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[Originally] By Norman E. Woodley

Stratiomyids or soldier flies, compose a moderately large family of Diptera that exhibit an extreme array of morphological diversity, as well as a moderate range of life histories. Stratiomyids are found throughout the world but are particularly diverse in tropical regions. Worldwide there are about 400 genera recognized at present and well over 2,000 species. In this catalog 100 genera and 420 species-group names are listed for the Australasian/Oceanian Regions.

There are no modern monographs dealing with any major portion of the family on a worldwide basis, leaving taxonomic concepts in at least some subfamilies with a decidedly regional flavor. World-level generic reviews are necessary for progress to be made in higher level taxonomy and phylogeny within the family. No adequate summary of knowledge of the taxonomy of stratiomyids is available covering the Australasian/Oceanian Regions, and there are very few generic revisions that are modern enough to allow positive identifications to be made. A few treatments of limited geographic scope (e.g., Brunetti 1923a; Bezzi 1928; James 1948, 1950b, 1962) can be used for limited areas within the regions.

Adults are generally collected in Malaise traps or by sweeping vegetation. Adult Odontomyia are usually found on flowers; adults of most other groups are normally found near larval food sources. Although it is not well documented in the literature, many stratiomyids form aerial swarms, probably for mating purposes. Larval soldier flies occupy diverse habitats, including soil and sod (Chiromyzinae), a wide variety of decaying organic matter (Beridinae, Clitellariinae, Chrysochlorinae, Hermetiinae, Sarginae), under bark (Pachygastrinae), and aquatic situations (Stratiomyinae, Nemotelinae). Larvae of Inopus rubriceps are sod and pasture pests, especially where introduced in New Zealand. Larvae of Hermetia illucens inhabit many types of decaying organic matter, and the species has been introduced by man's activities and become established in warmer areas throughout much of the world. Immature stages of most stratiomyids remain unknown.
Refs.: Brunetti (1923a, rev.), Woodley (1986, phylog.).



ARCHILAGARINUS Enderlein, 1932: 270. Type species: Archilagarinus priscus Enderlein, 1932, orig. des.
priscus Enderlein, 1932: 270. PNG (PNG).

Genus ARCHIMYZA Enderlein

ARCHIMYZA Enderlein, 1921b: 157. Type species: Archimyza ava Enderlein, 1921, orig. des.
ava Enderlein, 1921b: 157. Australia (Qld).


BOREOIDES Hardy, 1920f: 539. Type species: Boreoides subulatus Hardy, 1920, mon.
BOREOMYIA Hardy, 1920f: 539. Nomen nudum.
PSEGMOPTERA Enderlein, 1921b: 177. Type species: Psegmoptera aurifrons Enderlein, 1921 [= Boreoides subulatus Hardy, 1920], orig. des.
machiliformis Enderlein, 1921b: 178 (Psegmoptera). Australia (SA).
subulatus Hardy, 1920f: 540. Australia (NSW & Vic).
     aurifrons Enderlein, 1921b: 178 (Psegmoptera). "Australia."
tasmaniensis Bezzi, 1922: 324. Australia (Tas).

Genus CHIROMYZA Wiedemann

CHIROMYZA Wiedemann, 1820a: 19. Type species: Chiromyza vittata Wiedemann, 1820, orig. des.
CHEIROMYZA Henning, 1832: 337. Type species: Cheiromyza vittata Hennig, 1832 [preocc., = Chiromyza vittata Wiedemann, 1820], pres. des.
XENOMORPHA Macquart, 1838a: 197(193). Type species: Xenomorpha leptiformis Macquart, 1838, mon.
CHIROMYIA, CHYROMYZA, errors for Chiromyza.
fulva Nagatomi & Yukawa, 1969: 635. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
grandicornis Hardy, 1920e: 39 (Xenomorpha). Australia (Tas).
gressitti Nagatomi & Yukawa, 1969: 637. PNG (PNG).
longicornis Hardy, 1924b: 366. Australia (Qld).
papuae Nagatomi & Yukawa, 1969: 638. PNG (PNG).
prisca Walker, 1852: 162. Australia (Tas).
sedlaceki Nagatomi & Yukawa, 1969: 640. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
vicina Bigot, 1879c: 200. "Australia?"

Genus HYLOROPS Enderlein

HYLOROPS Enderlein, 1921b: 179. Type species: Hylorops philippii Enderlein, 1921, orig. des.
australis Macquart, 1850: 358(54) (Xenomorpha). Australia, "côte orientale"; Australia (NSW, Vic).
matruelis Enderlein, 1921b: 180. "Australia."

Genus INOPUS Walker

METOPONIA Macquart, 1847a: 28 [1847b: 44]. Type species: Metoponia rubriceps Macquart, 1847, mon. [Preocc. Duponchel, 1845].
INOPUS Walker, 1850b: 2. Type species: Inopus despectus Walker, 1850 [= Metoponia rubriceps Macquart, 1847], mon.
CRYPTOBERIS White, 1916a: 73. Type species: Cryptoberis hebescens White, 1916 [= Metoponia rubriceps Macquart, 1847], mon.
ALTERMETOPONIA Miller, 1945: 72 (n. n. for Metoponia).
brevicornis Nagatomi & Yukawa, 1968: 522. PNG (PNG).
flavus James, 1968: 155 (Altermetoponia). Australia (Qld).
geminus Hardy, 1920f: 535 (Metoponia). Australia (NSW); Australia (SA).
grossus Nagatomi & Yukawa, 1968: 523. Australia (Vic).
hitchcocki James, 1961: 365 (Chiromyza). Australia (Qld).
rubriceps Macquart, 1847a: 28 [1847b: 44] (Metoponia). "Nouvelle-Hollande"; Australia (ACT, NSW, Qld, SA, Vic, ?Tas), NZ (NZ) [introduced]; USA [introduced; ?established].
     despectus Walker, 1850b: 2. Not given [unknown].
     fulvicaput Walker, 1852: 163 (Chiromyza). Australia (?NSW).
     hebescens White, 1916a: 74 (Cryptoberis). Australia (NSW).
     flavicaput, error for fulvicaput.
     herbescens, error for hebescens.

Genus STENIMAS Enderlein

STENIMAS Enderlein, 1921b: 175. Type species: Stenimas stemmaticalis Enderlein, 1921, orig. des.
stemmaticalis Enderlein, 1921b: 175. Australia (NT).



AUSTRALOACTINA Woodley, 1995: 64. Type species: Beris incisularis Macquart, 1847, orig. des.
brevihirta Hardy, 1932b: 42 (Actina). Australia (NSW & Qld).
brisbanensis Hardy, 1939a: 37 (Actina). Australia (Qld).
costata White, 1914b: 51 (Actina). Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic.).
imperfecta Hardy, 1932a: 54 (Actina). Australia (Qld).
incisuralis Macquart, 1847a: 28 [1847b: 44] (Beris). "Nouvelle-Hollande"; widesp. Australia (excl. NT).
     filipalpis Macquart, 1850: 345(41) (Beris). Australia (Tas).
     nitidithorax Macquart, 1850: 345(41) (Beris). Australia (Tas).
     fusciventris Macquart, 1850: 346(42) (Beris). Australia (Tas).
     victoriae Hill, 1919: 450 (Actina). Australia (Vic).
nigricornis Enderlein, 1921b: 191 (Actina). Australia (Tas).
ocinis Hardy, 1932a: 52 (Actina). Australia (Qld).
silvicola Hardy, 1932a: 55 (Actina). Australia (Tas).


