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Taxonomy  Colocasia esculenta var. esculenta

Other names (synonyms)

Habit   Medium in height, moderately spreading, producing 2-5 ‘ohā.

Corm   White flesh, with yellowish fibers; cortex cream-colored.

Petiole   Dark green with dark brown flecked shading on lower portion, yellowish at apex, a narrow reddish edge usually with adjacent yellowish-green blotches, especially near base, white at the base.

Leaf blade   Ovate, slightly crinkled, dark green; piko light green to yellowish; veins conspicuous; lobes obtuse to slightly acute with wide sinus.

Origin   Hawaiian variety.

Cultivation   Dryland cultivation; matures in 9-12 months.

Uses   Table taro. Can not be eaten either cooked or as fresh poi without throat irritation. After fermentation, the poi is tasty (Pukui).

Comments   Le‘o meaning "influence arising from station, character, or reputation," indicates that this may have been an important variety in the old days. ?

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