Cockerell (1924a) originally described the fossil fly listed below as an acalypterate in the Tephritidae. Subsequent research by F.W. Edwards in Cockerell (1925b) showed that Eophlebomyia was a calypterate fly more closely related to Glossinidae and Anthomyiidae. Cockerell (1925b) agreed with Edwards' conclusions and erected the family Eophlebomyiidae.

Genus EOPHLEBOMYIA Cockerell

EOPHLEBOMYIA Cockerell, 1924a: 4. Type species: Eophlebomyia claripennis Cockerell, 1924, by original designation.
claripennis Cockerell, 1924a: 4. NE: USA (Eocene) [C].

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