AUSTRALOBERIS Lindner, 1958a: 435. Type species: Australoberis amoena Lindner, 1958, orig. des.
amoena Lindner, 1958a: 436. NZ (NZ).
refugians Miller, 1917: 193 (Beris). NZ (NZ).

Genus BENHAMYIA Miller

HUTTONELLA Enderlein, 1921b: 195. Type species: Exaireta alpina Hutton, 1901, orig. des. [Preocc. Pfeiffer, 1855.]
BENHAMYIA Miller, 1945: 72 (n. n. for Huttonella).
alpina Hutton, 1901: 5 (Exaireta). NZ (NZ).
     seolforalis Miller, 1917: 179 (Exaireta). NZ (NZ).
Walker, 1849: 1151 (Diphysa). NZ (NZ).
     apicalis Walker, 1848: 126 (Beris). Nomen nudum.
     analis Nowicki, 1875: 11 (Exaireta). NZ (NZ).
hoheria Miller, 1917: 180 (Exaireta). NZ (NZ).
     viriolata Enderlein, 1921b: 194 (Neoexaereta). NZ (NZ).
     venusta Lindner, 1958a: 434 (Neoexaireta). NZ (NZ).
smaragdina Lindner, 1958a: 434 (Neoexaireta). NZ (NZ).
straznitzkii Nowicki, 1875: 14 (Exaireta). NZ (NZ).
     apicalis White & Butler, 1874: 27 (Diphysa). NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Walker, 1849.]
     whitei Woodley, 1989: 303 (n.n. for apicalis White & Butler). NZ (NZ).

Genus BERIS Latreille

BERIS Latreille, 1802: 447. Type species: Stratiomys sexdentata Fabricius, 1782 [= Musca chalybata Forster, 1771], mon.
cuprea Hutton, 1901: 6. NZ (NZ).

Genus BERISINA Malloch

BERISINA Malloch, 1928g: 364. Type species: Berisina maculipennis Malloch, 1928, orig. des.
caliginosa Miller, 1917: 191 (Beris). NZ (NZ).
maculipennis Malloch, 1928g: 365. NZ (NZ).
saltusans Miller, 1917: 190 (Beris). NZ (NZ).

Genus EUMECACIS Enderlein

EUMECACIS Enderlein, 1921b: 211. Type species: Eumecacis clavigera Enderlein, 1921, orig. des.
clavigera Enderlein, 1921b: 212. Australia (NSW); Australia (ACT, Qld).

Genus EXAIRETA Schiner

DIPHYSA Macquart, 1838a: 176(172). Type species: Xylophagus spiniger Wiedemann, 1830, pres. des. [Preocc. Blainville, 1830.]
EXAIRETA Schiner, 1867: 309. Type species: Xylophagus spiniger Wiedemann, 1830, orig. des.
NEOEXAIRETA Osten Sacken, 1878: 44 (unnec. n. n. for Exaireta).
EXAERETA Kertész, 1908c: 131 (unjust. emend. of Exaireta). [Preocc. Hübner, 1820.]
NEOEXAERETA Kertész, 1908c: 131 (unjust. emend. of Neoexaireta).
XANTHOBERIS White, 1916a: 75. Type species: Xanthoberis siliacea White, 1916, mon.
APOSPASMA Enderlein, 1921b: 197. Type species: Apospasma famelicum Enderlein, 1921, orig. des.
siliacea White, 1916a: 76 (Xanthoberis). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
     famelicum Enderlein, 1921b: 198 (Apospasma). Australia (NSW).
spinigera Wiedemann, 1830a: 618 (Xylophagus). Australia (NSW); widesp. Australia, Hawaiian Is [introduced], Lord Howe I, NZ (NZ) [?introduced].
     servillei Macquart, 1838a: 176(172) (Beris). "Patrie inconnue" [prob. = Australia].
     albimacula Walker, 1848: 126 (Beris). Australia (NSW).
     albimaculata, error for albimacula.

Genus NEACTINA Enderlein

NEACTINA Enderlein, 1921b: 193. Type species: Actina opposita Walker, 1854, orig. des.
opposita Walker, 1854: 13 (Actina). NZ (NZ).
ostensackeni Lindner, 1958a: 435 (Neoexaireta). NZ (NZ).
simmondsii Miller, 1917: 184 (Actina). NZ (NZ).


ZELANDOBERIS Woodley, 1995: 144. Type species: Beris violacea Hutton, 1901, orig. des.
lacuans Miller, 1917: 192 (Beris). NZ (NZ).
micans Hutton, 1901: 6 (Beris). NZ (NZ).
substituta Walker, 1854: 12 (Beris). NZ (NZ).
violacea Hutton, 1901: 6 (Beris). NZ (NZ).



ANACANTHELLA Macquart, 1855: 58(38). Type species: Anacanthella splendens Macquart, 1855, mon.
angustifrons Hardy, 1932b: 47 (Antissella). Australia (Qld).
splendens Macquart, 1855: 59(39). Australia (SA).

Genus ANTISSA Walker

ANTISSA Walker, 1854: 63 (Clitellaria subg.). Type species: Clitellaria cuprea Walker, 1849, mon.
cuprea Walker, 1849: 524 (Clitellaria). Australia (WA).


ANTISSELLA White, 1914b: 52. Type species: Beris parvidentata Macquart, 1850, mon.
parvidentata Macquart, 1850: 344(40) (Beris). Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
quinquecella Macquart, 1846: 175(47) (Beris). Australia (Tas).

Genus LECOMYIA White

LECOGASTER White, 1914b: 53. Type species: Lecogaster caerulea White, 1914, mon. [Preocc. Scheffer, 1846.]
LECOMYIA White, 1916b: 260 (n. n. for Lecogaster).
caerulea White, 1914b: 54 (Lecogaster). Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
cyanea White, 1916a: 79 (Lecogaster). Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
notha Hardy, 1932b: 46. Australia (Qld).


Genus ACYROCERA Lindner

ACYROCERA Lindner, 1937: 389. Type species: Acyrocera argyraspis Lindner, 1937, mon.
argyraspis Lindner, 1937: 391. Solomon Is.


ACYROCEROPS James, 1978: 25. Type species: Acyrocerops furcifera James, 1978, orig. des.
furcifer James, 1978: 26. PNG (Bismarck Arch).

Genus ADRAGA Walker

ADRAGA Walker, 1858b: 82. Type species: Adraga univitta Walker, 1858, mon.
australis James, 1948: 208. Solomon Is.
crassivena Kertész, 1916: 199. Indonesia (Maluku).
dimidiata James, 1977b: 486. PNG (PNG).
semiglabra James, 1980: 301. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
tomentosa James, 1980: 300. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
univitta Walker, 1858b: 82. Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     univicta, error for univitta.
varipes James, 1980: 299. PNG (PNG).

Genus AIDOMYIA Kertész

AIDOMYIA Kertész, 1916: 191. Type species: Aidomyia femoralis Kertész, 1916, orig. des.
glabrifrons James, 1977b: 485. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
nitens James, 1977b: 484. PNG (PNG).
snyderi James, 1962: 102. Bonin Is.
tomentosa James, 1977b: 484. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).


ANOMALACANTHA James, 1978: 20. Type species: Anomalacantha divaricata James, 1978, orig. des.
divaricata James, 1978: 21. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
pedunculata James, 1978: 22. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).


