 1901, mon.
empirica Hutton, 1901: 94 (Borborus). NZ (NZ); Australia (ACT), NZ (Campbell I, NZ); cosmopol.
     pectinifera Villeneuve, 1918: 334 (Limosina). France.
rennelli Harrison, 1964: 315 (Leptocera). NZ (Campbell I).

Subgenus ALIMOSINA Rohácek

KIMOSINA Roháček, 1983b: 115. Type species: Limosina plumosula Rondani, 1880, orig. des.
antipoda Rohácek, 1984: 57. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Vic).
     longisetosa, authors, not Dahl, 1909, misid.
lobocercus Marshall in Marshall & Smith, 1992: 39. NZ (NZ).
notthomasi Marshall in Marshall & Smith, 1992: 52. NZ (NZ).
thomasi Harrison, 1959: 271 (Leptocera). NZ (Auckland Is); Australia (ACT, NSW), NZ (Campbell I).

Genus PLEUROSETA Richards

PLEUROSETA Richards, 1973: 355 (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Leptocera wentworthi Richards, 1973, mon.
wentworthi Richards, 1973: 355 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).


POECILOSOMELLA Duda, 1920: 435. Nomen nudum.
POECILOSOMELLA Duda, 1925a: 74 (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Copromyza punctipennis Wiedemann, 1824, des. Richards, 1930: 268.
affinis Hayashi, 2002: 122. Sri Lanka; PNG (Bougainville I, PNG); widesp. Oriental Reg.
angulata Thomson, 1869: 602 (Limosina). Brazil; Niue, ?PNG (PNG); SE N. Am., S. Am., Afrotrop. Reg.
insularis Hayashi, 1997: 49. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
pectiniterga Deeming--not Australasian/Oceanian (see Hayashi, 1997).
punctipennis Wiedemann, 1824: 59 (Copromyza). "India orient."; American Samoa, Australia (Qld), Belau, Hawaiian Is, Niue, PNG (PNG); India, Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara), Japan, Ryukyu Is, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam, Africa.

Genus POPONDETTA Richards

POPONDETTA Richards, 1973: 357 (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Leptocera vittigera Richards, 1973, orig. des.
kurandensis Richards, 1973: 358 (Leptocera). Australia (Qld).
vittigera Richards, 1973: 357 (Leptocera). PNG (PNG).


PSEUDOCOLLINELLA Duda, 1924: 166 (Limosina subg.). Type species: Limosina septentrionalis Stenhammar, 1855, mon.
difficilis Richards, 1973: 317 (Leptocera). Australia (ACT).
nasalis Richards, 1973: 318 (Leptocera). Australia (Qld).


PTEROGRAMMA Spuler, 1924a: 376 [1925a: 100] (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Limosina sublugubrina Malloch, 1912 (as Limnosina) [misid., = Pterogramma substituta Richards, 1961], orig. des.
MALLOCHELLA Duda, 1925a: 75 (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Limosina sublugubrina Malloch, 1912 (as Leptocera), des. Richards, 1930: 268.
aestivale Richards, 1973: 368 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).
annectens Richards, 1964: 609 (Leptocera). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG), Solomon Is.
brevivenosum Tenorio, 1967: 426 (Leptocera). Hawaiian Is; "Samoa."
conicum Richards, 1946: 130 (Leptocera). Guam; Micronesia, PNG (PNG).
deemingi Richards, 1973: 367 (Leptocera). PNG (PNG).
insulare Papp, 1972a: 101. PNG (PNG).


PTEROGRAMMOIDES Papp, 1972a: 103. Type species: Pterogrammoides baloghi Papp, 1972, orig. des.
baloghi Papp, 1972a: 105. PNG (PNG).
longipennis Papp, 1972a: 108. PNG (PNG).
poecilosomus Papp, 1972a: 107. PNG (PNG).
pullala Zetterstedt, 1847: 2498 (Limosina). Sweden; Hawaiian Is, NZ (NZ); widesp. Holarctic Reg.


PULLIMOSINA Roháček, 1983b: 98. Type species: Limosina heteroneura Haliday, 1836, orig. des.
heteroneura Haliday, 1836: 331 (Limosina). Not given [Ireland]; Australia (ACT, NSW), NZ (NZ); cosmopol.


