The family Proneottiophilidae was erected by Hennig (1969a) for his new genus Proneottiophilum from Eocene/Oligocene Baltic amber. Hennig (1969a) considered the family to be within his Superfamily "Piophiloidea". However, McAlpine (1977) contended that the genus seemed more closely related to the Heleomyzidae than the Piophilidae. The genus is provisionally retained in its own family in this catalog pending further study of the type material and comparison with other related taxa.

Ref.: Hennig (1969a, systematics and classification).


PRONEOTTIOPHILUM Hennig, 1969a: 15. Type species: Proneottiophilum extinctum Hennig, 1969, by monotypy.
extinctum Hennig, 1969a: 15. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene/Oligocene) [A].

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