The Protendipedidae is an extinct Jurassic family of nematocerous flies erected by Rohdendorf (1962) for the single species Protendipes dasypterus Rohdendorf, described from Halkino in the Lower Jurassic deposits of the Issyk-Kul' in Kirghizistan. Zhang (1986b) subsequently added a second species of Protendipes and the new genus Priscotendipes from Upper Jurassic deposits in China.

Rohdendorf (1964) placed the family in his Superfamily Chironomidea and distinguished it from living Chironomidae by the dense covering of microtrichae on the wings and the narrow base of the wings (which appear twisted in the illustration).

Ref.: Zhang (1986b, review of taxa).


PRISCOTENDIPES Zhang, 1986b: 81. Type species: Priscotendipes mirus Zhang, 1986, by original designation.
mirus Zhang, 1986b: 81. PA: China (Upper Jurassic) [C].

Genus PROTENDIPES Rohdendorf

PROTENDIPES Rohdendorf, 1962: 317 (1991: 459). Type species: Protendipes dasypterus Rohdendorf, 1962, by original designation.
dasypterus Rohdendorf, 1962: 317 (1991: 459). PA: Kirghizistan (Lower Jurassic) [C]; PA: China (Upper Jurassic) [C].
huabensis Zhang, 1986b: 80. PA: China (Upper Jurassic) [C].

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