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This chapter originally had listed in it the genera Colonomyia Colless and Heterotricha Loew. Colonomyia has since been moved to the Rangomaramidae by Amorim & Ringdal (2007) and Heterotricha novaezealandiae Tonnoir has been transferred to the genus Insulatricha Chandler in the Rangomaramidae. The genus Starkomyia Jaschhof (2004) was described and its placement not determined at that time. Since then Amorim & Ringdal (2007) have analyzed the phylogenetic placement of a number of sciaroid and mycetophiloid genera and the results of a placement for Starkomyia remain uncertain but appear related to a Lygistorrhinidae + Mycetophilidae clade. Until further study is conducted to ascertain its propoer placement, it is treated in this chapter.

Genus STARKOMYIA Jaschhof

STARKOMYIA Jaschhof, 2004: 65. Type species: Starkomyia inexpecta Jaschhof, 2004, orig. des.
inexpecta Jaschhof, 2004: 66. NZ (NZ).

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