ARGYROBRITHES Grünberg, 1915: 46. Type species: Argyrobrithes argenteus Grünberg, 1915, mon.
albopilosa de Meijere, 1907: 238 (Wallacea). Indonesia (Java); PNG (PNG); Sri Lanka.
insularis Kertész, 1921: 167. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Genus ARTEMITA Walker

ARTEMITA Walker, 1854: 61 (Clitellaria subg.). Type species: Clitellaria amenides Walker, 1849, des. Brauer, 1882: 86.
insularis James, 1962: 92. Bonin Is.


ARTEMITOMIMA James, 1948: 205. Type species: Artemitomima mirabilis James, 1948, orig. des.
mirabilis James, 1948: 206. Solomon Is; Vanuatu.


ASYNCRITUS Kertész, 1914: 542. Type species: Pachygaster limbipennis Wulp, 1898, orig. des. [Preocc. Handlirsch, 1911.]
ASYNCRITULA Strand, 1929: 22 (n. n. for Asyncritus).
brevis James, 1978: 18. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
limbipennis Wulp, 1898a: 417 (Pachygaster). PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
pubescens James, 1978: 20. PNG (Bismarck Arch).

Genus AULANA Walker

AULANA Walker, 1864: 204. Type species: Aulana confirmata Walker, 1864, mon.
ACRASPIDEA Brauer, 1882: 75, 86. Type species: Acraspidea felderi Brauer, 1882 [= Aulana confirmata Walker, 1864], orig. des.
confirmata Walker, 1864: 204. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); Malaysia (Pen); Sri Lanka.
     felderi Brauer, 1882: 76 (Acraspidea). Sri Lanka.
cyrtaspis Kertész, 1908b: 344. Indonesia (Maluku); Solomon Is.
ornatifrons Hollis, 1963a: 562. Australia (Qld).

Genus BISTINDA Bezzi

BISTINDA Bezzi, 1928: 16. Type species: Bistinda castanea Bezzi, 1928, orig. des.
castanea Bezzi, 1928: 17. Fiji.


CAMELOMYIA James, 1980: 295. Type species: Camelomyia signata James, 1980, orig. des.
signata James, 1980: 295. PNG (PNG).


CAMPTOPTEROMYIA de Meijere, 1914a: 12. Type species: Camptopteromyia fractipennis de Meijere, 1914, mon.
flavipes James, 1962: 105. Micronesia.
lanata James, 1962: 107. Belau.
obscura James, 1962: 106. Belau.
tibialis James, 1962: 106. Belau.

Genus CIBOTOGASTER Enderlein

CIBOTOGASTER Enderlein, 1914a: 305. Type species: Acanthina azurea Gerstaecker, 1857, orig. des.
TETRACANTHINA Enderlein, 1914b: 11. Type species: Clitellaria varia Walker, 1854, orig. des.
walkeri James, 1975: 35 (n. n. for obesa Walker). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG); Malaysia (Pen).
     obesa Walker, 1861b: 232 (Clitellaria). Indonesia (Irian Jaya). [Preocc. Walker, 1860.]

Genus DAMAROMYIA Kertész

DAMAROMYIA Kertész, 1916: 195. Type species: Damaromyia tasmanica Kertész, 1916, orig. des.
bifossa Hardy, 1931: 124. Australia (Qld).
clivosa Hardy, 1931: 128. Australia (NSW & Qld); Australia (Vic).
confusa Hardy, 1931: 125. Australia (Qld).
depressa Hardy, 1931: 123. Australia (Qld).
discolor Hardy, 1931: 123. Australia (Qld).
hirsuta Hardy, 1931: 124. Australia (Qld).
interrupta James, 1950c: 313. Australia (SA).
limbipuncta Hardy, 1931: 127. Australia (Tas).
neohirsuta Hardy, 1939a: 39. Australia (Qld).
nitens Hardy, 1922: 194 (Pachygaster). Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
racemipuncta Hardy, 1931: 128. Australia (Qld).
similis Hardy, 1939a: 38. Australia (Qld).
tasmanica Kertész, 1916: 197. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW).
trina Hardy, 1931: 127. Australia (NSW & Qld).
whitei Hardy, 1920e: 44 (Pachygaster). Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Qld).

Genus DIALAMPSIS Kertész

DIALAMPSIS Kertész, 1916: 193. Type species: Obrapa argentata Wulp, 1898, orig. des.
argentata Wulp, 1898a: 417 (Obrapa). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG).


DISCOPTEROMYIA de Meijere, 1913b: 316. Type species: Discopteromyia bicincta de Meijere, 1913, mon.
bicincta de Meijere, 1913b: 316. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fascipennis James, 1978: 29. PNG (PNG).
inermis James, 1978: 28. PNG (PNG).


DOCHMIOCERA Hardy, 1922: 194. Type species: Dochmiocera aurilineata Hardy, 1922, orig. des.
aurilineata Hardy, 1922: 195. Australia (Qld).
     aureolineata, error for aurilineata.


DROSIMOMYIA Kertész, 1916: 160. Type species: Drosimomyia natalensis Kertész, 1916, orig. des.
baueri James, 1950b: 257. Vanuatu.

Genus EUFIJIA Bezzi

EUFIJIA Bezzi, 1928: 10. Type species: Eufijia albicornis Bezzi, 1928, orig. des.
albicornis Bezzi, 1928: 11. Fiji.
dimidiata Bezzi, 1928: 12. Fiji.
flavinervis Bezzi, 1928: 13. Fiji.
ovalis James, 1950b: 258. Vanuatu.
tarsalis Bezzi, 1928: 14. Fiji.
tibialis Bezzi, 1928: 13. Fiji; American Samoa, Western Samoa.


EUPACHYGASTER Kertész, 1911: 31. Type species: Pachygaster tarsalis Zetterstedt, 1842, orig. des.
flava James, 1977b: 487. PNG (PNG).

Genus EVAZA Walker

EVAZA Walker, 1856c: 109. Type species: Evaza bipars Walker, 1856, mon.
NERUA Walker, 1858b: 81. Type species: Nerua scenopinoides Walker, 1858, mon.
PSEUDOEVAZA Kertész, 1916: 146. Type species: Evasa argyroceps Bigot, 1879, orig. des.
EVASA, error for Evaza.
NERNA, error for Nerua.
argyroceps Bigot, 1879e: 219. Indonesia (Maluku).
aterrima James, 1969: 109. PNG (PNG).
aurivestis James, 1969: 102. PNG (PNG).
batchianensis Woodley, 1989: 308 (n.n. for debilis Walker). Indonesia (Maluku).
     debilis Walker, 1861d: 274 (Sargus). Indonesia (Maluku). [Preocc. Walker, 1851.]
bipars Walker, 1856c: 110. Malaysia (Sarawak); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG); Oriental Reg.
     flavipes, Wulp, 1898, not Bigot, 1879, misid.
brandti James, 1969: 92. PNG (PNG).
cordata James, 1969: 107. PNG (PNG).
dimidiata James, 1969: 98. PNG (PNG).
discalis James, 1962: 95. Belau.
discolor de Meijere, 1916a: 15. Indonesia (Sumatra); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
fenestrata James, 1969: 90. PNG (PNG).
flava James, 1969: 94. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fortis Walker, 1865a: 107 (Sargus). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)]; PNG (PNG).
     pictipes Bigot, 1879e: 221. "Nova Guinea."
fulviventris Bigot, 1879e: 220. Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG); Solomon Is.
gracilis James, 1969: 114. PNG (PNG).
gressitti James, 1969: 103. PNG (Bismarck Arch.).
hardyi James, 1969: 113. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
impendens Walker, 1859b: 97 (Nerna). Indonesia (Sulawesi); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
incidens Curran, 1936: 13. Solomon Is.
inflata James, 1969: 106. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
interrupta James, 1969: 93. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
javanensis de Meijere, 1911b: 274. Indonesia (Java); Hawaiian Is [introduced], Indonesia (Maluku); Oriental Reg.
lanata James, 1969: 99. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
lutea James, 1969: 93. PNG (PNG).
pallipes Bigot, 1879e: 220. Indonesia (Maluku).
     paliipes, error for pallipes.
picticornis James, 1969: 101. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
quatei James, 1969: 107. PNG (PNG).
rossi James, 1969: 105. PNG (PNG).
scenopinoides Walker, 1858b: 81 (Nerua). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG); Philippines.
solomensis Curran, 1936: 12. Solomon Is.
varia James, 1969: 88. PNG (PNG).
varipes James, 1969: 111. PNG (PNG).
ventralis James, 1969: 115. PNG (PNG).
whitneyi Curran, 1936: 13. Solomon Is.