RACHISPODA Lioy, 1864a: 1116. Type species: Copromyza limosa Fallén, 1820, mon.
COLLINELLA Duda, 1918: 27 (Limosina subg.). Type species: Copromyza limosa Fallén, 1820, des. Richards, 1930: 266. [Preocc. Martens, 1871.]
COLLINELLULA Strand, 1928: 49 (n. n. for Collinella).
COLLUTA Strand, 1932a: 120. Type species: Limosina zernyi Duda, 1923, mon.
RACHISPODINA Enderlein, 1936: 173 (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Borborus fuscipennis Haliday, 1833, mon.
aroana Richards, 1973: 310 (Leptocera). PNG (PNG).
australica Duda, 1925a: 30 (Leptocera). Australia (Qld).
awalensis Richards, 1973: 374 (Leptocera). PNG (PNG).
boninensis Richards, 1963: 115 (Leptocera). Bonin Is.
disciseta Richards, 1963: 166 (Leptocera). Micronesia; Belau, Marshall Is; Malaysia (Pen).
filiforceps Duda, 1925: 40 (Leptocera). Taiwan & Indonesia (Java) & Vietnam; Australia; Philippines, Sri Lanka.
fuscipennis Haliday, 1833: 138 (Borborus). Ireland; Australia (NSW), Guam, Hawaiian Is, NZ (NZ); cosmopol.
     downesi Richards, 1944: 137 (Leptocera). Scotland.
macalpinei Richards, 1973: 311 (Leptocera). PNG (PNG).
papuana Richards, 1973: 308 (Leptocera). PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld).
pseudooctisetosa Duda, 1925a: 27 (Leptocera). Taiwan & Philippines & Indonesia (Java) & Australia (Qld).
subtinctipennis Brunetti, 1913: 174 (Limosina). India; Belau, Micronesia; Indonesia (Java), Taiwan, Vietnam, Africa.
territorialis Richards, 1973: 313 (Leptocera). PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld).
trifascigera Malloch, 1928f: 326 (Leptocera). Australia (Qld).

Genus SPELOBIA Spuler

SPELOBIA Spuler, 1924a: 376 [1925b: 117] (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Limosina tenebrarum Aldrich, 1897, mon.

Subgenus BIFRONSINA Rohácek

BIFRONSINA Roháček, 1983b: 95. Type species: Limosina bifrons Stenhammar, 1855, mon.
bifrons Stenhammar, 1855: 401 (Limosina). Sweden; Australia, Hawaiian Is, Niue; cosmopol.
     puerula Rondani, 1880: 34 (Limosina). Germany.
     femorina Richards, 1946: 129 (Leptocera). Guam.

Subgenus SPELOBIA Spuler

SPELOBIA Spuler, 1924a: 376 [1925b: 117] (Leptocera subg.). Type species: Limosina tenebrarum Aldrich, 1897, mon.
luteilabris Rondani, 1880: 32 (Limosina). Italy; NZ (NZ); cosmopol.
pseudosetaria Duda, 1918: 178 (Limosina). Germany; NZ (NZ); Holarctic Reg.


SPINILIMOSINA Roháček, 1983b: 110. Type species: Limosina brevicostata Duda, 1918, orig. des.
brevicostata Duda, 1918: 183 (Limosina). Germany; Hawaiian Is, PNG (PNG); Holarctic Reg.
pectinata Tenorio, 1968: 187 (Limosina). Hawaiian Is; Japan, Nepal.
     brevicostata, authors, not Duda, 1918, misid.
rufifrons Duda, 1925a: 188 (Leptocera brevicostata Duda var.). Taiwan; Bonin Is, Hawaiian Is, PNG (PNG).
tetrasticha Richards, 1973: 380 (Leptocera). PNG (PNG).

Genus TELOMERINA Rohácek

TELOMERINA Roháček, 1983b: 129. Type species: Borborus flavipes Meigen, 1830, orig. des.
flavipes Meigen, 1830: 208 (Borborus). Not given [?Austria]; Australia (NSW), NZ (NZ); cosmopol.


