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Genus: Tillus
Species: notatus

9 records match
Genus Species Author Year Citation Display
Tillus notatus Williams 1940 Proc Haw Ent Soc. 10(3):356 Full Record
Tillus notatus Weber 1947 Proc Haw Ent Soc. 13(1):22 Full Record
Tillus notatus Van Zwaluwenburg 1954 Proc Haw Ent Soc. 15(2):283 Full Record
Tillus notatus Hawaiian Entomol. Soc. 1965 Coop Econ Ins Rep. 15:524 Full Record
Tillus notatus Bianchi 1967 Proc Haw Ent Soc. 19(2):127 Full Record
Tillus notatus Au 1970 Coop Econ Ins Rep. 20:344 Full Record
Tillus notatus Holdaway & Look 1942 Proc Haw Ent Soc. 11(2):259 Full Record
Tillus notatus Jamieson 1999 Bishop Mus Occas Pap. 59:21 Full Record
Tillus notatus Klug 1840 Bestimm Ansein Gatt Art Clerii. :276 Full Record

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