GLOCHINOMYIA Kertész, 1916: 140. Type species: Glochinomyia albiseta Kertész, 1916, orig. des.
albiseta Kertész, 1916: 142. PNG (PNG).
nigriseta Rozkosný, 2013b: 379. PNG (PNG).


GOBERTINA Bigot, 1879b: 87 [1879c: 192; 1879d: lxviii]. Type species: Gobertina picticornis Bigot, 1879, des. Brauer, 1882: 87.
picticornis Bigot, 1879b: 87 [1879c: 192; 1879d: lxviii]. Sierra Leone; Hawaiian Is [introduced]; widesp. Afrotrop. Reg.


HAPLOFIJIA Bezzi, 1928: 8. Type species: Haplofijia simplex Bezzi, 1928, orig. des.
simplex Bezzi, 1928: 9. Fiji.

Genus LENOMYIA Kertész

LENOMYIA Kertész, 1916: 186. Type species: Lenomyia honesta Kertész,1916, orig. des.
alticola James, 1977b: 481. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
glabra James, 1977b: 480. PNG (PNG).
grandis James, 1977b: 475. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
lucens James, 1977b: 480. PNG (PNG).
pallipes James, 1977b: 482. PNG (PNG).
pyrifera James, 1977b: 478. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
sedlacekorum James, 1977b: 479. PNG (PNG).
similis James, 1977b: 477. PNG (PNG).

Genus LEVEROMYIA Lindner

LEVEROMYIA Lindner, 1937: 391. Type species: Leveromyia geniculata Lindner, 1937, mon.
geniculata Lindner, 1937: 392. Solomon Is; PNG (Bismarck Arch).
     ssp. geniculata s. str. Solomon Is.
     ssp. pallipes James, 1978: 30. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
lindneri James, 1978: 29. PNG (Bismarck Arch).


LONCHEGASTER White, 1914b: 61. Type species: Lonchegaster armata White, 1914, mon.
armata White, 1914b: 62. Australia (Tas).
decumbens Hardy, 1933b: 411. Australia (Qld).


LOPHOTELES Loew, 1858b: 110. Type species: Lophoteles plumula Loew, 1858, mon.
cheesmanae James, 1950b: 259. Vanuatu.
costalis James, 1977a: 315. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
dentata James, 1948: 213. Solomon Is.
elongata James, 1977a: 317. PNG (PNG).
fascipennis Kertész, 1914: 514. "Neu-Guinea"; Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
glabrifrons James, 1977a: 317. PNG (PNG).
laticeps James, 1977a: 318. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
latipennis James, 1977a: 316. PNG (PNG).
longispinus Rozkosný, 2013a: 343. PNG (PNG).
plumula Loew, 1858b: 111. Marshall Is; Belau, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG), Solomon Is, Vanuatu; Comoro Is, Madagascar, Seychelles.
     exigua Wulp, 1898a: 413 (Salduba). PNG (PNG).
     plumata, error for plumula.
vittata James, 1977a: 314. PNG (PNG).
vittipennis Lindner, 1937: 389 (Saldubella). Solomon Is.


MONACANTHOMYIA Brunetti, 1912c: 448. Type species: Monacanthomyia annandalei Brunetti, 1912, mon.
becki James, 1948: 201. Solomon Is.
robertsi James, 1980: 302. PNG (PNG).
stigmata James, 1980: 302. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Genus OBRAPA Walker

OBRAPA Walker, 1858b: 82. Type species: Obrapa celyphoides Walker, 1858, des. Brauer, 1882: 88.
celyphoides Walker, 1858b: 83. Indonesia (Maluku); PNG (PNG).
leucostigma Bezzi, 1928: 20. Fiji.
perilampoides Walker, 1858b: 82. Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).


PACHYGASTER Meigen, 1803: 266. Type species: Nemotelus ater Panzer, 1798, mon.
dorsalis Lindner, 1957: 184. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
flavimana Lindner, 1957: 184. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).


PANGOMYIA James, 1978: 22. Type species: Pangomyia pictipes James, 1978, orig. des.
pallipes James, 1978: 24. PNG (PNG).
pictipes James, 1978: 23. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).


PARACECHORISMENUS Kertész, 1916: 163. Type species: Paracechorismenus intermedius Kertész, 1916, orig. des.
guamae James, 1950a: 185. Guam; Northern Marianas.


PARADRAGA James, 1980: 297. Type species: Paradraga omnihirta James, 1980, orig. des.
omnihirta James, 1980: 297. PNG (PNG).

Genus PAREVAZA James

PAREVAZA James, 1978: 26. Type species: Parevaza longa James, 1978, orig. des.
longa James, 1978: 26. PNG (Bismarck Arch); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).


PEDINOCEROPS James, 1980: 293. Type species: Pedinocerops robusta James, 1980, orig. des.
robustus James, 1980: 294. PNG (PNG).

Genus PERATOMASTIX Enderlein

PERATOMASTIX Enderlein, 1914a: 311. Type species: Peratomastix australis Enderlein, 1914, orig. des.
australis Enderlein, 1914a: 311. Australia (NSW).


PRISTASPIS Bezzi, 1928: 19. Type species: Pristaspis truncata Bezzi, 1928, orig. des.
truncata Bezzi, 1928: 20. Fiji.

Genus PSEUDOPEGADOMYIA Rozkosny & Kovak

PSEUSOPEGADOMYIA Rozkosny & Kovak, 2008: 179. Type species: Pseudopegadomyia jamesi Rozkosny & Kovak, 2008, orig. des.
glabra Bezzi, 1928: 22 (Pegadomyia). Fiji.
nuda James, 1948: 209 (Pegadomyia). Solomon Is; PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG).

Genus PTILOCERA Wiedemann

PTILOCERA Wiedemann, 1820a: 7. Type species: Stratiomys quadridentata Fabricius, 1805, mon.
PTILOCERA Henning, 1832: 321. Type species: Stratiomys quadridentata Fabricius, 1805, mon. [Preocc. Wiedemann, 1820.]
bergi James, 1948: 202. Solomon Is.
     ssp. bergi s. str. Solomon Is.
     ssp. flavescens James, 1948: 204. Solomon Is.
fastuosa Gerstaecker, 1857: 332. Sri Lanka; Indonesia (Irian Jaya, Maluku), PNG (PNG); Oriental Reg.
     dilutiapicis Lindner, 1938: 434 (fastuosa ssp.). Nomen nudum.
quadridentata Fabricius, 1805: 86 (Stratiomys). Indonesia (Sumatra); Fiji [introduced], Indonesia (Maluku), PNG (PNG); Oriental Reg.
violacea Edwards, 1915b: 394. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); Indonesia (Maluku).