THORACOCHAETA Duda, 1918: 32 (Limosina subg.). Type species: Borborus zosterae Haliday, 1833, des. Spuler, 1925b: 120.
alia Marshall & Roháček, 2000: 282. NZ (NZ).
ancudensis Richards, 1931: 78 (Leptocera). Chile; NZ (Auckalnd Is, NZ).
     aucklandica Harrison, 1959: 276 (Leptocera). NZ (Auckland Is).
brachystoma Stenhammar, 1855: 393 (Limosina). Sweden; New Caledonia (New Caledonia), NZ (NZ), PNG (PNG); Holarctic.
     fittkaui Remmert, 1955: 471 (Limosina). Egypt; ?Belau, ?Micronesia.
     fucicola Richards, 1973: 326 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).
conglobata Marshall & Roháček, 2000: 279. NZ (NZ).
harrisoni Marshall & Roháček, 2000: 293. NZ (NZ).
hirsutimera Marshall & Roháček, 2000: 277. Australia (SA).
imitatrix Marshall & Roháček, 2000: 272. NZ (NZ).
mucronata Marshall & Roháček, 2000: 285. NZ (NZ).
neofucicola Marshall & Roháček, 2000: 274. Australia (SA); Australia (NSW).
Richards, 1973: 324 (Leptocera). Australia (WA); Australia (NSW).
zealandica Harrison, 1959: 277 (Leptocera). NZ (NZ).


TRACHYOPS Rondani, 1880: 24. Type species: Limosina melania Haliday, 1836, mon. [Preocc. Dallas, 1851.]
TRACHYOPELLA Duda, 1918: 15, 34 (Limosina subg.; n. n. for Trachyops).

Subgenus NUDOPELLA Rohácek & Marshall

NUDOPELLA Rohácek & Marshall, 1986: 21. Type species: Limosina leucoptera Haliday, 1836, orig. des.
collinella Richards, 1946: 129 (Leptocera). Guam; Belau, Fiji, Micronesia, New Caledonia (New Caledonia), Solomon Is; Indonesia (Java, Sulawesi), Malaysia (Pen), Maldives, Nepal.
     obliqua Richards, 1963: 129 (Leptocera). Micronesia.
leucoptera Haliday, 1836: 333 (Limosina). Ireland; Hawaiian Is; Holarctic reg.


TRACHYOPS Rondani, 1880: 24. (as gen.)Type species: Limosina melania Haliday, 1836, mon. [Preocc. Dallas, 1851.]
TRACHYOPELLA Duda, 1918: 15, 34 (Limosina subg.; n. n. for Trachyops).
INSULOMYIA Papp, 1972a: 109 (as gen.). Type species: Insulomyia microps Papp, 1972, orig. des.
aposterni Marshall in Marshall & Montagnes, 1990: 855. Australia (Qld).
apotarsata Marshall in Marshall & Montagnes, 1990: 856. PNG (PNG); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
     apotarsati. Incorr. orig. spell. of apotarsata (Marshall & Montagnes, 1990: 851).
atomus Rondani, 1880: 19 (Elachisoma). Italy; Hawaiian Is, Micronesia; Afghanistan, Azores, Madeira I, Europe.
brachystoma Papp, 1972a: 112 (Insulomyia). PNG (PNG).
brevisectoris Marshall in Marshall & Montagnes, 1990: 860. Hawaiian Is.
hardyi Tenorio, 1967: 427 (Leptocera). Hawaiian Is; Panama, USA.
lineafrons Spuler, 1925: 103 (Leptocera). USA: NZ (NZ); Holarctic Reg.
luteocera Marshall in Marshall & Montagnes, 1990: 862. Australia (Qld).
microps Papp, 1972a: 111 (Insulomyia). PNG (PNG).
novaeguineae Papp, 1972a: 114 (Insulomyia). PNG (PNG).
nuda Rohacek & Marshall, 1986: 35. Canada; Hawaiian Is; N. Am.
     obliqua, Tenorio, 1967, not Richards, 1963, misid.
pedimera Marshall in Marshall & Montagnes, 1990: 870. Australia (Qld); PNG (Bismarck Arch).
vockerothi Marshall in Marshall & Montagnes, 1990: 872. Hawaiian Is.

Unplaced species of Limosininae

lutea Richards, 1963: 127 (Leptocera). Micronesia; Belau; Nepal, Philippines.
mediospinosa Duda, 1925a: 182 (Limosina). Chile; Australia (ACT, NSW, Vic), NZ (NZ); Argentina, S Africa.
popularis Richards, 1973: 378 (Leptocera). Australia (NSW).

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