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The color of poi

The color of the poi made from a taro variety is dependent on the coloration of the corm. Traditionally, taro was prepared by first steaming or boiling the corms, then by breaking and mashing the corms with a stone pounder on a heavy board hollowed on the top surface. Modern methods involve the use of a mechanical grinder.

There are two types of corms: soft and hard. Hard varieties are believed to be better for poi? The two different types should not be mixed because of their different consistencies. The flavour of poi is dependent on the preparation and variety of taro used.

Grey-blue White corms typically produce a grey-blue poi.

Purplish-pink-red Pink-red poi was the favourite of, and reserved for, the alii. Poi sold commercially is a mixture of grey and red corms, resulting in the blue-purple color.

Yellow Yellow-fleshed corms, such as those of the Mana varieties, produce yellow poi.

Men pounding poi. Man pounding poi.

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