Genus ROSAPHA Walker

ROSAPHA Walker, 1859c: 100. Type species: Rosapha habilis Walker, 1859, mon.
CALOCHAETIS Bigot, 1877c: 88. Nomen nudum.
CALOCHAETIS Bigot, 1877d: 102 [1877h: lxxiv]. Type species: Calochaetis bicolor Bigot, 1877, mon.
CALLICHAETIS Rye, 1879: 191 (unjust. emend. of Calochaetis).
CALLOCHAETIS Brauer, 1882: 86 (unjust. emend. of Calochaetis).
CALCOCHAETIS, CHALCOCHAETIS, errors for Calochaetis.
bicolor Bigot, 1877d: 102 [1877h: lxxiv] (Calochaetis) [1879c: 189 (Calcochaetis)]. Philippines; Guam; India.
umbripennis Lindner, 1957: 188. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Genus SALDUBA Walker

SALDUBA Walker, 1858b: 79. Type species: Salduba diphysoides Walker, 1858, mon.
EUPLOMYIA Bigot, 1878c: 44 [1878h: xxxv]. Type species: Euplomyia cothurnata Bigot, 1878, mon.
ENOPLOMYIA, error for Euplomyia.
areolaris Walker, 1864: 204. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
austeni Kertész, 1908b: 353. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
australis James, 1950b: 258. Vanuatu.
confusa Kertész, 1908b: 357. PNG (PNG).
cothurnata Bigot, 1878c: 44 [1878h: xxxv] (Euplomyia) [1879c: 191 (Enoplomyia)]. Indonesia (Maluku); PNG (PNG).
diphysoides Walker, 1858b: 79. Indonesia (Maluku).
     hilaris Walker, 1861d: 271. Indonesia (Maluku).
elegans Kertész, 1908b: 361. PNG (PNG).
gradiens Walker, 1864: 203. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
inermis Kertész, 1908b: 360. PNG (PNG).
lugubris Walker, 1861d: 271. Indonesia (Maluku); PNG (PNG), Solomon Is.
     singularis Walker, 1861d: 272. Indonesia (Maluku).
maxima Kertész, 1908b: 352. PNG (PNG).

Genus SALDUBELLA Kertész

SALDUBELLA Kertész, 1916: 142. Type species: Salduba signatipennis Wulp, 1898, orig. des.
abdominalis James, 1977a: 306. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
albipluma James, 1977a: 303. PNG (PNG).
brevis James, 1977a: 309. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
diffusa James, 1977a: 313. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
gressitti James, 1977a: 308. PNG (PNG).
hardyi James, 1977a: 309. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
latimanus James, 1977a: 304. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
longipennis James, 1977a: 308. PNG (PNG).
margaritifera Lindner, 1938: 435. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
missimensis James, 1977a: 311. PNG (PNG).
obliqua James, 1977a: 312. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
pictipes James, 1977a: 307. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
scutellaris James, 1977a: 306. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
signatipennis Wulp, 1898a: 412. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
tenuicornis James, 1977a: 312. PNG (Bismarck Arch); PNG (PNG).
wauensis James, 1977a: 311. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
yombae Kertész, 1916: 145. PNG (PNG).

Genus SARUGA Walker

SARGUA Walker, 1859c: 101. Type species: Saruga conifera Walker, 1859, mon.
Walker, 1859c: 102. Indonesia (Sulawesi); PNG (PNG).


SPHAEROFIJIA Bezzi, 1928: 15. Type species: Sphaerofijia evazaeformis Bezzi, 1928, orig. des.
evazaeformis Bezzi, 1928: 15. Fiji.


THYLACOGNATHUS Kertész, 1916: 157. Type species: Pachygaster lativentris Wulp, 1898, orig. des.
lativentris Wulp, 1898a: 416 (Pachygaster). Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).

Genus TINDA Walker

TINDA Walker, 1859c: 101. Type species: Tinda modifera Walker, 1859 [= Beris javana Macquart, 1838], mon.
javana Macquart, 1838b: 188 [1839b: 304] (Beris). Indonesia (Java); Bonin Is, Volcano Is; Mauritius, widesp. Oriental Reg.
     modifera Walker, 1859c: 101. Indonesia (Sulawesi).


TOXOPEUSOMYIA Lindner, 1957: 185. Type species: Toxopeusomyia flavitarsis Lindner, 1957, orig. des.
flavitarsis Lindner, 1957: 185. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).


TRICHOCHAETA Bigot, 1878b: 26 [1878g: xxii; 1879c: 191]. Type species: Trichochaeta nemoteloides Bigot, 1878, mon.
nemoteloides Bigot, 1878b: 26 [1878g: xxii; 1879c: 191]. Indonesia (Maluku).
recedens Walker, 1861d: 233 (Tinda). PNG (PNG); Belau.
scapularis Walker, 1861d: 272 (Salduba). Indonesia (Maluku).

Genus WALLACEA Doleschall

WALLACEA Doleschall, 1858: 82. Type species: Wallacea argentea Doleschall, 1858 [preocc., = Gabaza argentea Walker, 1858], mon.
[Available evidence of dating shows that Walker (1858b) predates Doleschall (1858), which would give Gabaza priority over Wallacea. In order to maintain stability of taxonomy and follow common usage the author prefers to retain Wallacea as the accepted name for this genus.]
GABAZA Walker, 1858b: 80. Type species: Gabaza argentea Walker, 1858, mon.
MUSAMA Walker, 1864: 205. Type species: Musama paupera Walker, 1864, mon.
albiseta de Meijere, 1907: 236. Indonesia (Java); Bonin Is, Guam, Hawaiian Is [introduced], Northern Marianas; Japan, Taiwan, Oriental, Palearctic Regs.
     ssp. albiseta s. str. Indonesia (Java); Hawaiian Is [introduced]; Japan, Oriental, Palearctic Regs.
     ssp. borealis James, 1962: 101. Bonin Is; Guam, Northern Marianas.
argentea Doleschall, 1858: 82. Indonesia (Maluku); Australia (Qld), Belau, Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG), Solomon Is, Vanuatu; Oriental Reg.
     argentea Walker, 1858b: 80 (Gabaza). Indonesia (Maluku).
     nigrofemorata Brunetti, 1912c: 449 (Pachygaster). India.
     splendens Hardy, 1933b: 410. Australia (Qld).
connectens James, 1950b: 257. Solomon Is.
darwini Hill, 1919: 460. Australia (NT).
dorsalis James, 1950b: 256. Vanuatu.
paupera Walker, 1864: 205 (Musama). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Genus WEIMYIA James

WEIMYIA James, 1978: 24. Type species: Weimyia bispinosa James, 1978, orig. des.
bispinosa James, 1978: 25. PNG (PNG).



CAENOCEPHALUS Wulp, 1898a: 413. Type species: Salduba melanaria Walker, 1861, mon.
CAENOCEPHALOIDES Strand, 1928: 48 (unnec. n. n. for Caenocephalus).
COENOCEPHALA, error for Caenocephalus.
melanarius Walker, 1861d: 272 (Salduba). Indonesia (Maluku); PNG (PNG).


