The Eopleciidae is an extinct family known only from the Jurassic. The family was originally proposed by Rohdendorf (1946) for the single genus Eoplecia Handlirsch. Hong & Wang (1990: 144) discussed the generic composition of the family and added the genus Gansuplecia Hong & Wang.
Kovalev (1982) implied that the venation of Beipiaoplecia Lin may have been misinterpreted and that the genus may belong to the asilomorphs, but when Kovalev (1990) added the genus Eomycetophila Kovalev and reviewed the generic composition of the Eopleciidae, Beipiaoplecia was retained. Zhang (1993b) considered Beipiaoplecia as unplaced to familial level. It is provisionally retained in this catalog in the Eopleciidae pending further study.

Ref.: Kovalev (1990, review of genera).



EOMYCETOPHILA Kovalev, 1990: 149. Type species: Eomycetophila asymmetrica Kovalev, 1990, by original designation.

asymmetrica Kovalev, 1990: 149. PA: Russia (Siberia) (Upper Jurassic/Lower Cretaceous) [C].


Genus EOPLECIA Handlirsch

EOPLECIA Handlirsch, 1920: 203 [1939: 104]. Type species: Eoplecia primitiva Handlirsch, 1920, by monotypy.

primitiva Handlirsch, 1920: 203 [1939: 104]. PA: Germany (Lower Jurassic) [C].


Genus GANSUPLECIA Hong & Wang

GANSUPLECIA Hong & Wang, 1990: 144. Type species: Gansuplecia triporata Hong & Wang, 1990, by original designation.

triporata Hong & Wang, 1990: 144. PA: China (Upper Jurassic) [C].
triangulata. Incorrect original spelling of triporata (Hong & Wang, 1990: 145).



LAEMARGUS Hong, 1983: 119. Type species: Laemargus yujiagouensis Hong, 1983, by original designation. [Preoccupied by Müller & Henle, 1837.] New synonymy.
JUROLAEMARGUS Evenhuis, 1994: in this work (new replacement name for Laemargus Hong). Type species: Laemargus yujiagouensis Hong, 1983, automatic.

yujiagouensis Hong, 1983: 119 (Laemargus). PA: China (Middle Jurassic) [C]. New combination.



LEPTOPLECIA Hong, 1983: 120. Type species: Leptoplecia laevis Hong, 1983, by original designation.
LEOTOPLECIA. Incorrect original spelling of Leptoplecia (Hong, 1983: 212).

laevis Hong, 1983: 120. PA: China (Middle Jurassic) [C].


Questionably Included in EOPLECIIDAE


BEIPAIOPLECIA Lin, 1976: 110. Type species: Beipiaoplecia malleformis Lin, 1976, by original designation.
BEIPAIOPLECIA. Incorrect original spelling of Beipiaoplecia (Lin, 1976: 98).

malleformis Lin, 1976: 111. PA: China (Upper Jurassic) [C]; PA: China (Middle Jurassic) [C].