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Taxonomy  Colocasia esculenta var. esculenta

Other names (synonyms)

Habit   Short, moderately spreading, very stocky, producing 5-10 ‘ohā.

Corm   White flesh with indistinct, yellowish fibers; cortex cream-colored.

Petiole   Broad at base, thick and rigid, light geen with white above the base.

Leaf blade   Horizontal, very crinkled and conspicuously cupped, medium green; piko and veins light green; lobes obtuse, distinctly overlapping, with deep, narrow sinus.

Origin   Hawaiian variety.

Cultivation   Dryland and wetland cultivation; matures in 6-9 months.

Uses   Light-colored poi; table taro; lū‘au.

Comments   Name derives from the fact that its leaf is shaped like a cup (‘apu) and holds water (wai) in the form of dew and rain. White and red varieties(Handy). Reserved for chiefs and offering (Handy). Rain water collected in the cup-shaped leaves was considered pure because it hadn't touched the ground. For this reason, the water from the leaf was considered sacred and used in Hawaiian blessings (Precilla Millen).

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