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[Originally] By Pjotr Oosterbroek

The family Trichoceridae (winter crane flies) includes some 110 species (Dahl & Alexander 1976) and is divided into 2 subfamilies and 5 genera. Three genera occur in the regions covered by this catalog, Trichocera (1 introduced sp.), Paracladura (12 spp.), and Nothotrichocera (9 spp.). The last genus is endemic to the southern islands of New Zealand; north Canterbury, New Zealand (undescribed species, Johns 1975); Tasmania; and apparently southeastern Australia (Alexander 1955b, Dahl & Alexander 1976, Krzeminska 1995).

The family is confined to temperate and cool climates. Adults are on the wing in spring and/or autumn and, especially in temperate and warm-temperate regions, during winter or, in colder regions, in summer. Adults often occur in caverns, mine shafts, cellars, hollow trees, and other dark places, but they attract more attention by their habit of swarming.

Larvae are scavengers in moist or wet terrestrial biotopes such as decaying leaves and vegetables, manure, fungi, stored roots and tubers, and burrows of rodents. From the southern islands of New Zealand, larvae have been reported from penguin droppings and bird nests.

Ref.: Dahl & Alexander (1976, cat. world spp.).

Genus ASDURA Krzeminska

ADURA Krzeminska, 2005: 331. Type species: Trichocera obtusicornis Alexander, 1922, orig. des. [Preocc. Malaise, 1941.]
ASDURA Krzeminska, 2006: 230 (n.n. for Adura Krzeminska).
decussata Alexander, 1924a: 12. NZ (NZ).
howesi Alexander, 1923c: 73 (Trichocera ). NZ (NZ).
lyrifera Alexander, 1923c: 74 (Trichocera ). NZ (NZ).
obtusicornis Alexander, 1922h: 146 (Trichocera ). NZ (NZ).


NOTHOTRICHOCERA Alexander, 1926d: 301. Type species: Nothotrichocera tonnoiri Alexander, 1926, orig. des.
antarctica Edwards, 1923d: 492 (Trichocera). NZ (Campbell I); NZ (Auckland Is).
aucklandica Johns, 1975: 497. NZ (Auckland Is).
cingulata Alexander, 1926d: 302. Australia (Tas).
collessi Krzeminska, 2001: 208. Australia (ACT).
cranstoni Krzeminska, 1995: 916. Australia (ACT): Australia (NSW, SA, Tas, Vic).
johnsi Krzeminska, 2006: 229. NZ (NZ).
ruda Krzeminska, 1995: 919. Australia (Vic).
tasmanica Alexander, 1926d: 303. Australia (Tas).
terebrella Alexander, 1926d: 303. Australia (Tas).
theischingeri Krzeminska, 1995: 919. Australia (WA).
tonnoiri Alexander, 1926d: 302. Australia (Tas).


PETAURISTA Meigen, 1800: 15. Suppressed by I.C.Z.N., 1963b: 339. [Preocc. Link, 1795.]
MELUSINA Meigen, 1800: 19. Suppressed by I.C.Z.N., 1963b: 339.
TRICHOCERA Meigen, 1803: 262. Type species: Tipula hiemalis De Geer, 1776, mon.

Subgenus TRICHOCERA Meigen

PETAURISTA Meigen, 1800: 15 (as gen.). Suppressed by I.C.Z.N., 1963b: 339. [Preocc. Link, 1795.]
MELUSINA Meigen, 1800: 19 (as gen.). Suppressed by I.C.Z.N., 1963b: 339.
TRICHOCERA Meigen, 1803: 262 (as gen.). Type species: Tipula hiemalis De Geer, 1776, mon.
PALAEOPETAURISTA Séguy, 1940: 225 (as gen.). Type species: Palaeopetaurista dubitata Séguy, 1940 [= Trichocera maculipennis Meigen, 1818], orig. des.
annulata Meigen, 1818: 215. Austria; Australia (SA), NZ (NZ); Ethiopia, W Palearctic, Nearctic Regs.

Genus ZEDURA Krzeminska

ZEDURA Krzeminska, 2005: 333. Type species: Trichocera antipodum Mik, 1881, orig. des.
antipodum Mik, 1881: 200 (Trichocera ). NZ (Auckland Is); NZ (Campbell I, NZ).
aperta Alexander, 1922k: 198 (Trichocera ). NZ (NZ).
complicata Alexander, 1924a: 13. NZ (NZ).
curtisi Alexander, 1924a: 11. NZ (NZ).
dolobella Krzeminska, 2005: 335. NZ (NZ).
harrisi Alexander, 1924a: 10. NZ (NZ).
lobifera Alexander, 1922h: 146 (Trichocera ). NZ (NZ).
macrotrichiata Alexander, 1922k: 199 (Trichocera ). NZ (NZ).
maori Alexander, 1921g: 159 (Trichocera ). NZ (NZ).
oparara Krzeminksa, 2001: 83 (Paracladura). NZ (NZ).
tautuku Krzeminska, 2003: 133 (Paracladura). NZ (NZ).
uriarra Krzeminska, 2003: 137 (Paracladura). Australia (ACT).

Last revised 24 May 2007