The family Mydidae (also spelled Mydasidae and Mydaidae)** is a small but worldwide family of brachycerous flies of medium to large size bearing a superficial resemblance to some wasps. Adults of extant forms can be found in hot areas resting in sunshine or visiting flowers. Immatures have been found feeding on larvae of scarabs and other beetles.

Only one record of this family is known from the fossil record.

Genus MYDAS Fabricius

*MYDAS Fabricius, 1794: 252. Type species: Bibio filiata Fabricius, 1775 [= Musca clavatus Drury, 1773], by subsequent designation of Latreille (1810: 443).
miocenicus Cockerell, 1913c: 208. NE: USA (Oligocene) [C].

** The derivation of the name Mydas Fabricius, the type genus upon which the family-group name is based, is open to question and has resulted in various familial spellings (see note by Evenhuis in Daniels, 1989: 322).

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