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102. Family TETHINIDAE

[Originally] by Wayne N. Mathis & Mitsuhiro Sasakawa

Approximately 100 species are now included in the family Tethinidae, although slightly more than 20 have been described in the regions under consideration. Several additional species remain to be described. The concept of the family was broadened by Griffiths (1972) and now includes a few rather peculiar species that have adapted to insular habitats in the Southern Hemisphere. No modern comprehensive work is available for the family.

Most species are associated with maritime habitats, and the adults are sometimes fairly abundant in the wrack zone, especially on windrows of rotting seaweed. A few species occur inland, usually in association with alkaline habitats in arid zones. Adults, for the most part, are rather drab colored, tiny, and inconspicuous and are not frequently collected. Except for Apetaenus watsoni Hardy (1962b), virtually nothing is known about the immature stages of the family, although presumably most are associated with rotting seaweed.
Ref.: Sasakawa (1995, rev. Micronesian spp.), Munari (2004, Australian and Papuan spp.).


APETAENUS Eaton, 1875: 58. Type species: Apetaenus litoralis Eaton, 1875, mon.
MACROCANACE Tonnoir & Malloch, 1926a: 5. Type species: Milichia littorea Hutton, 1902, orig. des.
australis Hutton, 1902a: 174 (Ochtiphila). NZ (Campbell I); NZ (Antipodes Is).
    antipoda Harrison, 1953: 276 (Macrocanace). NZ (Antipodes Is).
litoralis Eaton, 1875: 58. Kerguelen Is; Crozet Is.
littoreus Hutton, 1902a: 174 (Milichia). NZ (Antipodes Is); NZ (Bounty Is).
watsoni Hardy, 1962b: 965. Macquarie I.


DASYRHICNOESSA Hendel, 1934b: 38. Type species: Rhicnoessa fulva Hendel, 1913, orig. des.
aquila Munari, 2002: 540. Pitcairn Is.
atripes Munari, 2004: 34. Australia (NSW).
bicolor Munari, 2002: 542. Fiji.
boninensis Sasakawa, 1995: 58. Bonin Is; Volcano Is.
ciliata Munari, 2004: 34. Australia (NT).
clandestina Munari, 2002: 540. New Caledonia (New Caledonia).
Malloch, 1935d: 93. Australia (Qld).
insularis Aldrich, 1931: 395 (Tethina). Wake I; Belau, Fiji, Hawaiian Is, Kiribati (Line Is), Marshall Is, Micronesia.
ferruginea Lamb, 1914: 367 (Rhicnoessa). Seychelles; Australia (Qld), French Polynesia (Marquesas), PNG (PNG), Pitcairn Is; Hong Kong, Philippines.
    lasiophthalma Malloch, 1933b: 17 (Tethina). French Polynesia (Marquesas).
humilis Munari, 2004: 34. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld).
longisetosus Munari, 2004: 38. PNG (PNG); Australia (Qld).
macalpinei Munari, 2004: 40. Australia (NT).
mathisi Munari, 2002: 547. Easter I.
ostentatrix Munari, 2004: 40. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
pallida Munari, 2004: 42. Australia (Qld).
priapus Munari, 2004: 44. Australia (Qld).
Malloch, 1935d: 94. Australia (Qld).
sexseriata Hendel, 1913: 110 (Rhicnoessa). Taiwan; Australia (Qld), Belau, Guam, Marshall Is, Micronesia, PNG (PNG), Wake I; Hong Kong, Philippines.     asymbasia Sasakawa, 1995: 56. Micronesia.
tripunctata Sasakawa, 1974: 2. Philippines; Australia (Qld), Belau, Guam, Micronesia, PNG (PNG); Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak), Ryukyu Is.
    phyllodes Sasakawa, 1995: 64. Belau.
vockerothi Hardy & Delfinado, 1980: 373. Hawaiian Is; Australia (NSW, NT, Qld), Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Is, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, PNG (PNG), Wake I; Malaysia (Sarawak), Ryukyu Is, Seychelles, Sri Lanka.

Genus PELOMYIA Williston

PELOMYIA Williston, 1893b: 258. Type species: Pelomyia occidentalis Williston, 1893, mon.
steyskali Hardy & Delfinado, 1980: 375. USA; Hawaiian Is; ?Canada.
    coronata, authors, not Loew, 1866, misid.


PLESIOTETHINA Munari, 2000: 238. Type species: Plesiotethina australis Munari, 2000, orig. des.
australis Munari, 2000: 240. Australia (WA).


PSEUDORHICNOESSA Malloch, 1914: 306. Type species: Pseudorhicnoessa spinipes Malloch, 1914, mon.
MACROTETHINA Malloch, 1935d: 91 (Tethina subg.). Type species: Tethina tibiseta Malloch, 1935, orig. des.
spinipes Malloch, 1914: 307. Taiwan; Australia (NT, Qld), Belau, Guam, Marshall Is, Micronesia, Northern Marianas, PNG (PNG); Japan, e. Oriental Reg.
    tibiseta Malloch, 1935d: 91 (Tethina). Australia (Qld).


SIGALOETHINA Munari, 2004: 46. Type species: Sigaloethina phaia Munari, 2004, orig. des.
endiomena Munari, 2005: 592. Australia (Qld).
thaia Munari, 2004: 47. Australia (NSW); Australia (NT, Qld).

Genus TETHINA Haliday

TETHINA Haliday in Curtis, 1837b: 293. Type species: Opomyza illota Haliday, 1838, subs. mon. Haliday, 1838: 188. [Published in synonymy; first made available in Haliday, 1838: 188.]
RHICNOESSA Loew, 1862c: 174. Type species: Rhicnoessa cinerea Loew, 1862 [= Anthomyza grisea Fallén, 1823], mon.
PHYCOMYZA Melander, 1952a: 198. Type species: Rhicnoessa milichioides Melander, 1913, orig. des.
hirsuta Munari, 2000: 244. Australia (WA).
horningi Harrison, 1976: 143. NZ (NZ).
nigriseta Malloch, 1924f: 337. Australia (NSW); Australia (Qld, Vic).
ochracea Henedel, 1913: 109 (Rhicnoessa). Taiwan; Australia (WA); Bermuda, Bulgaria, Canary Is, Cape Verde Is, Chile, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Madeira, Malta, Mexico, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, USA.
orientalis Hendel, 1934: 47 (Rhicnoessa). Taiwan; Guam; Hong Kong, Ryukyu Is.
pallidiseta Malloch, 1935d: 92. Australia (NSW); Australia (Tas, Vic, WA).
sexseriata Hendel, 1913a: 110 (Rhicnoessa). Taiwan; Fiji.
variseta Melander, 1952a: 209 (Rhicnoessa). USA; Hawaiian Is.
albula, authors, not Loew, 1869, misid.


TETHINOSOMA Malloch, 1930m: 335. Type species: Agromyza fulvifrons Hutton, 1901, orig. des.
fulvifrons Hutton, 1901: 93 (Agromyza). NZ (NZ).

Genus THITENA Munari

THITENA Munari, 2004: 50. Type species: Thitena cadaverina Munari, 2004, orig. des.
cadaverina Munari, 2004: 51. Austrlaia (WA).

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