POTAMIDA Meigen, 1800: 22. Suppressed by I.C.Z.N., 1963b: 339.
EPHIPPIUM Latreille, 1802: 448. Type species: Stratiomys ephippium Fabricius, 1775, taut. [Preocc. Bolten, 1798.]
CHIPPIUM, error for Ephippium.
CLITELLARIA Meigen, 1803: 265. Type species: Stratiomys ephippium Fabricius, 1775, mon.
ENGONIA Brauer, 1882: 76. Type species: Clitellaria bivittata Wiedemann, 1819 [= Stratiomys bilineata Fabricius, 1805], orig. des. [Preocc. Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878.]
EPHIPPIOMYIA Bezzi, 1902: 191 (n. n. for Ephippium).
CLITILLARIA, error for Clitellaria.
bilineata Fabricius, 1805: 79 (Stratiomys). Indonesia (Sumatra); Indonesia (Maluku); Oriental Reg.
     bivittata Wiedemann, 1819a: 6 (Clitellaria). Indonesia (Java).
     spinigerum Doleschall, 1856: 407 (Ephippium). Indonesia (Java).

Genus CYPHOMYIA Wiedemann

CYPHOMYIA Wiedemann, 1819b: 54. Type species: Cyphomyia auriflamma Wiedemann, 1819, des. Blanchard in Audouin et al., 1847: pl. 172bis.
marshalli Lindner, 1937: 380. Solomon Is.

Genus DYSBIOTA Lindner

DYSBIOTA Lindner, 1958a: 432. Type species: Dysbiota parvula Lindner, 1958, orig. des.
parvula Lindner, 1958a: 432. NZ (NZ).

Genus ELISSOMA White

ELISSOMA White, 1916a: 86. Type species: Elissoma lauta White, 1916, mon.
brunneum Hardy, 1933b: 410. Australia (Qld).
lautum White, 1916a: 87. Australia (Vic).

Genus EUDMETA Wiedemann

EUDMETA Wiedemann, 1830a: 43. Type species: Hermetia marginata Fabricius, 1805, mon.
marginata Fabricius, 1805: 63 (Hermetia). Indonesia (Sumatra); Indonesia (Maluku); widesp. Oriental Reg.


LAGENOSOMA Brauer, 1882: 81, 88. Type species: Lagenosoma picta Brauer, 1882, orig. des.
dispar Brauer, 1882: 82. Australia (Qld).
pictum Brauer, 1882: 81. Australia (Qld).
propinquum Brauer, 1882: 82. Australia (Qld).


NEGRITOMYIA Bigot, 1877c: 88. Nomen nudum.
NIGRITOMYIA Bigot, 1877d: 102 [1877h: lxxiv] [1879c: 190 (as Negritomyia)]. Type species: Ephippium maculipennis Macquart, 1850, mon.
albitarsis Bigot, 1879c: 207 (Ephippium). "Australia et Nova Guinea"; Australia (NT, Qld).
cinerea Doleschall, 1857: 403 (Odontomyia). Indonesia (Maluku).
consobrina Bigot, 1879c: 208 (Ephippium). "Nova Guinea"; Australia (NT), Indonesia (Maluku), Solomon Is.
festinans Walker, 1859b: 95 (Clitellaria). Indonesia (Sulawesi); Indonesia (Maluku).
     gavisa Walker, 1859b: 95 (Clitellaria). Indonesia (Sulawesi).
     aurata Brauer, 1882: 76 (Engonia). Indonesia (Maluku).
maculipennis Macquart, 1850: 358(54) (Ephippium). Philippines; Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG); "Borneo," Sri Lanka.
novaeguineensis de Meijere, 1913b: 317 (maculipennis ssp.). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
responsalis Walker, 1865a: 106 (Clitillaria). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].


OCTARTHRIA Brauer, 1882: 67, 88. Type species: Clitellaria aberrans Schiner, 1868, orig. des.
OPHIODESMA White, 1916a: 88. Type species: Odontomyia flavipalpis Macquart, 1850, mon. N. syn.
DIAPONTIOMYIA Kertész, 1923: 116. Type species: Diapontiomyia rufispina Kertész, 1923 [= Odontomyia flavipalpis Macquart, 1850], orig. des.
aberrans Schiner, 1868: 55 (Clitellaria). NZ (NZ), prob. error [= ?Australia].
auricincta Kertész, 1923: 94. PNG (PNG).
brunnipennis Fuller, 1934b: 422 (Ophiodesma). Australia (Vic).
flavipalpis Macquart, 1850: 353(49) (Odontomyia). "Nouvelle-Hollande"; Australia (NSW, Vic).
     rufispina Kertész, 1923: 118 (Diapontiomyia). Australia (NSW).
innoda Hardy, 1932b: 44 (Ophiodesma). Australia (Qld).
minor Fuller, 1934b: 423 (Ophiodesma). Australia (NSW).


PYCNOTHORAX Kertész, 1923: 124. Type species: Pycnothorax australis Kertész, 1923, orig. des.
australis Kertész, 1923: 125. Australia (Qld).

Genus RUBA Walker

RUBA Walker, 1859c: 100. Type species: Ruba inflata Walker, 1859, mon.
THYLACOSOMA Brauer, 1882: 77. Type species: Thylacosoma amboinense Brauer, 1882, orig. des.
amboinensis Brauer, 1882: 77 (Thylacosoma). Indonesia (Maluku).
fuscipennis Enderlein, 1914b: 22. Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara); PNG (PNG).
opponens Walker, 1865a: 107. "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)]; PNG (PNG).
tarsalis James, 1948: 200. Solomon Is.


SYNDIPNOMYIA Kertész, 1921: 170. Type species: Syndipnomyia auricincta Kertész, 1921, orig. des.
auricincta Kertész, 1921: 172. Australia (Qld).
odyneroides Hollis, 1963a: 560. Australia (NT).

Unplaced species of Clitellariinae

armata Wulp, 1885b: 68 (Hermetia). Indonesia (Maluku).
nigerrima Doleschall, 1858: 81 (Ephippium). Indonesia (Maluku).
peregrina Hutton, 1901: 10 (Cyclogaster). NZ (NZ).



CHROMATOPODA Brauer, 1882: 78, 86. Type species: Chrysochlora bicolor Macquart, 1855 [= Sargus annulipes Walker, 1849], orig. des.
annulipes Walker, 1849: 515 (Sargus). Not given [Australasian/Oceanian]; American Samoa, Fiji, French Polynesia (Society Is), Niue, Tonga, Vanuatu, Western Samoa.
     bicolor Macquart, 1855: 64(44) (Chrysochlora). Tonga.
     frontalis Thomson, 1869: 459 (Chrysochlora). French Polynesia (Society Is).

Genus CHRYSOCHLORA Latreille

CHRYSOCHLORA Latreille, 1829: 486. Type species: Sargus amethystinus Fabricius, 1805, mon.
insularis Ricardo, 1929: 114. Western Samoa.
lineata de Meijere, 1913b: 318. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
luteipes Ricardo, 1929: 113. American Samoa.


