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Taxonomy  Colocasia esculenta var. esculenta

Other names (synonyms)

Habit   Short to medium in height, moderately spreading, producing 5-10 ‘ohā.

Corm   White flesh with light pinkish tinge, especially near apex, and yellowish fibers; cortex pink.

Petiole   Purplish-black shading into yellowish-green at apex, red at edge, light pink above the base, a dark pink ring at the base (kōhina).

Leaf blade   Subovate, fairly firm in texture, dark green; piko light yellowish to light brownish; lobes acute with deep, wide sinus.

Origin   Hawaiian variety.

Cultivation   Dryland cultivation; matures in 9-12 months.

Uses   Table taro.

Comments   Domesticated taro that has gone wild in the forest. Nāwao means "that which is bad" and may indicate that this variety had a poor reputation as a poi taro among the Hawaiians (??).

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