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[Originally] by Greg Daniels

Only 1 genus (Solva) occurs in the regions covered here. It is most abundant in New Guinea and the islands to the west, with 1 species found as far east as Guadalcanal in the Solomons and another extending into Queensland, Australia.

Adults of Solva are known only from rainforest where they occur on tree trunks and foliage. Larvae of S. bergi have been described from Guadalcanal (Berg 1952). In Australia, adults of S. laeta have been reared from decaying timber of Dysoxylum gaudichaudianum (Adr. Juss.) Miq. (Meliaceae).
Refs.: Brunetti (1923a, key, New Guinean, Indonesian spp.), Daniels (1977a, key, Australian, New Guinean spp.), Woodley (2011, world cat.).

Genus SOLVA Walker

SOLVA Walker, 1859c: 98. Type species: Solva inamoena Walker, 1859, mon.
PRISTA Enderlein, 1913: 546. Type species: Subula vittata Doleschall, 1858 [= Solva vittipes Bezzi, 1914], orig. des.
atrata Daniels, 1977a: 456. PNG (PNG).
bergi James, 1951: 149. Solomon Is.
calopodata Bigot, 1879c: 195 (Subula). Indonesia (Maluku); "New Guinea"; India, Indonesia (Sumatra), Malaysia (Pen), Philippines.
flavipes Doleschall, 1858: 85 (Subula). Indonesia (Maluku); PNG (PNG), India, Philippines.
hybotoides Walker, 1861e: 5. Indonesia (Maluku).
laeta Daniels, 1977a: 456. Australia (Qld); PNG (PNG).
melanogaster Daniels, 1977a: 455. PNG (PNG).
novaeguineae Lindner, 1938: 431. PNG (PNG).
vittipes Bezzi, 1914: 312 (n. n. for vittata Doleschall). Indonesia (Maluku); Indonesia (Sumatra), Philippines.
     vittata Doleschall, 1858: 86 (Subula). Indonesia (Maluku). [Preocc. Walker, 1836.]
wegneri Adisoemarto, 1973: 39. Indonesia (Maluku).
Undetermined sp.— Hawaiian Islands [immigrant][cf. Evenhuis, 2017]

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