Genus HERMETIA Latreille

HERMETIA Latreille, 1804: 192. Type species: Musca illucens Linnaeus, 1758, mon.
MASSICYTA Walker, 1856a: 8. Type species: Massicyta bicolor Walker, 1856, mon.
albitarsis Wulp, 1898a: 409. PNG (PNG).
brunettii Lindner, 1937: 381. Solomon Is.
cerioides Walker, 1858b: 78 (Massicyta). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
     melanaesiae Bigot, 1879c: 202. Indonesia (Maluku).
     batjanensis Wulp, 1880: 161. Indonesia (Maluku).
illucens Linnaeus, 1758: 589 (Musca). "Americae australi"; widesp. Australia, Belau, Bonin Is, French Polynesia (Austral Is, Society Is), Guam, Hawaiian Is, Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Kiribati (Gilbert Is), Marshall Is, Micronesia, New Caledonia (New Caledonia), NZ (NZ), Northern Marianas, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is, Vanuatu, Western Samoa; [introduced throughout warmer regions of the world, spread by commerce.]
inflata Walker, 1858b: 78 (Massicyta). Indonesia (Maluku).
laglaizei Bigot, 1887b: 21. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); PNG (PNG).
pallidipes Hill, 1919: 454. Australia (NT).
palmivora James, 1972: 73. PNG (Bismarck Arch); Malaysia (Sabah).
rufiventris Walker, 1860b: 145. Indonesia (Maluku).
samoae Lindner, 1937: 383. Western Samoa.
samoensis Ricardo, 1929: 110. Western Samoa.


NOTOHERMETIA James, 1950b: 254. Type species: Notohermetia pilifrons James, 1950, orig. des.
pilifrons James, 1950b: 255. Vanuatu.

Subfamily SARGINAE


CEPHALOCHRYSA Kertész, 1912a: 99. Type species: Sargus hovas Bigot, 1859, orig. des.
chrysidiformis Lindner, 1937: 373 (Microchrysa). Solomon Is; Micronesia PNG (PNG), Vanuatu; Philippines.
gracilis James, 1962: 82. Micronesia.
infuscata James, 1950a: 186. Guam; Northern Marianas.
maxima Bezzi, 1928: 33 (Microchrysa). Fiji; Hawaiian Is [?introduced], Niue, Tonga, Western Samoa.
     hovas, Hardy, 1960, not Bigot, 1859, misid.
nigra James, 1962: 84. Micronesia.
rugulosa James, 1962: 83. Marshall Is; Micronesia.
stigmatica Wulp, 1898a: 411 (Chloromyia). PNG (PNG).


CHRYSOMYIA Macquart, 1834a: 262. Suppressed by I.C.Z.N., 1987b: 148.
MICROCHRYSA Loew, 1855: 148. Type species: Musca polita Linnaeus, 1758, orig. des.
MICROCHRYZA, MYOCHRISA, errors for Microchrysa.
bipars Walker, 1861d: 273 (Chrysomyia). Indonesia (Maluku).
flaviventris Wiedemann, 1824: 31 (Sargus). "Ind. orient."; Belau, Guam, Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Micronesia, Northern Marianas, PNG (PNG), Solomon Is, Vanuatu; widesp. Oriental Reg.
     affinis Wiedemann, 1824: 31 (Sargus). "Ind. orient."
     annulipes Thomson, 1869: 461 (Chrysomyia). Philippines.
     gemma Bigot, 1879e: 231. Philippines.
fuscistigma de Meijere, 1913b: 321. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); Indonesia (Java, Sumatra), Philippines, Thailand.


PTECTICUS Loew, 1855: 142. Type species: Sargus testaceus Fabricius, 1805, orig. des.
PLECTICUS. Incorr. orig. spell. of Ptecticus (Loew, 1855: 147).
amplior Daniels, 1979b: 581. Australia (Qld); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
archboldi Lindner, 1957: 189. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
complens Walker, 1858b: 81 (Sargus). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
connectens Brunetti, 1923a: 149. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
eximius Daniels, 1979b: 585. Solomon Is.
ferrugineus Doleschall, 1858: 83 (Sargus). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG).
     atritarsis Edwards, 1915b: 396. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     atritarsus, error for atritarsis.
gilvus Daniels, 1979b: 572. "New Zealand," error [= PNG (Bismarck Arch)].
helvolus Daniels, 1979b: 581. PNG (PNG).
isabelensis Lindner, 1937: 373. Solomon Is.
     salomonensis Lindner, 1937: 393. Solomon Is.
papuanus Bigot, 1879e: 223 (Sargus). "Nova Guinea"; Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (PNG).
quadrifasciatus Walker, 1860b: 146 (Sargus). Indonesia (Maluku); Australia (Qld), Indonesia (Irian Jaya), PNG (Bismarck Arch, PNG).
     albitarsis de Meijere, 1913b: 319. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     albitarsus, error for albitarsis.
queenslandicus Daniels, 1979b: 580. Australia (Qld).
rogans Walker, 1858b: 81 (Sargus). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya); India, Philippines.
     doleschalii Bigot, 1879e: 231. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     doleschalli, doleschallii, errors for doleschalii.
rufus Doleschall, 1858: 83 (Sargus). Indonesia (Maluku).
spatuloides Daniels, 1979b: 577. PNG (Bismarck Arch).
substitutus Daniels, 1979b: 583. Solomon Is.
tarsalis Walker, 1861d: 274 (Sargus). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     rufescens Wulp, 1869: 104 (Sargus). Indonesia (Irian Jaya & Maluku).
tritus Daniels, 1979b: 568 (n. n. for salomonensis Lindner). Solomon Is; PNG (PNG).
     salomonensis Lindner, 1937: 372 (longipennis ssp.). Solomon Is. [Preocc. Lindner, 1937.]

Genus SARGUS Fabricius

SARGUS Fabricius, 1798: 549. Type species: Musca cupraria Linnaeus, 1758, des. Latreille, 1810: 442.
GEOSARGUS Bezzi, 1907a: 53 (unnec. n. n. for Sargus). [Sargus Fabricius, not preocc. by Sargus Klein, 1744, a pre-Linnaean name, and its subsequent publication, Walbaum, 1792, under I.C.Z.N., 1910a: 6 and I.C.Z.N., 1910b: 51.]
albopilosus de Meijere, 1906b: 73. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); Indonesia (Java).
concisus Walker, 1861d: 273. Indonesia (Maluku).
darius Hardy, 1932b: 47. Australia (Qld).
gselli Hill, 1919: 459. Australia (NT).
inficitus Walker, 1861d: 274. Indonesia (Maluku).
longipes Walker, 1861b: 232. PNG (PNG); Indonesia (Maluku).
     tibialis Walker, 1861d: 273. Indonesia (Maluku).
meridionalis White, 1916a: 95. Australia (NSW).
metallinus Fabricius, 1805: 258. India; Indonesia (Irian Jaya, Maluku), New Caledonia (New Caledonia), Solomon Is; widesp. Oriental Reg.
     formicaeformis Doleschall, 1857: 403. Indonesia (Maluku).
     mactans Walker, 1859c: 97. Indonesia (Sulawesi).
     redhibens Walker, 1859c: 97. Indonesia (Sulawesi).


Genus RHAPHIOCERA Macquart

RHAPHIOCERA Macquart, 1834a: 253. Type species: Sargus armatus Wiedemann, 1830, mon.
orientalis Lindner, 1957: 191. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).



ACANTHASARGUS White, 1914b: 60. Type species: Acanthasargus palustris White, 1914, mon.
flavipes Hardy, 1932b: 48. Australia (Qld); Australia (NSW).
gracilis White, 1916a: 98. Australia (Vic).
inflatus James, 1950b: 253. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
palustris White, 1914b: 60. Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW).
     pallustris, error for palustris.
roseus James, 1950b: 253. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
varipes Hardy, 1932b: 49. Australia (Qld).


GERANOPUS White, 1916a: 84. Type species: Geranopus purpuratus White, 1916, mon.
purpuratus White, 1916a: 85. Australia (Vic).


