The family Protomphralidae was proposed by Rohdendorf (1962) for the single genus Protomphrale Rohdendorf, 1938, originally described from the Jurassic Karatau deposits of Kazakhstan. The single specimen upon which the type species, Protomphrale martynovi, is described is in relatively poor condition and only a few of the anterior veins can be made out. In general appearance, it appears similar to a brachycerous dipteran and the head and antennae are reminiscent of some Therevidae and members of the subfamily Proratinae of the Scenopinidae. In order to properly place this specimen, the type will have to be restudied. It is retained in its own family in this catalog pending such a reexamination of the type material.

The genus Mesomphrale Hong & Wang (1990) does not appear in any way similar to Protomphrale and may not belong to the Protomphralidae, but is retained here as questionably included until such time as the type specimens can be restudied.

Genus PROTOMPHRALE Rohdendorf

PROTOMPHRALE Rohdendorf, 1938: 39. Type species: Protomphrale martynovi Rohdendorf, 1938, by original designation.
martynovi Rohdendorf, 1938: 40. PA: Kazakhstan (Upper Jurassic) [C].

Questionably Included in PROTOMPHRALIDAE

Genus MESOMPHRALE Hong & Wang

MESOMPHRALE Hong & Wang, 1990: 156. Type species: Mesomphrale asiaticum Hong & Wang, 1990 (as "asiatica"), by original designation.
asiaticum Hong & Wang, 1990: 156. PA: China (Upper Jurassic) [C].

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