This extinct family was proposed by Rohdendorf (1962) for his monobasic genus Eostratiomyia, which is known only from a single male specimen from the Jurassic of Kazakhstan. Rohdendorf (1964) considered the family closest in appearance to Coenomyiidae [= Xylophagidae], Tabanidae, and Acanthomeridae [= Pantophthalmidae](the last known only from living forms from the Neotropical Region) and presumed that the family may have had connections with the Nemestrinidae at some point in the geologic history of the two groups.

Ref.: Rohdendorf (1964, review and classification).


Genus EOSTRATIOMYIA Rohdendorf

EOSTRATIOMYIA Rohdendorf, 1951: 79, 85 [1959b: 270, 274]. Type species: Eostratiomyia avia Rohdendorf, 1951, by monotypy.

avia Rohdendorf, 1951: 79 [1959b: 270]. PA: Kazakhstan (Upper Jurassic) [C].



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