HOPLISTOPSIS James, 1950b: 250. Type species: Hoplistopsis geminatus James, 1950, orig. des.
geminata James, 1950b: 251. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).


NOTHOMYIA Loew, 1869a: 4 [1872b: 118]. Type species: Nothomyia scutellata Loew, 1869, des. Brauer, 1882: 88.
brevis Bigot, 1887b: 26 (Rhaphiocera). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).


VITILEVUMYIA Woodley, 2011: 61. Type species: Vitilevumyia bobwoodleyi Woodley, 2011, orig. des.
bobwoodleyi Woodley, 2011: 64. Fiji.



EULALIA Meigen, 1800: 21. Suppressed by I.C.Z.N., 1963b: 339.
ODONTOMYIA Meigen, 1803: 265. Type species: Musca hydroleon Linnaeus, 1758, des. Westwood, 1840: 130.
EUCEROMYS Bigot, 1877c: 88. Nomen nudum.
EUCEROMYS Bigot, 1877d: 102 [1877h: lxxiv]. Type species: Stratiomys nexura Walker, 1858, mon.
EUCERATOMYIA Rye, 1879: 191 (unjust. emend. of Euceromys).
EUCEROMYIA, error for Euceromys.
aequalis Walker, 1861d: 271 (Stratiomys). Indonesia (Maluku).
amyris Walker, 1849: 535. "New Holland"; Australia (NSW, Tas, Vic).
angusta Walker, 1854: 57. NZ (NZ).
annulipes Macquart, 1850: 356 (52). Australia (Tas).
atraria Walker, 1865a: 106 (Stratiomys). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].
atrovirens Bigot, 1879e: 214. NZ (NZ).
aurata de Meijere, 1911b: 268. Indonesia (Java) & Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
aureovestis James, 1948: 191 (Eulalia). Solomon Is.
     ssp. aureovestis s. str. Solomon Is.
     ssp. subaurea James, 1948: 192 (Eulalia). Solomon Is.
australensis Schiner, 1868: 59. NZ (NZ).
bifascia Walker, 1861b: 232 (Stratiomys). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
boharti James, 1948: 193 (Eulalia). Solomon Is.
carinata Macquart, 1846: 180(52). Australia (Tas).
carinifacies Macquart, 1850: 355(51). Australia (Tas); Australia (Vic).
chathamensis Hutton, 1901: 8. NZ (Chatham Is).
chloris Walker, 1854: 57 (Stratiomys). NZ (NZ).
     hypochlora Nowicki, 1875: 15. NZ (NZ).
chrysaner James, 1948: 194 (Eulalia). Solomon Is.
cinctilinea Walker, 1861e: 4 (Stratiomys). Indonesia (Maluku).
cohaerens Brunetti, 1923a: 131. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
collina Hutton, 1901: 8. NZ (NZ).
confertissima Walker, 1858b: 79 (Stratiomys). Indonesia (Maluku).
decipiens Guérin-Méneville, 1838: 291 (Oxycera). Australia (NSW).
exigua Lindner, 1937: 379 (Eulalia). Indonesia (Maluku).
fascipes Brunetti, 1923a: 129. Sri Lanka; Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
     ssp. novaeguineensis Lindner, 1957: 192 (Eulalia fascipes var.). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
fulminans Bezzi, 1928: 28. Fiji.
fulviceps Walker, 1854: 56 (Stratiomys). NZ (NZ).
gagathina Bezzi, 1928: 25. Fiji.
grandimaculata Hardy, 1920e: 56 (carinifacies var.). Australia (Tas).
heterogastra Bezzi, 1928: 25. Fiji; ?Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
hunteri Macleay, 1826: 467 (Stratiomys). "Australia."
ialemus Walker, 1849: 533. Australia (Tas).
kirchneri Jaennicke, 1867: 323. "Australia."
     kerchneri, error for kirchneri.
lateremaculata Macquart, 1850: 353(49). "Nouvelle-Hollande"; Australia (Tas).
     laterimaculata, error for lateremaculata.
lineata de Meijere, 1913b: 317. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
maculata de Meijere, 1907: 229. Indonesia (Irian Jaya); Solomon Is.
marginella Macquart, 1850: 356(52). Australia (Tas).
minima Hardy, 1920e: 55 (carinifacies var.). Australia (Tas).
mutica Wulp, 1885b: 62. Indonesia (Maluku).
neodorsalis Miller, 1950: 74 (Eulalia; n. n. for dorsalis Walker). NZ (NZ).
     dorsalis Walker, 1849: 536. NZ (NZ). [Preocc. Fabricius, 1805.]
nexura Walker, 1858b: 80 (Stratiomys). Indonesia (Maluku).
nitidissima James, 1950b: 250 (Eulalia). Vanuatu.
novaecaledoniae Lindner, 1937: 378 (Eulalia). New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
obscura Hill, 1919: 457. Australia (NT).
ochropa Thomson, 1869: 456. Philippines; Hawaiian Is [introduced].
opertanea White, 1916a: 93. Australia (Vic); Australia (NSW, Tas).
pallida Hill, 1919: 456. Australia (NT).
parallela Walker, 1865a: 107 (Stratiomys). "New Guinea" [= Indonesia (Irian Jaya)].
parallelina Bezzi, 1928: 26. Fiji.
     ssp. aegrota Bezzi, 1928: 27 (parallelina var.). Fiji.
     ssp. pavida Bezzi, 1928: 27 (parallelina var.). Fiji.
     ssp. parallelina s. str. Fiji.
     ssp. pura Bezzi, 1928: 27 (parallelina var.). Fiji.
pectoralis Thomson, 1869: 455. Australia (NSW).
picea Walker, 1851a: 78. Australia (Tas).
proba Lindner, 1957: 193 (Eulalia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
regisgeorgii Macquart, 1838a: 190(186). "Port du roi Georges" [= Australia (WA)].
restricta Walker, 1864: 203 (Stratiomys). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
rufifacies Macquart, 1850: 355(51). Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW).
scutellata Macquart, 1846: 180(52). Australia (Tas); Australia (NSW, Vic).
sidneyensis Schiner, 1868: 60. Australia (NSW).
     sydneyensis, error for sidneyensis.
stricta Erichson, 1842: 272. Australia (Tas).
stylata Macquart, 1847a: 30 [1847b: 46]. "Nouvelle-Hollande."
subdentata Macquart, 1850: 353(49). "Nouvelle-Hollande."
subobscura James, 1948: 195 (Eulalia). Solomon Is.
toxopeusi Lindner, 1957: 193 (Eulalia). Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Genus PINALEUS Bezzi

PINALEUS Bezzi, 1928: 28. Type species: Pinaleus bivittatus Bezzi, 1928, orig. des.
bivittatus Bezzi, 1928: 29. Fiji.
conformis Bezzi, 1928: 31. Fiji.
rostrifer Bezzi, 1928: 31. Fiji.


Genus BRACHYCARA Thomson

BRACHYCARA Thomson, 1869: 460. Type species: Brachycara ventralis Thomson, 1869, mon.
grandis James, 1962: 88. Micronesia.
latifrons James, 1960: 312. Hawaiian Is.
thomsoni Bezzi, 1928: 23. Fiji.
ventralis Thomson, 1869: 461. Cocos (Keeling) Is; Belau, Guam, Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Kiribati (Gilbert Is), Marshall Is, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, PNG (PNG); Andaman Is, Philippines.

Unplaced species of Stratiomyidae

analis Fabricius, 1805: 83 (Stratiomys). "Oceani pacifici Insulis."

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