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[Originally] by J.R. Vockeroth

Teratomyzidae are small, slender, yellow to blackish flies. The wings are rather narrow and elongate with the crossveins very close together near the wing base and the anal vein almost always very long and oblique (probably secondarily elongate). Most species lack palpi. Larvae have been found on the surface of bracken ferns (Pteridium sp.) in Australia (Ferrar, 1987).

Although only 7 species have been described from the regions covered by this catalog (6 from Australia, 1 from New Zealand), more than 20 occur in Australia (D.K. McAlpine, in litt.) and several others in New Guinea.
Ref.: Ferrar (1987, immat. biol.); McAlpine & Keyzer (1994, gen. classif., immat. biol.); McAlpine (2012; rev. Australian Teratomyza).

Genus AUSTER McAlpine & Keyzer

AUSTER McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994: 311. Type species: Auster pteridii McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994, orig. des.
pteridii McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994: 311. Australia (NSW).

Genus LIPS McAlpine & Keyzer

LIPS McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994: 318. Type species: Lips collessi McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994, orig. des.
collessi McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994: 319. Australia (WA).

Genus POUS McAlpine & Keyzer

POUS McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994: 313. Type species: Pous manicula McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994, orig. des.
manicula McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994: 314. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).

Genus TERATOMYZA Malloch

TERATOMYZA Malloch, 1933e: 113. Type species: Teratomyza neozelandica Malloch, 1933, orig. des.
VITILA McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994: 321 (as Teratomyza subgenus). Type species: Teratomyza undulata McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994, orig. des.
Malloch, 1933e: 114. NZ (NZ).
pappi McAlpine, 2012: 302. Australia (Qld).
smithersi McAlpine, 2012: 300. Australia (Qld).
undulata McAlpine & Keyzer, 1994: 321. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Tas, Vic).


TERATOPTERA Malloch, 1933j: 387 (Teratomyza subg.). Type species: Teratomyza chilensis Malloch, 1933, orig. des.
Undescribed sp.--Australia (NSW) (Shuter & McAlpine, 1985: 26).

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