Psilidae, some of which are commonly called rust flies, are a predominantly Northern Hemisphere family of acalypterate flies, with a few living forms known from the Oriental, Neotropical, and Afrotropical regions. About 200 living and fossil species in 5 genera are known. Adults are generally found in moist or sylvan habitats. Little is known about the biologies of the immatures. Larvae are phytophagous having been recorded from roots, stems, and under bark; others make galls on various plants.

The fossil record of the family is very poor. The familial and generic identity of the Baltic amber Electrochyliza is not doubted; however, the type material of the compression fossil Psilites bella Heer from Croatia and the specimen identified as Psila by Schöberlin (1888) should be restudied to ascertain their placement within the Diptera.



ELECTROCHYLIZA Hennig, 1965: 69. Type species: Electrochyliza succini Hennig, 1965, by original designation.

succini Hennig, 1965: 69. PA: Baltic Region (Eocene/Oligocene) [A].


Genus PSILA Meigen

*PSILA Meigen, 1803: 278. Type species: Musca fimetaria Linnaeus, 1758, by subsequent designation of Westwood (1840: 146).

Unidentified sp.-PA: Switzerland (Miocene) [C] (Schöberlin, 1888: 68).



PSILITES Heer, 1849: 250. Type species: Psilites bella Heer, 1849, by monotypy.

bella Heer, 1849: 250. PA: Croatia (Miocene) [C].