Opomyzidae consist of a small group (about 40 or so species) of slender, acalypterate flies. Living species are found primarily in the Holarctic Region, and a few are known from eastern and southern Africa. Little is known of the biologies. Adults can be found in moist grasses. Larvae of some living species have been reported developing in the central shoots of grasses and cereals.

The fossil record of this family consists of only two species of Opomyza Meigen described by Statz (1940) from the Oligocene Braunkohle of Rott, Germany.


Genus OPOMYZA Fallén

*OPOMYZA Fallén, 1820b: 10. Type species: Musca germinationis Linnaeus, 1758, by subsequent designation of Thon in Ersch & Gruber (1833: 247).

pelidua Statz, 1940: 151. PA: Germany (Oligocene) [C].
venusta Statz, 1940: 151. PA: Germany (Oligocene) [C].