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Permotipulid fossils provide an interesting phenotypic connection between mecopterans and dipterans. They have two pairs of wings, but the hind wings are considerably reduced. Two genera have been described in this family, both from the Permian.

Recently, Willman (1989) discussed the placement of Permotipula, previously placed in the Mecoptera, and dubbed it the "oldest fly". Krzeminski (1992c) discussed the origins of the lower Diptera and concluded that Permotipula did not belong to the Diptera.
Ref.: Willman (1989, review of taxa); Krzeminski (1992c, phylogenetic placement of Permotipula).

Genus PERMOTIPULA Tillyard

PERMOTIPULA Tillyard, 1929: 778. Type species: Permotipula patricia Tillyard, 1929, by monotypy.
patricia Tillyard, 1929: 779. AU: Australia (Upper Permian) [C].

Genus PERMILA Willman

PERMILA Willman, 1989: 57. Type species: Permotipula borealis Martynova, 1961, by original designation.
borealis Martynova, 1961: 589 (Permotipula). PA: Russia (Upper Permian) [C].

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