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The family Tanyderidae includes 42 species in no less than 10 genera, most of which are regional endemics to the southwestern Nearctic Region (1 genus), southern South America (3 genera), southern Africa (1 genus), Australia (2 genera), and New Zealand (1 genus). Two genera have a larger distribution, Protanyderus (12 spp., Holarctic and northern Oriental regions) and Radinoderus (13 spp., Australia, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Bougainville Island, New Guinea, and Maluku).

Immature stages of 4 genera are known, including the Australian Eutanyderus (Hinton 1966, Colless & McAlpine 1970), the larvae of which occur in the outer layers of submerged, rotting logs in alpine streams. The habitat of the larvae of the nonregional genera Peringueyomyina Alexander, Protoplasa Osten Sacken, and Protanyderus Handlirsch is wet sandy soil at stream margins.

Adult males sometimes swarm in great numbers, especially in the evenings. During the day adults can be found hanging from riparian vegetation near the borders of streams.

Refs.: Alexander (1932a, Japanese spp.; 1938, key Australian spp.; 1981,rev. Nearctic spp.), Peus (1958, rev.), Williams (1933, rev.).

Genus EUTANYDERUS Alexander
EUTANYDERUS Alexander, 1928h: 371. Type species: Eutanyderus wilsoni Alexander, 1928, mon.

oreonympha Alexander, 1938: 221. Australia (NSW).
wilsoni Alexander, 1928h: 371. Australia (Vic).

Genus MISCHODERUS Handlirsch
MISCHODERUS Handlirsch, 1909: 270. Type species: Tanyderus forcipatus Osten Sacken, 1880, orig. des.

annuliferus Hutton, 1900: 48 (Tanyderus ). NZ (NZ).
forcipatus Osten Sacken, 1880: 520 (Tanyderus ). NZ (NZ).
marginatus Edwards, 1923b: 625 (Tanyderus ). NZ (NZ).
neptunus Edwards, 1923a: 272 (Tanyderus ). NZ (NZ).
varipes Edwards, 1923a: 272 (Tanyderus ). NZ (NZ).

Genus NOTHODERUS Alexander
NOTHODERUS Alexander, 1927i: 8. Type species: Tanyderus australiensis Alexander, 1922, mon.

australiensis Alexander, 1922c: 226 (Tanyderus ). Australia (Tas).

Genus RADINODERUS Handlirsch
RADINODERUS Handlirsch, 1909: 270. Type species: Cylindrotoma ornatissima Doleschall, 1858, orig. des.

caledoniana Hynes, 1993: 78. New Caledonia.
dorrigensis Alexander, 1930d: 228. Australia (NSW).
holwayi Alexander, 1946: 51. Solomon Is.
mirabilis de Meijere, 1915a: vi [1915c: 51] (Tanyderus ). PNG (PNG).
occidentalis Alexander, 1925b: 32 (Tanyderus ). Australia (WA).
ochroceratus Colless, 1963b: 309. PNG (Bougainville I).
oculatus Riedel, 1921: 143 (Tanyderus ). PNG (PNG).
ornatissimus Doleschall, 1858: 80 (Cylindrotoma ). Indonesia (Maluku).
pictipes Alexander, 1946: 53. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
solomonis Alexander, 1924i: 143 (Tanyderus ). Solomon Is.
supernumerarius Alexander, 1953b: 97. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).
terraereginae Alexander, 1924i: 141 (Tanyderus ). Australia (Qld).
toxopei Alexander, 1959b: 37. Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

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